Brazilian on Motorcycle Dies After Hitting a Pregnant Donkey

Brazilian on Motorcycle Dies After Hitting a Pregnant Donkey

An accident occurred on the BR 104 outside the Vila CanaΓ£ in rural Carauaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil which killed 31 year old Mateus Weille Camelo da Silva. The circumstances of his death are result of a freak accident involving a very pregnant donkey which was either walking down the road or attempting to cross when Mateus hit the mare hard enough to cause her stomach to explode and spill her unborn baby onto the road. Mateus himself suffered fatal injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene.

That sucks.

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          1. @cheeky
            I know, right eh!! Damn where’s that ticket to Germany??
            its not a good day to be putting up naughty avi’s…im in a very mischievous mood…this could get xrated …yikes!

          2. @cheeky
            oh the tissue….you know what…you probably could do with a maxi slapped on that chin of yours (considering the puddle of drool at your feet)

  1. A dead man with his pants down next to a dead donkey and its newborn baby, I’m not too sure I want to arrive at a conclusion this time.

    However, I can clearly see the resemblance between the child and the da Silva though since they both look like an ass.

    1. ….. i buy them a hot drink and sandwich or pack of cupcakes from the shop they are begging outside.
      should see their faces screw up when they have to say “thank you mate” without having received any drug/alcohol cash!

      irony is – ive been in their position, and if they just were honest and said “‘ere pal, im a couple of quid short of a score….” i would help them out – but hold a sign up to me saying “havent eaten for 2 days”, and a meal is what i give them

      oh, for a bit of honesty, eh?

      1. For some reason you reminded me of American Psycho, only instead of stabbing the homeless man to death you fed him. Both stories ending in disappointment for the homeless dude.

        Were you homeless for long and where in England are you from mate?

        1. sheff now but stoke origionally.
          there were bits and bats of homelessness for me in the nineties. my own fault, heroin came before anything else.
          those days seem like a lifetime away now.

          where you come from @pinch?

          1. I have a thick darlo accent. when I lived in London people recognised my accent as Geordie. So you would probably hear it as that even that ITS FUCKING NOT!!!! =)

            Where are you from?

          2. said eeeeeeeeee all the time…*flashback, flashback*
            his accent was ok I guess…it got really annoying tho near the end…but that is probably because he was getting

          3. Eeeee do ya wana gan down tha toon for a pint!?

            it is the most ANNOYING accent ever spoken. Congrats on avoiding a disaster, Ali. I hear Geordie s make shit life mates πŸ˜›

          4. stopped 98/99. have had a few lapses since then but always managed to give myself a shake and get back on track. just one real “relapse” – lasted 5 months in 2006.
            things good now (as far as THAT goes anyway) still enjoy a bottle of wine once a week, and very small amount of weed (gram a week)

            as it goes, i got a guy from your way living above me – his name is “Tams” (yes, THOSE tams’s)
            but hes a great lad – cut from a different cloth than some others in his family

  2. I feel sorry for the guy that was killed, because the animal could have just darted into the road… but the most touching thing to me is the dead donkey and her baby. Probably a significant loss to the owner as well, two animals killed in one accident.

  3. Pregnant donkeys always have the right of way. I’m always on the lookout for four-legged creatures which may wander onto the road. Two-legged creatures, not so much. #babyonboardjackass

  4. This is facinating! Reminds me of when FPSRUSSIA shoots watermelons. I’m left with a bunch of questions. Did the belly explode? or just sort of rip open? The baby looks developed enough to live outside the womb. Was it alive for a bit after the accident? Or did it die as quickly as the mother? Where there actual injuries to the baby? Or did the mothers body take most of the impact? It looks like the cord is wrapped around its neck…

    I half expected the baby just to be like, bam I’m out, let me chew through this cord, and I’m off… duces

  5. Aww poor little donkey…she was just trotting along minding her own donkey business when boom…jack ass came out of no where! This makes me sad πŸ™ screw the jack ass he had it coming but the donkey I feel for.

  6. I still don’t get how its always pants that somehow fly off individuals when they get into wrecks….like how does that even happen?? ive been in a number of serious crashes and I have never once lost my pants…

  7. Poor donkey and her baby but sad to say they turned out to be a delicious dinner that night…
    That guy..its either hes drunk driving or driving too fast, either way hes a goner now.. maggots fest after a week!. Yeah.. πŸ˜›

          1. Ahhh,i see now!! Please pardon me itsy,I just got back from bar night… I had a few drinks when I first responded… To be honest I’m surprised in how well my I’m doing for being this… Ummm…. Sorry I’m side tracking..good night!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Sad post, donkeys are lovely animals, I would hope that the baby donkey could be saved. These third worlders need to learn to stay off the roads at night. No street lights and loads of dogs cats chickens and donkeys wandering about, there is too much animal carnage in the world.

  9. Caruaru, a dead Da Silva, death cheer team full of flip-flops. Welcome to Brazil.
    I’m surprised Da Silva wasn’t wearing flip flops though.

    (also this is my first time posting on here, I’ve been lurking on here for over a year but have never created an account until now. Hello everyone :D)

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