British Motorcyclist Filmed His Death on Helmet Cam, Mother Released the Video as Warning for Others

British Motorcyclist Filmed His Death on Helmet Cam, Mother Released the Video as Warning for Others

We see it a lot at Best Gore that pretentious do-gooders come on here and whine about content published on the site saying things like: “Have some respect for the victim’s family” or “If it was your son, would you want the video of his death posted all over the internet?

Here’s newsflash for all the pretentious do-gooders – there are actually many people who understand that whether a graphic video of their loved one’s death is posted on the internet or not, either way nothing can bring them back. But having their video posted can help others to learn from their mistake and prevent similar tragedies.

Norfolk Police released a video featuring footage of a fatal collision filmed on a helmet cam worn by the motorcyclist. The footage is accompanied by commentary from victim’s mother who wants the world to see the video of her son’s death, because she understands it can spare other mothers from having to go through the same pain if their children and other traffic participants learn from mistakes that lead to her son’s death.

Norfolk Police said in a statement that:

David’s mother Brenda, a retired nurse who lives in North Walsham, said she hoped that by telling her story, she could help prevent another family going through the heartache they had and continue to experience.

38 year old David Holmes of Norwich was riding from King’s Lynn on the A47 at Honingham in June, 2103 when he was cut off by a motorist. The ensuing collision killed David on the spot.

The car driver was prosecuted and got 130 hours community service. His cutting the motorcyclist off seems to be at fault, but I still find his sentence a little excessive since David Holmes was not entirely innocent either, having traveled at speed nearing 100 mph.

Thus in my conclusion, it was the car driver who caused the accident, but it was the speed what killed David Holmes. The car should not have turned when the road wasn’t clear, but the biker should not have done 97 in a 60 mph zone, especially coming to an intersection.

For other examples of grief stricken families specifically requesting to have graphic images of their loved ones released as warnings to others, check out the story of 21 year old Rachel Whitear who overdosed on Heroin, or the story of 5 year old Miette who died after developing DIPS.

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139 thoughts on “British Motorcyclist Filmed His Death on Helmet Cam, Mother Released the Video as Warning for Others”

      1. Bollox he would, he didn’t have a chance. He was going a bit fast but the driver had no excuse for not seeing him. It’s happened me quite a few times on my bike, they see you and pull out anyway, then realise they’ve fucked up. Being closer to the middle of the road wouldn’t of helped, you are talking shit, rider training my ass. Get back on your Bmx.

        1. The driver actually has a great excuse. This motorcyclist was gunning it in a straight line, straight towards the car, this can result in a ‘looming’ effect. Had he not been in such a rush, he would of had plenty of time to set up and anticipate this car cutting him off.

        2. Was he speeding? Sure, but what I see is 90% liability lies with the driver of the car. LOOK before you enter another lane. Pretty simple. the thing is that most people drive and so most people will side with the driver as drivers view motorcyclists and cyclists as nuisances. That somehow 2 wheeled vehicles are less worthy. That because they are somewhat protected and motorcyclists are clearly more vulnerable, it isn’t drivers who should pay extra attention for the 2 wheeled kind but the motorcyclists.
          I know I will get shit for this opinion but I would argue it is nearly as likely he would die had he been riding close to the speed limit. Drivers do this all the time, cutting in front of bikes while turning. I swear many even see the bike coming but think because they are in a car that the bike will just slow down for them. It is not like cars don’t speed every chance they get.
          As a bike messenger the only collision I had was this exact same situation, and I was not speeding. Idiot didn’t see me. I couldn’t count the number of times this has happened. In city traffic it is worse because drivers would rather risk a life than wait a light so they pull a train turning at a intersection. I have had eye contact with drivers and they STILL kept going thinking I would stop for them when I continued actually veering around the front they finally stopped.
          Anyone who rides any bike knows exactly what I am talking about.
          Rant over.

          1. The truth is that the motorcyclist was coming with a very fast speed, how could a car driver know as his car is big n slow n that mans bike is smaller than his car n ever more faster?! In a single sentence motorcyclist dint even give him chance! But it’s sad we should remember most of times accidents happens not by our mistake but by others for sure, so it’s our responsibility to take care of ourself n this way other can be saved too 🙂

          2. The truth is that the motorcyclist was coming with a very fast speed, how could a car driver know as his car is big n slow n that mans bike is smaller than his car n ever more faster?! In a single sentence motorcyclist dint even give him chance! But it’s sad we should remember most of times accidents happens not by our mistake but by others for sure, so it’s our responsibility to take care of ourself n this way other can be saved too

    1. The driver of the car should have spent 2 more seconds to judge the speed of the oncoming bike , but the bike was doing 97 in a 40 zone .
      If the bike was going just 10 mph slower the two would have made it home .
      I had to get home from work once as I had an appointment , so for my entire shift I hit the gas , ran ambers , weaved in and out like a loon to try and finish work early … The sweat was pissing off me and for what ? I risked tickets , fines , and the safety of myself and other road users as well as innocent pedestrians to save 15 minutes on an 8 hour shift . Just not worth it folks. SLOW DOWN!!!

