Bridge Collapse at Florida International University – Women Built It

Meet MCM, Feminist Company That Build FIU Bridge That Collapsed

MCM is a company owned by male cucks and manginas who employ predominantly females because it’s just so cool to do. If you don’t agree, you are a misogynist. MCM’s Facebook page is virtue signalling full of pictures of women.

MCM built the bridge at the Florida International University that recently collapsed. The reports talk about six people dead. Guess which gender will be cleaning the mess up?

An article in the FIU paper says a female engineer was on the project and she feels we need more female engineers because they add an artistic touch.

Props to Best Gore member @fracazzo for the video:


Roman Toxic Masculinity vs Feminist Glorious Inclusivity

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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228 thoughts on “Bridge Collapse at Florida International University – Women Built It”

          1. Yes, muliple use cum rag (ie sock) only used by teen age baters still perfecting their technique. Real men use curtains……

        1. Sheeit, I don’t see that phallus we constructed in D.C. goin’ flaccid any time soon. Shit stays rock hard and erect fuh days… On second thought, we might wanna get that checked out.

      1. Not indoctrinated. It’s instinctive: Boys build and girls nurture. Take one of each and you have a team that can create a family, the backbone of a strong society. Screw around with that and watch society collapse.

    1. An artistic touch… Should’ve tried something a bit more stable even if it meant sacrificing the art. I’d rather build it once than build it twice and having it be “artistic”. I may be a woman but that doesn’t mean that I’ll apply an artistic touch or men won’t. By the way, I’m not arguing against anyone here except the corporation that built the bridge. Also the bitch should try physics sometime, undoubtedly it would inspire a bit more support the bridge and it would’ve been less heavy. In my personal opinion overrallshe was trying to go for something impressive, but as we now know that failed. I’ve seen a similar bridge in salt lake, but unlike this one it was much lighter, although a bit less attractive. If she was going to build a bridge like that, with what kind of materials seem to be used, I’d estimate she’s spent about $10,000 more on this bridge than the one in salt lake, and despite a much friendlier appearance the apparent materials have added by my estimate round about a ton if a plaster or similar construction material was used. The unnecessary size of the covering also adds some more weight, while the sides seem a little overburdened with the weight of the bridge and their lack of spread foundation. “But hey, it’s a city we didn’t have much room for the stairs” That’s why you use the same design as the one in salt lake, combine it with your traffic signals and built onto the sidewalks like they did, shoud’ve spread it out a fair bit more. Yet another this, the bridge itself is unnecessarily thick, use a lighter but stronger material, (metal grating) and voila! Unseenly but lasting bridge.

      1. Personally I can’t see a paper mache bridge costing millions of dollars?? Surely she would have made a deal with The New York Times for materials? Obviously some corruption happening here as old newspaper doesn’t cost that much…….

      2. @sadisticchild39
        Wow are you really female? With a name like that long? I’m impressed. Normally it’s only a man who wants to demonstrate to the world that he has a long dick that has a long name like that. Either that, or a normal guy who is very funny and cynical and wants to take the piss.

        So I’m very impressed that a newbie woman demonstrates that kind of humour.

        And I can tell you’re a real woman because your writing was all in one block paragraph, and I got super bored after reading the first 3 lines, skim-read the rest and skipped to the end-bit. 🙂

      3. The overhang looks way too heavy, i agree. This “bridge” would have to withstand hurricanes unlike the one in SLC so there is a different purpose and design aspect. Art doesn’t belong in the real world

    1. Jesus did a whole lot of cheating during his life, because of who his Dad really was:

      1) Ad-hoc Feeding the 2000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes- Because a normal bloke would have got done for by his followers for not buying 10 truckloads of food, burgers and beer, and renting a bouncy castle for the kids (the equivalent in those days).
      2) Walking on water: Because there is no better way to say you’re The Boss than by walking on water and rebuking your faithless No 2 for not being able to do the same.
      3) Rising from the Dead. Because let’s face it. That’s a bigger miracle than finding an army to slaughter the Roman legion and free the Jews from tyranny.

      My point? Being a man isn’t everything. It’s WHO you know, not WHAT you know, that matters.

      1. it was invented by a white man, like every single invention, ever. an invention is a contraption with a purpose. only a white man is capable of inventing something.

  1. I fucking hate these people at school, they act like they’re the most good looking, brightess individuals around and then they try to get one over on you all the time, their parents are rich as fuck or at least send them over here so they don’t do anything besides study. I know how that bridge collapsed they can’t speak coherent english and they’re woman so they probably just ignored all the experienced-men telling them what a shit show it was going to be because they got some stupid score on a piece of paper somewhere. Like literally these college educated bitches are bat shit insane, they remind me of the women who dated the SS during the holocaust who were just like ‘ehh, I dunno not my fault’ *chuckle*chuckle* Oh yeah all of these women deep down are power tripping dykes because they are untrustworthy of men and have massive massive penis envy issues.

  2. I drive that route 4 or 5 days a week (I live 5 miles from there). I drove under that bridge 4 times before it collapsed. It was only up some 2 or 3 days. The community is devastated for the lost people and their families.

    That is an 8 lane road and is insanely transited all day. Traffic (which is already beyond nightmare) will be unimaginable. Do NOT move to Miami. We were already horribly overpopulated 40 years ago.

    1. This reminds me of the Sunshine Skyway bridge collapse around Tampons. (I mean Tampa) in the early 80’s. That mutha’ was a couple hundred feet in the air. I almost got sick to my stomach just crossing it. You could see all the way down to the water from that height.

      Yes, I’m under the impression that everyone and their dead grandmother, lives in Florida now.

