Brutal Collision Happens Right In Front of Car with Dashcam

Brutal Collision Happens Right In Front of Car with Dashcam

A couple from rural Russia drove leisurely through their village, and stopped at uncontrolled intersection to get across safely. While they waited for the road to clear up, an older model car coming from their right started to take a left turn, but was brutally hit by a speeding white Mazda coming from the left. The collision happened right in front of the couple’s car’s dashcam, literally mere meters away.

The impact was quite violent. While newer Mazda is sturdier built, probably equipped with airbags and was designed to crumble in a way that causes minimal damage to the driver, the older car was not built with the same safety features so I’d be surprised if the driver survived.

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      1. ***Yup some people just hesitate split second, I?m sure he could have gunned it but he should have been more aware.

        …ooh, I like the phrase “gunned it” 3R

        Perhaps we’ll see episode two, when the driver in the white car, does a little street justice to “Mr. Blue Car.”

        …however, a chainsaw would be my weapon of choice

    1. ***At least they got out the car to check up on the wreck, some people would have driven away and missed out on fresh carnage.

      …I agree wholeheartedly 3R

      It doesn’t start looking like regular boring “road kill,” until rigormortis starts to set in…

      Timing is everything!!

      …subway sandwiches should consider these types of tragedies, in their claim to freshness in their commercials

    1. Studies have shown that more fatalities are caused by offset frontal impacts, not head-ons. I’m not sure this totally qualifies as an off-set, but it certainly wasn’t dead head-on, either.

      [By an offset frontal impact, I mean one in which a car’s left headlight might strike that of an oncoming car’s front left headlight, for example. Instead of impacting dead-on, head-to-head, the cars are off-set but a set amount, as described above.]

      1. ***Studies have shown that more fatalities are caused by offset frontal impacts,

        …many cars are designed, to have the engine slide underneath the driver, when a head on collision occurs, making the frontal airbags slightly more effective

        …you’re right, I don’t think this was a direct head on collision

        If the vehicle spun around violently after impact, then the driver may have experienced some major neck injuries…

        I think my shrink told me one time, that hitting an object at 60 m.p.h. in a vehicle, had an impact of falling off a 10 story building…

  1. The couple is driving and listening to “Nashe” radio station with russian music only.
    They talk about some construction work that’s why the men wears blue overalls.
    Woman wants to drink water, ask the man about the second bottle. Bang!!!! Man: “Fuuuck!!!”
    Woman: “I can’t believe they missed us!”
    Man going out: “Are you alive is everyone alive?”
    The older dark blue car is Lada Sputnik better known in the world as Lada Samara. Solid built so they could be alive but surely got injured.

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