    2. The rate of speed at which he was traveling meant neither party had time to react… The moment at which the car decided to turn, the motorcycle was nowhere in sight, but at around 160 feet per second, (97?1.6)?(0.92) there was simply no possible way the car could have anticipated the bike’s presence. It seems clear, however, that David took the most foolish of paths by not decelerating upon approach of the intersection.

      1. EinsteinMatrix is absolutely right, and I totally agree 100%. Watch the video again, SLOWLY. Frame by frame if you must. Watch for the instant that the driver of the car begins the turn. The biker is soooo far away, that at normal speeds (even if a little faster than normal) the car would have been long gone before the biker got there. The biker was going so far beyond fast, I’d almost call this suicide.

        1. Very brave mother to have shared this video, Very sad for her and her family, But has to be said totally avoidable as much as speed is addictive if you speed you are playing Russian roulette in a sense because you never know when your luck is up. May he R.I.P

  1. I usually side with the biker, the stories my dad told to me of when he rode them were unreal, but this seems to be no ones fault in total. Biker speeding on the outside. Car driver didnt see or look, or maybe couldnt see. Despite fault, what gets me is his ‘ohh!’. He knew what was going to happen. Fuck that.

    1. This is very true. the highway is good for testing toys. In a safer matter. specially roads that have a meridian big enough. that you won’t get on a head collision either.
      I think it’s the riders fault because at that speed its hard to see him. and the car did stop. It wasn’t like he drove into the side of the car.

      1. ***This is very true. the highway is good for testing toys. In a safer matter. specially roads that have a meridian big enough. that you won?t get on a head collision either.
        I think it?s the riders fault because at that speed its hard to see him. and the car did stop. It wasn?t like he drove into the side of the car.


        Reaction time plays a big factor here…

        It’s like the “one car length for every ten miles an hour” rule.

        You wouldn’t catch me dead, following a car at only a car’s length, at 110m.p.h.

        …whether it’s in front, back or from the side.

        From the driver’s standpoint…

        Impossible to do anything about it…

        A major league baseball player throws a baseball on average, at 90 m.p.h. at 90 feet.

        Try to hit it!!

        1. and if he stayed in the left side of the road. maybe, just maybe he would a had extra reaction time. A lot of bikers get cut off like this. and die. that should be enough to avoid that side while passing and driving like a dick.

    1. Good advice @bobcat, this guy didn’t have time to contemplate his own death he was shifting that quick. Our roads are not built for that kind of speed. Car driver was charged with dangerous driving I believe, which was unfair imho, difficult to see a bike coming, especially at that speed.

  2. Now all we need is for helmets to record emotions as well and we will be one step closer to the movie Brainstorm.

    I am surprised though that he was speeding like that in Britain after all in Britain you get given a letter of prosecution from the police if you get caught driving at just 5mph over the speed limit which means points on your licence and a fine.

    The British police refuse to investigate real crime because they’re lazy scum but they do spend all of their waking hours on the roads, usually hiding in bushes whilst pointing speed cameras at motorists.

    Anyway, my point is that you have to be rich to play the speeding game in Britain.

  3. Despite knowing what was coming, I flinched at the moment of impact. Tragic loss, and it was so preventable. Don’t speed, watch for bikes and cars. I understand his mom wanting to try to prevent any one else from going through their anguish, and I commend her for it. At the same time, I can also understand someone not wanting to share a devastating loss publically. Everyone handles grief differently.
    RIP David.

    1. Fair play to you, I looked away before impact, I drive a motorbike and most of my issue’s happen below 50kmh. Driver’s look right at me and still pull out in front of me, I wear a hi vis vest, keep my light’s on, but it does not make a difference. He was going to fast and yet he wasn’t a lunatic, I’ve seen much worse. A sad end for him.

  4. Poor driving all round, as a car driver I’m always expecting the unexpected, so you’re ready for someone to pull out in front of you or ensuring your looking to see if any other cars are coming even if you’ve got the green light at traffic lights, as a bike driver that level of anticipation is essential, awful shame that he paid for his poor driving with his life.
    Obviously the car driving was poor as well, but everyone makes mistakes, that’s the one definite think to always expect.

  5. He’s dead because people can’t drive for shit and it’s too easy to get a license. Even doing 60 there would of been a good chance he would of ended up dead. If the car driver didn’t see him then where the fuck was it looking. Even a blind person can hear a motorcycle. Get these fuckers that can’t drive off the roads.

