Brazilian Woman Dressed Up to Fish for Attention and Validation Killed by Car

Died the Way She Lived - Ass Up, Face Down

Brazilian Woman Dressed Up to Fish for Attention and Validation Killed by Car

On the night of January 31, 2020, a young woman was killed on a road in Goitacazes in Baixada Campista area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Identified as Silmara Rangel, the woman was apparently 20 years old.

It is believed the woman was rushing across the road to avoid an approaching van, but ran right in front of another van and got hit.

Moments before her untimely death, the woman published an update on Facebook, stating that she’s going to Péricles’ show at Farol de São Thomé. She dressed up to slut it out and fish for attention and validation from Chad and Tyrone, but ended up making her spread-out ass available to the traffic gnome.

Props to Best Gore member @xxxmike for the video and pics:

Pic of her social media update was translated by @xxxmike. Thanks a lot, dude:

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          1. Haha! I was just watching the news.. .old -fashioned way on Tv and they showed the Superbowl. I said ok ,i can look at this ,seeing as though we have Latina ass shimmy-shaking across the screen,with one making Maori tongue motions! Haha

            Then ,woe and behold (yes woe and not lo), i hear Kansas Chiefs being mentioned . So I’m expecting some manly guys and what do i see! A bunch of prancing black guys wearing Commie -red tshirts with padded girly shoulders and white ladies’ bloomers! Wtf!

            @organikhispanik! You have some explaining to do!

          2. It is technically the Kansas City Chiefs of Kansas City Missouri my good nemesis. You can’t tell the locals that thier team is from Missouri though.
            Personally, I only watch college football. It’s a much better game. Also, NCAA football has rules discouraging break dancing on the field and most all full on nigger-outs. I can’t watch an entire NFL game. It’s just not the same.
            As for the bloomers, what can I say? Lesbians wear Timberlands and football players wear bloomers.
            I would like to draw your attention to the below. I believe this is Team Bulge of the Australian rowing team. We’ll call it a tie.

          3. I’m no rowboat expert, but, I’m pretty sure that I could get one across a lake without dressing like a homo.
            That said, I would love to pose with Team Bulge. Mine will be the most prominent and it will be a sock.

          4. “Personally, I only watch college football……”

            Personally, I only watch real football….you know, the game where they actually use their feet to propel the ball. 😉


  1. Vehicles are like the natural predators of the modern age. I think they have also killed more people than any animal at least in the last 100 years. She didn’t know this was gonna happen when she typed that Facebook post, such is life.

    Also, I didn’t know Facebook was still popular among youngsters. Most of the guys I know are more into Instagram. I know older people love FB. But most people in their 20s and 30s use internet for music and videos like YouTube only. Social media was all the buzz around 10 years ago. But it’s becoming less popular now. Hopefully, it will die out.

      1. Imagine being such a stupid shithole monkey, you get killed by the most avoidable things… trains.

        Like seriously they are LOUD (easy to hear and avoid), they are easy to spot (big), they are on and can only follow tracks (a predetermined route that you can easily stay off of)… how do these shithole monkeys get killed by that, its like they do it on purpose.

  2. When the got hit from the back they always assume position typical Brazilian gul…

    Edit: Calm down one of the vagina bearer flipflopers was saying she just broke her arm,so she should be good to sleep that off,everything end well for our beloved FlipFlopistaneses….

  3. I imagine every night in Brazil is like the first five minutes of Tropa De Elite (Elite Squad), these hoes go out for some innocent fun at a favela party where the guys are salsa dancing, cerveza in one hand, AK47 in the other. Chad steps on Fernando’s puma, Fernando opens fire… one thing leads to another its the end of The Wild Bunch… sometimes these hoes make it… most of the time they don’t…

    Every night in Brazil –>

  4. Facebook is run by a Jew and a global mind control tool. Everyone needs to get off it for the better or if they are really desperate for it then they need to only use it with fake profiles. Social media is doing more harm than good. It is being used for manipulation, blackmailing, accusations. Facebook & Twitter have more of a problem with someone who denies the Holocaust than someone who makes false accusations to ruin careers and lives. Like the Alek Holowka controversy recently (look it up in case you don’t know). These type of women who make false accusations do more harm to the real victims.

      1. Even many of my accounts got disabled or banned. I hate when they disable accounts. Your account still exists but you simply can’t access it and delete it forever. One of my accounts got disabled just after an hour of creation. Their stupid bot system is so bad. If you send 2 friend requests within an hour of account creation then they assume you are spam. I tried contacting them over and over again and nothing happened. I don’t even wanna use that site ever again. I just want my data to be deleted. They will not even let me access my own account nor will they delete it.

      1. I stopped watching TV a long time ago. I only used it as a distraction anyways when I did watch it. Most of TV stuff can be found on the internet so pointless wasting money on both.

  5. WHEN NIGHT SPEAKS by bad jonny

    When night speaks ..

    O Death!
    Wont you suckle us
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    Feed us
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      1. Ah shit Nem – You’re absolutely right – you see, I’ve been doing the rhyming things so long, that it’s actually stuck inside my head like the maggot that got away, and can’t be sucked out – even by Dyson vacuum because it’s hiding ‘neath:

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        I’ll keep trying, Nem

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      1. Yes, I know Nem ..
        I don’t wanna do anymore .. My brain is a cluster-fuck
        I need to slow down .. Maybe 1 or 2 a week
        I don’t know what is happening to my brain
        I feel like the lamb that got raped by the Gekko ??
        Corpus Christi ..
        God Bless Jack !!

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