Brutal Head On Accident Caught on Dashcam in Japan

Brutal Head On Accident Caught on Dashcam in Japan

And that Japanese radio announcer along with that weird ring tone just kept buzzing.

Caught on dashcam in Japan – a night time drive resulted in fatal collision after the dashcam car reached a bend with a merging road and a speeding, oncoming vehicle swung into its lane, causing brutal head on. That white van in front of the dashcam car was missed by an inch, although it looks like it was slightly clipped too.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Brutal Head On Accident Caught on Dashcam in Japan”

    1. I used to love driving fast, but know I cringe at even the thought of oncoming traffic.
      True story, when I was driving to work yesterday morning I saw a DWA on the left lane next to me. I swear he almost gave me a heart attack by just driving next to me.

  1. Creepy, especially at night and with that ring tone and that Japanese lady’s voice in the background. I think death’s favorite way’s of taking you out lately, are head on collision’s or mob street justice. If it wasn’t for this site plus dashcam’s and cheap cell phone’s, we might not be aware of this trend.

  2. Same as victim from “Fatal Accident Caused by Popped Tire on Truck in Russia”, driver didn’t scream or make any sound indicating shocked or scared. Makes one wonder how the face expression knowing its his last moment alive, although no info if this driver made it or not.

  3. Most people, especially here in America take driving their cars for granted, they think its a great time to eat breakfast, text, and do their makeup. Driving a car is the most dangerous thing we will do. I was on scene to a fatality south of Sacramento on my vacation heading back for Laguna niguel, CA. A woman with her child were heading south bound i5. A man plowed into the back of their SUV at 70+mph causing the truck to go into a death roll, the child was ejected and was being tended by the other motorist that stopped, I ran to the mangled SUV just to find the child’s mother unrecognizably mangled and nearly decapitated. Her son probably 10 or 11 years old was fully conscious crying for his mother. It will haunt me forever. What frosted the cake were the other drivers trying to stop and take pictures with their cell phones before driving off, they didn’t offer any help, also the driver that caused this fatal wreck hit and ran.

    1. That’s fucking horrible!!! To see a child crying for his dead Mother is horrendous!!! I see idiots do all kinds of ridiculous shit while driving! Makeup is my favorite though! I’ve seen that some women actually stab their eyes out with mascara wands! Then I’ve seen dudes shaving and plucking nose hairs! Sad that some people have zero consideration for other peoples lives!

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