Brazil – Incredibly Nasty Compound Fracture of Tibia

Brazil - Incredibly Nasty Compound Fracture of Tibia

Video is from January 4, 2012 – Brazil delivers once again. Couple on a motorcycle, with flip flops but no safety helmets, was hit by a car. Female passenger is seen laid on the ground motionless, while her partner suffered from an incredibly nasty compound fracture of the lower leg (aka tibia). He’s conscious, clearly high on adrenaline – doesn’t even feel the pain in his lower leg.

His tibia is snapped in half and tissue around it torn exposing the bone as the bottom part of it dangles on by a piece of skin. It’s painful to watch when he lifts his knee to hold his bent leg up but it collapses due to that nasty fracture. Damn… Do you think there’s a chance his lower leg could be re-attached or is that suitable for amputation?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Brazil – Incredibly Nasty Compound Fracture of Tibia”

    1. Yeah, any time before shock must have been agonizing. I’ve wrecked at 40mph, broken 6 bones (including my skull), had 4 sets of stitches, 4 tattoos, a piercing, and had 11 staples in my arm — even a non-compound leg fracture is the worst pain felt by this human. Took like a minute to go into shock, pain after that was overwhelming but not agonizing. This guy…probably wanted someone to shoot him.

    1. Really???? I know this isn’t an English class or anything, and it doesn’t really matter, but is it THAT hard to spell ‘fail’ right? In fact, it’s not even slang; all you’ve done is make that word harder to type because you added an extra letter! It’s nearly as stupid as shortening ‘boy’ to ‘boi’.

      Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m not normally such a grammar nazi, but seriously?

  1. I don’t think his lower leg can be saved, too much damage, too hard to reconstruct, not enough undamaged tissue to work with……
    Makes me glad I don’t ride a motorcycle any more. I wasn’t worried about my riding, I was way more worried about people that don’t bother to look for motorcycles.

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