Brother Helps Brother Frontward Park, Car Makes Ankle Sandwich in Paraguay

Brother Helps Brother Frontward Park, Car Makes Ankle Sandwich

In Asunción, Paraguay, a man helps his older brother pull into empty parking spot. The driver overshoots his objective and makes a sandwich out of the younger brother and curb.

At 00:14 an older man emerges into CCTV view and yanks the hair on the head of man sandwiched.

A group of people show up onto scene and help unwedge the ankle sandwiched between car and curbside.

The response of driver when he sees man lying hurt on the pavement is hysterical. By the way the driver was acting, one would think he just ran over family pet and not his brother.


Props to Best Gore member @linc for correction on location!

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    1. @Nicole
      Ouch,,, fucking right. But that Dumb-Ass Brother driver of his should Ouching much more, thansimply putting on A Cameo appearance worthy of his Academy Award Winning Performance, like wtf???

      And @Nicole Is That You, The Original Nicole From Way Back In The Beginning Of Best-Gore???

          1. You should see my mirror selfies. I have a series entitled, “Bleached Anus and Ball Sack Gone Wrong”.
            I also have a GIF featuring my balls swirling around in the toilet as it’s being flushed. Good stuff.

          2. Better yet, if you have any of Uncle Dilfs comments saved, you should post them in a forum. I cannot find any since he was deleted.
            That should be a fun trip down memory lane and a treat for those who have joined since then.

          1. @casualobserver
            How old are pennys? Was Sir Thomas offering his daughter, Penny, for ones thoughts?
            I’m gonna get my time machine out of the attic and go see Penny. I’m a very deep thinker. Do you think she’s fat? I hope she’s not fat.

          1. Ha! 🙂

            I live in Indiana. Many of the cities I drive through, have “America’s City” signs posted. I’ll drive to the Northern part of Indiana, and ask I they’ve heard of a city down south. About 70% of the time they reply “no.”

            Talkin’ about politicized!

          1. ah, yes… you know what they say about the best laid plans. people are so darned shady sometimes. it really does sadden me. let us hope that it really was an accident, and not a devious plot. why does my mind always assume the worst?

  1. Looks like he had foot on accelerator instead of brakes. That guy would of been road splat If it wasn’t for the steps. He must of shit his pants. The other guy looks high as a kite and his driving was a little footloose.

  2. Yet another example of why they shouldn’t be allowed to drive, or reproduce. Come on ‘Dear Leader Trump’ quit talkin and just bomb the fuck out of them already! So what if it leads to war? At least it’ll create jobs for us!

  3. That weird massive fit the brother is throwing on the floor though, i can’t stop laughing at this. OMG, for real. I actually did the same thing to my sister, I ran over her foot trying to drive off. I stopped and got out and started laughing once we established nothing was broken. She was pissed, but that shit was funny. Bitch was wearing my shoes anyways ;D

  4. That’s the thing about brothers…it’s cool for them to run you over…but nobody else better do it.
    As for the brother behind the wheel he drives like old people fuck and tumbles like a gymnast from the Special Olympics…oh well…you can’t pick family.

  5. if you ever want to make a good guess on where somewhere is, troll street view in google maps, most countries in the world have it now… you can tell by the people on the street, cars, buildings, roads etc…

    some places in africa are hilarious… with massive concrete trenches by the sides of the road for rain drainage… (ghana) but the northern african countries are mostly arab descendent people that have taken over that part many moons ago..

    check it out my ni99a

  6. Pure genious! Instead of throwing the little fucker out of the car and hitting reverse, it is much more efficient to use 6 people to pull the car away.

    Then, they should beat the stupid driver into the pulp.

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