  6. Brave mom trying to help others through her sons tragic demise, but the people who wouldn’t drive like that wouldn’t need to see a video like this and the people who would will anyway. Her son seemed like a nice young man who enjoyed life with a passion. RIP.

      1. It probably is safer as long as you don’t ride the bear at 100mph. 😉 Good to see you back Hanabi, don’t worry too much about impressing all those new friends of yours, if they don’t accept you for who you are they aren’t worth the effort, people like you for who you are right here.

  7. Has anyone else here had a motorcycle? EVERYONE needs to realize what women already know, “SIZE MATTERS!” On occasion, a large object may give the impression that it is moving faster than it actually is simply based on its size and proximity. On occasion, smaller objects may give the impression that they are not moving as fast as they really are. Compare a tractor trailer to a motorcycle. Bigger objects get really big the closer they get, smaller objects also get bigger, but they are not as impressive, their speed just doesn’t “register”. There is no confirmation from the driver of the car as to whether he saw the motorcyclist, my guess is that he didn’t. Its possible for a driver to see a motorcyclist coming and not realize how fast he was going. Would we expect the driver of the car to say, “Yes, I saw the motorcyclist coming”? Live and learn…

  8. 2.51 have another look and catch the 4 big letters written clearly on the road that he speeds over at 100mph….”SLOW”
    CONCLUSION: He was riding like a complete dickhead and died like one.
    Don’t be a dickhead.

  9. The thrill of speeding on a bike isn’t worth being a danger to yourself and others. All it takes is something you can’t see in the moment (like a fucking car) until your’re about 3 feet away from it as you travel at a ridiculous speed. Then you’re hit. Then your body pummels onto the road with an array of head trauma, few broken ribs+ epic juicy leg and body grazes depending on what you’re wearing. Doesn’t sound fun! This guy wasn’t so lucky.

  10. Biker drive to fast where is something like crossing(my English is not so rich). He drive regularly&expecting everyone to respect signs and rules. BIG mistake. Never underestimate other drivers behavior.
    When road is not so clear and you have little time to evaluate you should always stop with fucking acceleration!!! He wanted adrenaline and cost is big one.
    Rest in peace dude.

    I’m driving a big Pequot scooter, 80km is his limit on my weight and i did it on purpose: Driving something to speedy is gamble and you are one leg in coffin.
    So, even if i am sure that road is clear i don’t know if someone make me fly and when some vehicle is near or close i let acceleration off to check their behavior.
    I’m driving with more caution after every video of motto crash released.
    Best Gore is Best.

    1. He didn’t have time to say bloody hell. Damn, he didn’t have time to say shit either. It was all done and dusted for him in a flash. The Siouxsie Sioux look is a good one for you. btw hanabi have you had a go at stand up yet ? , you really should. 😉

        1. Thanks ewe I’m pretty shy I still can’t talk much, btw I always wanted to ask, do you have that British accent? 🙂 @elmaspison maybe if he jump before crashing he could have survived 😉 and honestly if I have a camera and I’m speeding and I know I could die I’ll be ready to say something funny that way it won’t be hardf my family 😆

          1. Well hanabi, seeing as though I am British, I suppose I am bound to have a British accent. Having said that, there are lots of different accents in England and the Yorkshire accent is pretty distinctive.
            If you are too shy, why not write some gags ? , I think you are a natural when it comes to one liners. 😀

  11. He managed to yell out a nooo while our old friend Mr. Death quietly whispered yesss. Too bad for him but he was kinda asking for it riding as recklessly as he was. I can’t really say if it was me on the rice rocket…maybe dump the bike and slide?? I don’t even know if he would’ve had enough time to pull that off. What a senseless waste

  12. I preformed a quick search and fond that with the majority of sport-bikes, that the speedometer needle in it’s 12 o’clock perpendicular position indicates a speed of 120 kph (80 mph). Though this may vary from bike to bike, it can be considered an acceptable average for all sport-bikes.

    As the indicator needle was 10-15 degrees beyond the 12 o’clock position, that would indicate a speed of 130-140 kph. The highway speed limit tin Great Britain is 120 kph, but on a smaller two-lane road such as the one he was driving, I would suspect that 80-100 kph would have been the posted limit. If I knew the length of the passing/turning lane marking strips that run down the center of the road, If I had the frame rate of the video or timing to .1 second of accuracy, then his relative speed could be calculated. Know how far his body flew could also be used to calculate his speed at point of impact.

    @Dagonet – You quite right in stating that objects of different sizes traveling at different speed may appear to be moving fast or slower than they really are. It’s a type of visual Doppler Effect stemming from our point of reference and other stationary objects of stationary comparison. just consider the International Space Station, so still and serene in high earth orbit, traveling at just over 7 kilometers per second (25,000 kilometers per hour).

