Bride Dies in Wedding Day Helicopter Ride Crash

Bride Dies in Wedding Day Helicopter Ride Crash

In what I assume was supposed to be a fun and memorable part of their wedding day, ended up in a disaster for the young bride and groom when the helicopter that took them for a ride to their wedding crashed.

I don’t know where exactly this took place, nor the reason for the crash, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the pilot suddenly blacked out, and since he was holding on to all the controls, once he went limp, the chopper followed.

According to the info I got, the bride died in the crash. I don’t have any further information at this time.


This happened in São Lourenço da Serra, in Greater São Paulo, Brazil, in December 2016. Next to the bride is her brother, and not future husband. Husband was waiting for her at the altar. Bride’s name was Rosemeire Nascimento da Silva.

Props to Best Gore member @Wallabeast for the video:

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      1. Even worse is if the husband waited years and years to find his ideal woman, only for this shit to happen.

        Yeah, hope they fucked at least once before the wedding, sorry, I mean before dying.

      1. I like the surrounding stories on that site! (i.e. the massage therapist whose towels spontaneously combusted and blew up her car) lady is spooky scary imagine that showing up to rub ya oh and ms China buttocks 2017. nice face, butt is h u g e. yuck

        1. @allan-snackbar
          I was thinking exactly the same thing! The fair, pretty person in the video does not resemble the plainer woman in the Daily Mail. LOL @ looking like an ugly sibling.

          See, this is the shit women can pull off all the time, they have makeup. Whereas us guys don’t have that advantage, we have to eat the right stuff, look after ourselves, etc, because what you see is what you get, LOL.

    1. Looks fugazi to me. Main rotors don’t just stop like that. It would’ve autorotated. Also the captain is flying wrong seat. Who took the video? The camera or phone survived the impact?. Fire would be very likely with spilled, atomized fuel and a hot turbine

          1. You are right! Sorry you all. Didn’t catch the joke. Just thought it was a stupid comment. It happens sometimes. 🙁

      1. Thanks for correcting that. I remember some the story. The bride wanted to do something different to come to the groom was waiting for at the church. After 30 mins they everyone drove around and found the site.

        1. Yeah it’s such a real pity and all.
          I remember that story too when I saw it in the papers.

          I remember thinking: Groom must be thinking: “Why the fuck did she have to hire out a helicopter? If she had just come over in an air-conditioned Rolls Royce like most normal chicks on their wedding day, she may have saved £££££s as well her own and other people’s lives.”

          1. I fly an helicopter when it can glide……
            Me think they are designed to land safely
            In case of….Tho.
            But still I hate them more than people.

          2. @mrspock
            She was just an innocent woman who wanted to make the most out of her moment. She wanted to surprise her husband and all the people attending the wedding. She wanted to make it special and memorable. She wanted the people to remember and talk about her wedding.

            Well, she did accomplice all of it, in a negative way, though.

            And spending more for show = “status” symbol

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      1. Perhaps, but let’s remember that women, for having neotenous features, have paler skin than men on average. Hence, some spread powder, as to make her look more feminine, as make up has the function of fixing imperfections and highlighting, or creating, sexually attractive features, such as red juicy lips and so on. Look at her photo on the news of the incident wig the groom, she already has fairer skin.

      1. I must admit I was surprised to hear this was her idea as those giant headphones are anti- cute hair and a helicopter is incredibly noisy and less than relaxing and very ‘busy’

    1. Had they made it to the wedding, all the bridesmaids would have had the worst bad hair day in the history of giving a shit about bad hair days.

      1. @dan-a-conda
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  1. Sao Paulo city is already over 700m above sea level, and the place where this happened is even higher, hence it is quite foggy, not a good place to go goofing around in a helicopter flying close to the ground.
    It seems that the guy was weary, but who wouldn’t be flying on those conditions, one couldn’t see anything ahead. It seems that his fear was justified…

  2. I personally believe that the thick fog, and close to zero visibility, has played a major role, in this crash. And after a while of straining to see properly, the thick fog would cause you to become quite disoriented, and mesmerized by it, because of a long period of trying to see properly. And after a while, i believe that you would become locked-in to this fog, and in a daze.

    1. Fuck yeah.
      Someone who will rent a copter on her wedding day is the sort of person who likes being pampered and spoilt all their lives. At the first sign of disappointment in the marriage, she would have divorced the fucker and taken half.

  3. Why a helicopter in bad ass weather with your brother.!? Just ride in on a horse dumb ass and you’d still be alive… Smfh.
    Just saying there’s more creative ways than a fucking helicopter.. in bad weather.. you ma’am set your self up for disaster.. I would’ve been like hell no mfs I’ll just take a limo. Lol..

    1. She probably booked it months in advance (when she did not know it would be foggy).

      You think she just got up that morning and decided to phone her local Helicopter service for a ride to the local Church?

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  4. As a pilot I know exactly how this happened.
    The helicopter is an R44 which is not approved for flight in cloud or low visibility (we call it IFR – Instrument Flight Rules) and from the behaviour of the pilot, it seems that he has no or very little experience of flying in cloud.
    When flying in cloud, you have to fly using the instruments as you have no visual cues to the outside world. It is then very easy to become disoriented.
    This is exactly what happened to the pilot. He was flying in cloud and he thought he was flying straight and level. I could see from his instruments that he was increasing in speed and the nose of the helicopter started to pitch down. Shortly after the helicopter pitched to the left and the rotors were unable to produce enough lift at that angle resulting in a stall. The helicopter first spiralled and then fell out of the sky.
    The pilot should not have been flying anywhere near cloud.

