Brazilian Singer Eliza Clivia and Her Husband Die in Traffic Accident

Singer Eliza Clivia and Husband Sérgio Ramos

Eliza Clivia, a 36 Brazilian singer and a former lead of the band Cavaleiros do Forró who launched her solo career four months ago, died when the vehicle in which she was traveling got t-boned by a bus in the center of Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe, Brazil.

The incident happened in the early afternoon of Friday June 16, 2017. The singer’s husband, drummer Sérgio Ramos, also died in the accident. Three other people, members of their touring team were in the car, but suffered only minor injuries.

Eliza Clivia was scheduled to perform on Friday night in Aracaju. Props to Best Gore member @wawrzeniec for the video of the aftermath:

Here’s the CCTV video of the crash. Props to Best Gore members @zombified and @dmax530:

Here are a few pics of the singer:

Also a video of Eliza Clivia singing and Sérgio Ramos drumming live on stage:

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104 thoughts on “Brazilian Singer Eliza Clivia and Her Husband Die in Traffic Accident”

    1. You can see the security video of the live accident here:
      It’s in Portuguese so you’ll have to get the English translation for the article. But it’s the first video posted on the page with the bus in the picture of the video. NASTY hit taken… that bus was going full speed. What a shame. Wrong place at the wrong time…

      1. Thanks for that . I couldn’t get the bus video to play for me, and I couldn’t get the aftermath video posted above to play either….which is a bit frustrating i gotta say coz I really wanted to see both of them. But yeah, not the end of the world…….for me yet, though it is for the singer and hubby. It seems a few Brazilian entertainers have died from nasty accidents – the chick singer in a plane crash and a young male singer (quite famous I think) and his girlfriend died when his manager was driving them home early in the morning after a big gig……his autopsy video is on BG as well……….

      2. So all the traffic on the road the bus was on was moving really fast. Did Eliza’s car run a red light?

        Notice only Eliza and hubbie died — even in disaster the star always has to be the center of attention.

        Finally a question — do bad things happen in countries other than Brazil? I really want to know.

        1. I couldn’t find anywhere explaining if one of the veicules ran a red light, though, through some photos of Brazilian newspapers, it doesn’t look like there are lights at all.

          Anyway, the police confirmed through the CCTV video that the bus driver did try to stop, but they’re still investigating the cause of the accident and since things run slow in Brazil who knows when we’ll get an answer.

  1. I can tell they weren’t super famous in Brazil as I didn’t know who they were, although the name of the band doesn’t sound totally strange to me, so I guess they must have been moderately famous for the lovers of forro.

    1. You may have heard of them before because with her old band, there were 2 separate accidents that were fatal and also in 2016 her bands bus got shot up by bandits. Kind of makes you think this wasnt an accident now.

      1. I myself believe in signs and fate(blame it on me being Cherokee). In this instance, after 2 fatal accidents and her other bands being shot up I would’ve changed careers. Maybe she thought if she went solo these brushes with death would not happen as much. Guess she was wrong.

  2. Pretty strong voice actually. It’s odd to say I’d need to hear it in English to really know, but I do. I find it kind of sad when people are pursuing their artistic dreams and die. I guess because so many of us are talented and we don’t bother pursuing our talents. I bet a lot of us here can sing or draw or play an instrument. BG talent show? Ha.

    1. Yes, this would be true Plaster. We don’t really follow our talents. My natural talent is to teach.
      However teaching pays shit in the UK so I went into Finance. Unfortunately I developed a psychopathic personality as a result of working for assholes and got fired a few times, even now.

      I hope to get a new job soon. Been out of work for a month. Hence I have a lot of time on my evil hands.

  3. The driver seemed to draw the short straw in not dying instantly… I reckon the other two bumped heads and it was lights out pretty quick. The moment of death never ceases to amaze me, what some people endure compared to others before they’re released… like the box cutter guy… is there any magic to it or just raw science.

    1. Creeeeeeeeeeerpy.

      I wonder what went through her head at the time, dreaming about the future and that evening. Little did she know that she would be as dead as a doornail in a couple of hours.

    1. I wondered the same thing. If he was doing that before the crash and just kept going with it thinking he had got into a really ironic situation when he was surrounded by a bunch of people. Kinda like when you’re walking down the street and you sorta trip, and then you just keep doing it over and over again trying to make people think you meant to do that.

      1. So true… 😆 Maybe he was just confused to what has just happened… “I still need to reach my destination… but the car isnt doing any sounds? Why?… Oh well, i’ll do it myself… Brrrrrrrrrr yoooooouuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn… bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” 😆

  4. I couldn’t get the video to play so I looked up some live performance videos on YouTube. It was worse than I expected. It sounded like cats, cows and Jewish women all fornicating at once to a 2-4 time signature. Just as I couldn’t take another second of that shit, the tuba player stepped forward and delivered a blazing tuba solo. Marching back and forth,
    brrmp BRRMP brrmp BRRMP… Truly inspired. Then he killed 1 and injured 3 after a stage diving incident.

  5. In motion she was VERY pretty I think. The photoshop job on that one professional photo makes her ugly as fuck though, I think that idiot needs to go back to school (or PSing people all to hell needs to end. Yeah, actually, I prefer that. Let’s go back to what photography originally was… TALENT instead of a fucking program fixing some idiot’s errors.)

    Oh, and poor things. xD (went off on a tangent there, haha, oops!)

  6. I still can not belive how they could die,I mean,I saw uglyer crashes . Like one time a car was around a tree,and the guy escaped. It didn’t look like a very ugly crash to me. I think that the fact that they did not have airbag on the side was the cause. I don’t know…

    1. true, from the video of the crash it seems like the bus just pushed their car a bit harder but not something for someone to die but maybe there were sleeping in the car when the crash happened i think thats the most plausible situation why they died.

  7. Who is that demented-sounding man who was moaning like a pig taking it up the arse? Was it the driver?

    The fat singer died with her head leaning out of the window. She’s just asleep. But she may wake up and find herself dead. I hate it when that happens to people.

  8. DESPITE the agonizing dude really scares me, this video brought me sweet memories of my innocent childhood in the nineties, just because SHE looks like Baby SINCLAIR from the TV series Dinosaurs. i still like this sitcom.

  9. Hey, Brazil is the only place on earth a singer turns her back to the audience doing whatever with a cell phone and no one throws a stone to the stage. Are they so polite like this ? The last Youtube video just made me laugh.

    Forró singers are the ultimate trash of Brazilian society, they just have absolutely no talent and do tons of money upon the idiots who attend theirs shows. They do a lot of copyright infringements (they create bizarre Portuguese versions of known worldwide songs) and taxes evading.

  10. Jealousy and distraction caused this rather unfortunate accident; I think the bassplayer is guilty of reaking all this havoc when he asked the drummer what a bassplayer would do the next morning he woke up,.. he paused for 6 secs and replied; kicking the lady-singer out of my room,….

  11. She always seems to have an audience everywhere she goes. I hope that they don’t ask her for and autograph. What’s next for the singer, she’s been booked for an appearance at the Morgue Palacial De Brazil. One performance only.

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