    But props to his mum for speaking out and to his family for releasing the video. Exercising greater caution as motorists is only a good thing that can save lives.

    1. In England, the higher speed limit on single carriageways is 60 mph, on duel Carriageways and motorways it is 70mph. In built up areas, the limit can be between 20mph and 30 mph. There are other speed limits depending where one is driving and the type of road. He was 37mph over the limit for that road and also failed to slow down … ignored the sign when coming towards the junction.
      Unfortunately, he killed himself.

  13. I find this video one of the most thought provoking videos I have seen in a while. We at Best Gore have become accustomed to the brutality of life and the dangers of being on the road, we see videos daily of people shredded by trucks and mangled by cars. We see people literally take their last breaths in front of the camera, the last death spasms, the last cries for help. What we do not see often though is the true story of the victim, their life and the carnage it leaves behind for the loved ones left. She is a brave lady for showing her sons death to the world and letting us see the pain it has caused. WHOEVER was at fault I just hope we can all look at this and agree- be safe on the road or it may be you on Best Gore.

  14. No chance to “dump the bike and slide”. He hardly had time to voice a noise although he did manage a slight evasive but completely useless evasive move. The impact as demonstrated via the cam he was wearing did not seem enough to kill him without coming in contact with another vehicle or stationary object such as a tree etc. Unfortunately I guess the speed was just way too fast for him.

  15. incredible how the body never follow the brain and do always the bad thing..
    car turn left, you turn right = no collision
    but stupid body reflex make car turn right, you turn right…its always like that not only when drive.
    thinking turn right was the best way to avoid the crash, but forget the car move just in front of you like this…

    dat was his day, no way to escape your death whe the time is come…rip

  16. I’ll bet that was a female driver in the car. He had the right of way….but….he was driving too fast on a death cycle. You drive that fast you have no time to react. I’ve always wondered why they build vehicles without a governor so you can’t go faster than a certain speed.

  17. he wanted to ride like a dickhead speed demon hot dog. Mr Death said there is a price to be paid for the rush and thrill of speed. on that day it was time to collect and death showed up for his due. I had 4 bikes but never rode like a DICKHEAD. no reaction time
    + clueless inattentive car drivers = DEATH. now he is the Ghost Rider in Hell.

  18. During the Vietnam era, my father coached a wheelchair basketball team… Volunteer…. He had two types of players… Vets and motorcycle accident victims.

    Damn dangerous business (fun as hell, however)

  19. Also, since this is England, his speedometer may have been in KPH not MPH… He was doing 100 but probably KPH…. significantly slower than MPH…. You can see the speedometer on the top pic here… gotta figure the speedo is the top, large gauge with the RPM to the left.

    Also.. look how far away the lawn is where the guy landed… has to be 25 yards off…

    Wonder what killed him – the impact with the car or the ground.

    1. @rota
      yep, mph here – “they”are saying he was doing about 97 mph, the brown/orange areas with white stripes in mid-road mean “no overtaking” which he obviously ignored – letting go with one hand at 97mph to wave at motorists he overtakes (3 at a time) in a no overtaking zone (i mean..why?) – not slowing for the junction (you see the huge “slow” painted on the road? but tbh – anyone with a driving licence should know this without it being painted on the road)…i mean,the laws and rules of common sense that this rider broke are just innumerable.

      yes,the car driver was at fault – people say the rider had “right of way” (mind you, how can ANYONE travelling at 100mph on a british road claim to have “right of way”?)
      if the rider was doing the 30-40mph he should have been doing at this junction,then just maybe…..

      as for speculation on what killed him – you see that wooded area past and to the left of the junction? i recon he landed somewhere in there – probably killed by impact with a tree (or two)
      just my opinion, of course

      1. i agree with you to a point @ewes – you wanna push the limits? take risks? live on the edge?…well its up to the individual – but on a public road with other peoples lives as part of YOUR risk taking? well – just not on

        imagine it was a little kiddie he had ploughed into at 97mph?
        i have sympathy for the riders mother – but do you think she would have released the helmet cam video for use on youtube if that was the case?

        1. @karmen.
          True enough mate, and I have no problem with anyone living their life in the fast lane …so to speak, but, yes, as you say, endanger only one’s self, has to be the mantra. This guy paid the price, which his mother obviously recognised… fair play. I very much doubt we would have got to see the video if he had taken a youngster out too, would have been a very different ball game altogether.

          Unfortunately, there can be no excuse for the speed at which he rode.

  20. We just had a 38 year old male last summer, hit a car from behind at 70 m.p.h. at an intersection. The intersection was on a slight incline.

    He went airborne across the intersection, and hit the side of a building, 16 feet up.

    Died instantly!!

    You’ll never catch me on a motorcycle, ever again…

    …Christ, I almost get killed, when I go for a walk anymore!!

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