    1. Thank you very much Mr.Pilot. I appreciate very much that you share your knowledge with us. I read that the pilot flew for 6 years, 4 on said model and last 2 years he was an instructor, so it is assumed he was overconfident. Are you Mrs.Pilot BTW?? I will disagree with the author and say the pilot didn’t pass out. Instead the helicopter bank heavily as you mention, which took him out of his seat. Chopper was 5km from the wedding site.

    2. I’m surprised the pilot didn’t try to fly over or under the clouds. They didn’t seem to be to high up. When I was airborne in the military, when you jumped from a C-130 or a C-141 you jumped at 1250 feet. At that altitude there had to be at least a 2,000 foot ceiling. In other words, the cloud coverage had to be about 2,000 feet above the ground or just over 700 feet above the C-130 or C-141. Huey helicopter jumps are at 1,500 feet, and there has to be at least a 3,000 foot ceiling.

  5. all jokes aside..its sad to see a bride go down like this so fast. its always about the bride on wedding days and cant even imagine how the family on the ground felt when it was HER day and as for the groom, if this was true companionship, was so sad to see(yes i know that was her brother). the look on her face and plans she had and then all of a sudden fukn life and reality hits you one last me a pussy all you want you simple fuks, but i been here long enuff to see thru your petty jokes and most of you are just acting anyway.. itd hit close to home had this been your sister or even your own wife..fuk life aint fair even for the people that are trying

    1. You seem to be attached to the wedding factor, but in a year he will find a younger cunt. “(yes i know that was her brother)” The real pain will be for their parents who (judging by their kids age) will have no one to look after them.

      1. me and wedding in same sentence.. thats a new good for him.what does this do for you? if anyone is a younger cunt, he has jus spoken now

        and i did mention the family on the harder or sober up, watevr the fuk

      2. I would imagine her father was already dead and that is why her brother was giving her away.

        If her father was not already dead then he would have been giving her away instead and her brother would still be alive.

      3. Master plan. Why did you say ‘a younger cunt ‘?
        Were you rejected by a lot of young women and girls in life?
        I would have said a younger girl or woman or even a younger dame.
        But ‘Younger cunt’ sounds nasty and is uncalled for.

        1. Hi @indianbob , that doesn’t stand for every women. She is Brazilian, and you can bet I know what I’m talking about. They see this opulence in the fucking ‘soap opera’ and she end up killing everybody on her insistence to make a dream out of her wedding. Fuck her. Rejection is your presumption, all you need to get pussy in Brazil is a car. I leave you to think whatever you like, but I will also add I think no different of Indian girls. The poorest the country, the more they want, and the more they use their body to get things. BTW, why would you presume she is a dame? Those are ‘more rare’ than unicorns. hahaha

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        1. @tuffgong777 Thanks for the tagging. Strange that I got no notification… Speak freely, but is mature to accept when you’re pointed wrong. Don’t really like to be offending people, yet I certainly do it sometimes. Lets hope I can keep my ass virgin for as long as possible. I assume I can’t win on having the last word, so I leave it to you 😛

          1. I’m actually the little girl, yet unlike you, I don’t want to be banned. What else you got for me?? 🙂 🙂 😀

        2. We all went through a “hazing” to some degree. It’s seems strange to me that ones seniority, as it were, is in any way a reflection of ones intelligence and life experience.
          I was wearing a helmet and spanking my balls before BG and that’s still what I’m doing right now.

          1. Lol. People here loves you. Indeed, I really like your comments. I’m not a little girl 😛
            And I’m not gay ether, hahaha

          1. I could be a sheep or I could be a wolf, until you see me you will have to live in suspense, suffer little children as the famous Chinese proverb goes.

    1. lol.its almost as if this was a setup by the groom who knew there was an overcast and low flying clouds around mountains would be fatal in those conditions.but then again..not so far fetched in a dumbass, twisted culture like you can blame stupidity or negligence, but i like to think of it as jus the way of life proving the mindset anf stupidity of the people living there..flip a coin alrdy.but im sure i lost you half a paragraph bak, rite..

    1. Of course there is @illegal. The reception is still a go and the open bar has only top shelf booze. The Bride/Groom dance was replaced by a donkey show.
      In place of the bride tossing flowers at desperate women, the DJ fires a tee-shirt cannon into the crowd. It got a little sketchy though when the dead brides mother stood in for the garter toss. The would be groom yanked it down bursting a varicose vein and also tugged a bush pile of long grey snatch hair.

  6. Her brother? He’s mulatto and she’s white.
    Unless he’s her 1/2 brother, more like he was the groom imo.
    What a bright idea to take a heli ride in such a pea soup!
    They’re Da Silva, after all…

      1. she’s definitely not full caucasian, she’s just not as dark as that guy. they both don’t look black more like caucasian/ native mix I guess possibly some negro? not everyone in the same family looks exactly the same. I have dark brown hair and I have people in my family with light coloured hair (blonde red etc) doesn’t make us different races or ethnicities.

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