Brutal Accident in the Philippines – Head Crushed, Ripped in Half and More

Aftermath of Brutal Accident in the Philippines - Head Crushed, Ripped in Half and More

Video from the Philippines depicts the aftermath of a brutal accident involving a truck. Corpses of three people are shown, each with severe bodily trauma. One had head crushed flat, another one is ripped in half, and the male has rear end torn and his foot twisted out of place as he was being crushed and smeared under the wheel.

The first two victims shown, I think are women. I’m guessing they were pedestrians, either trying to cross the road, or walking alongside it, when they were struck.

Cameraman made sure he gets all the juicy detail on the video. Props to Best Gore member Assassinisher for this one:

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  1. I think a guy in the background puked, which is surprising considering where he is, must be a Thai road smear virgin. Another guy seemed to find it all piss funny, yeah laugh it up fucker, it could be you next week !

      1. 😉 rayf bud.

        You know mate. There’s been two incidents over here in the past couple of months, involving trucks and pedestrians. Both trucks lost their brakes, one of them mowed down a young kid and parents outside a school. Awful thing to happen and makes one realise that this can happen anywhere. It got me thinking the other day as I walked along the pavement, I crossed over so I was walking facing the oncoming traffic. Can’t be too careful these days.

        1. @Ewe after seeing first hand over 20 yrs worth of accidents my wife and kids think I head an organization called the Anti Fun Police.
          You can never be too careful my friend.
          I have seen people having the best day and time their lives only to have it end in carnage and screaming.
          I can be a real bummer sometimes.

          1. Indeed. I always did so when walking the tight winding hill roads where I live, but it is definitely wise to do so while walking the pavement too.
            Never can be too careful.

      1. *In mortal combat mode* FINISH HIM………….FATALITY!!! There should be an annual Golden Gore awards where members vote for the best Gore….funniest gore… Allahu snakbar….creepiest Gore…best headchop, etc. I know this clip would be my vote for goriest gore. What say theme? Good or bad idea?

          1. Not only that, why not drop a blue ‘due rag’ and blame another alleged rapper to stimulate the media and laugh about how pathedic it is that this our serenity in this world of mass choas

          2. @Rayf
            “…im gonna let you finish and all……..but sheeeeiiit man, da al raqqa head chop was da BEST video dis year..da BEST video….yo feel me?”

          1. Lol @Der Kopf,,, yea like up his ass or something? @ Assassin, maybe you can locate this dude, and buy him a couple of cold ones for us,,, fuck, send me the bill, i,d gladly pay for both your pints! 🙂

  2. Just throwing one out here but are Asians especially far eastern just a lot more rippable/tearable than other ethnic groups?
    Staggering seeing the vids here with this group of folks, the bodies are like over ripe mangoes, a bit of a squish and it all comes flying out and apart.

    1. @ SKS No, Asians and far Eastern people are no different in their physiology than any other ethnicity aside from a few minor differences in skeletal morphology (ie. shape of cranium, jaw and cheek bones, width of hips). The real issue is that in countries like the Philippines they drive older second had vehicles that are running recycled tires.

      For sake of example, when a shipping company in say America would be upgrading its fleet of delivery vehicles, they may sell them overseas to countries where motor vehicle safety is of lesser concern. These second hand truck may have less than adequate brakes, suspension, exhaust and emissions control, all those faults that would prevent it from being driven on the roads in North America, but are considered to be road worthy in those lesser developed nations.

      The same with old tires. Though the rubber and steel belting can be recycled, it’s actually far more profitable to take those tires that would not be allowed on North American vehicles, clean then up a bit, maybe glue on some new treads, then sell them in some other country where having no tread on a tire is somehow considered reasonably safe.

      But if you were to take one of those delivery trucks from the Philippines and a modern delivery truck in North America, then have them each hit a body at the same speed, that modern delivery truck would leave nothing but a long red smear on the road whilst that older truck would only mangle the body.

      1. Very true and well said brilliant bugger…I lived there in the Philippines for about 3 years in the 90s, and as a former semi-driver here in the states, can agree that they uttilize some of the most worn out tires re-recaps, and wheels for their trucks that would not be approved for use even as speed bumps here….Also, notice in all of these vids from there and Thailand as well, how narrow the roads are and how usually there is literally only a couple of inches clearance between opposing vehicles and also usually no shoulders ….Until they start widening their roads, BG fans will be treated to vids like this one…..My compliments to that cameraman……

  3. Wow. I think Philippines is now trying to compete with Thailand when it comes to S.E.Asian gore.

    Pretty sure this happened somewhere in a province. Not much passing cars, considerably a few attendees of the cheer team and I can’t understand what they’re saying.

    Gotta give props to the cameraman for all those close-ups on the glorious guts and gore.

    BTW, thanks for the vid Assassinisher. 😀

        1. Hindi talaga pwedeng maiwasan na minamaliit nila tayo, dahil na rin sa ugali at ginagawa natin. Marami talaga tayong mga kaugalian na hindi kaakit-akit, at hindi tumutulong sa pag-usbong natin bilang isang bansa. Pwede na rin natin sabihin na dahil ito sa kasalukuyang at nakaraang namumuno sa atin dahil kinukurakot nilang mga hayop sila ang perang dapat nakalaan sa pag-usbong nating mga Pilipino at ng buong bansa, at pwede rin nating sabihin na dahil rin ito sa ating pagka Pilipino mismo dahil, aaminin ko, na kulang tayo sa disiplina.

          Tsaka, lahat naman ng lahi meron talagang kapintasan, ultimo silang mga puti ay meron. Puti, itim, arabo, lahat may kapintasan. Ultimo tayo namimintas rin sa mga ibang lahi.

          Ang sa akin lang, kung ayaw mong malait ang lahi mo, wag mong gawin ang mga bagay na nangaakit ng lait. Maging isang ehemplo, kumbaga. Kung nilait ka man nila dito, intindihin mo na lang sila kasi yun lang ang nakikita nila sa ating mga Pilipino. Basta ang alam natin sa sarili natin na hindi tayo mabababang uri, sadyang nagka leche-leche lang talaga ang bansa.

  4. I wonder if all these people who nonchalantly tread through blood and chunks of gore ever clean their shoes? Seems like the dogs, rats, carnivorous birds, etc would have a field day with all the bits stuck and dried on those shoes and flip flops. Some dogs love to chew up shoes, how could any dog resist these tasty, gore-marinated footwear?

  5. Nice close up of that liquidized head! the cameraman did a really nice job of managing to capture all that mess going on at once, he looked like he enjoyed himself too, whoever you are, I tip my fedora to you 🙂

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