      I’m rootin’ for the Florida Gators. Maybe they’ll bring the “overpop” down to a manageable level. The Miami Seminal Fluids, are only making matters worse!!

  3. Why so much hosilty towards woman?men make structures that fail as well where are the comments for that. I guess all the men who have made negative comments about woman like the dick instead.

      1. Mary Ann,
        Typical argument from a feminist. Ignore every statement said, thereby inventing the need for your own irrational conclusion, we’re all gay. That’s logic you can stand behind on a debate floor.

        You have a role, a very important one, and it sure ain’t engineering…..unless it’s engineering a samich, or maybe a coconut cream pie. Did you forget your life on the island? You ran around in shorts with those hot legs and made pies. The professor did the engineering. Stop fucking up the natural order of things.

        1. If you were to really listen to what we are saying, you would see it’s the total opposite of being gay. We want women to be women, and we want to have sex with women. You on the other hand want women to be men, and hope that men would still be attracted to them. Now your vision and desires would make us gay, or as Mark put it, cucks.

          But see how the feminist world is illogical lies? You heard the opposite of what you read because you wanted to, because feminism and facts are directly opposed to each other. Thanks for illustrating that point so clearly.

          1. “You See, Man Made The Cars To Take Us Over The Road
            Man Made The Train To Carry The Heavy Load
            Man Made The Electrolight To Take Us Out Of The Dark
            Man Made The Boat For The Water Like Noah Made The Ark

            This Is A Man’s World
            But It Would Be Nothin’, Without A Woman Or A Girl”

            Man has built such a world, that only now in its perverse state of cubicles and political correctness is it even possible for you to be “competitive”. Just remember we made this world and made it so easy to work in now, that even you can participate. Don’t confuse that with equal abilities and try to use that against us.

            Leave continued building to us, and don’t forget to collate those copies.

    1. It’s kinda of an inside joke on this site to pretend that we are nazis and make ironical rants about how we hate everything even remotely left-wing like women, black people and jews. Don’t worry, in reality everyone here is a communist hippie that loves making a mockery of fascism like that. Just the other post back yesterday some of our buddies made a funny joke by starting a 10 paragraph long discussion about why Hitlers was wonderful fella and all liberals are gay after seeing posters of cartoon characters on the wall of the kid that killed himself. You guys are so funny and witty, I love you all.

    2. Well most of the ‘men’ on here are serial killer white boy types. So take thier opinons of pussy with a grian of salt. They hate women with a passion because they never get pussy… small dick. And if they ever have gotten pussy they are the type to treat em like shit and beat em so they wont leave… again very very tiny dick gotta feel like a man somehow. So they get on a gore site and bitch about women… sounding like a bunch of women. Lol. Tierd of this neo nazi faggot shit on this site

  4. Fucking hell Mark, I should have known. Lol. This has put a smile on my face tonight. Brilliant.

    Not only do libtards and feminists build unsound arguments but they also build unsound bridges as well it would seem.

  5. This reminds me about a case here in Sweden in 2008 where a bridge that was being built next to a shopping mall collapsed because a female engineer had sent drawings for a beam that was seriously undersized to the manufacturer. Result: 1 dead and 2 injured.

  6. Did the twats try to invent their own engineering in order to not use the tried and true male created style of engineering? If that’s the case, they need to invent their own tools, building supplies, computers with CAD, clothes, buildings, roads to drive on with vehicles to get to work in… I bet they couldn’t build a sandwich worth a damn either.

  7. C’mon guys. These are college educated women. They’ve earned the right to broaden thier sandwich making skills to include sandwiching bridges, cars and people.

  8. well, i hate liberals and feminists. But, after checking out MCM internet website, i saw no references to women or political correcteness. It is a family owned company founded by a Cuban migrant . All the chief executives are men from this cuban family.

  9. well, i hate liberals and feminists. But, after checking out MCM internet website, i saw no references to women or political correcteness. It is a family owned company founded by a Cuban migrant . All the chief executives are men from this cuban family.

  10. Was it just me, or was anyone else cruel enough to laugh as the cars on the end of the bridge suddenly slid down very fast downwards, like toy cars down a ramp, as the bridge broke? I then remembered the fatalities and felt like a piece of shit. But I bet it was the cars being driven under the bridge, that were hit by the bridge and got crushed and compacted, that had the fatalities and not the ones sliding down.

  11. ~One Bridge And None Bridge~

    (AP) In today’s news, a bridge committed suicide today in the State of Florida, USA….. when it jumped from itself. At least half-a-dozen humanoids also perished, and many others suffered injuries, as they pleaded underneath and begged the bridge not to do it. Teams of emergency crews responding had hoisted cables up around it in an attempt to prevent its demise and hoping to catch it before it could fall, but before in full harness position, the inevitable happened. It left a note saying it was bullied by University students being just new on campus and depressed being constantly walked on. It had only been in the campus vicinty for one week.

    Eyewitnesses claim they heard a bunch of old hens cackling after….. the incident is being investigated.

    ~with files from Rockford, and X.


    A man collapsed off a bridge today…..

    Why don’t they say people collapsed off a bridge instead of jumped and committed suicide….. and why not say bridges commit suicide instead of collapsing….?!?

    I guess humans have Soul….. a bridge is just a hunk o’ junk and rock….. (my theory ….. but feel free to comment/reply….. if it ain’t too heavy, eh….)


    ~6 Suicides In Florida U~

    That’s one new way for them 6 under there to commit suicide like that from a fall from a bridge…..


    1,001 Ways To-…… ahhh, er…. change that…. 1,002 WAYS TO DIE!


    That’ll save the guys a bit of work at the scrap-yard tomorrow……

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