18 People Died as Overturning Kamaz Truck Crashed Into Bus in Russia

18 People Died as Overturning Kamaz Truck Crashed Into Bus in Russia

Tragic accident in which an overturning Kamaz truck crashed into a bus happened on July 13, 2013 near Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia. 18 out of 41 passengers in the bus died (including 2 children).

According to RIA News, the truck driver was a 46 year old Armenian citizen. Within the last year, he received six traffic violation fines. Preliminary investigation suggests that the accident was caused by the Kamaz driver who failed to give bus way. Initially it had been reported that the truck driver died in the accident too, but this information was later amended – fucker killed 18 people and he himself survived.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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          1. @Wicked Mama

            I just finished watching the train videos on your site. That Indian guygot what he deserved. I can’t imagine what the smell of an elextrocuted person would be like. I am currently living in the Philippines. Every once in a while, I hear about people getting run over by trains in Manila. In Metro Manila, which has a a huge slum population composed mostly of migrants from the rural and poor provinces, the favorite location for squatters to build their garbage squatter colonies is along railroad tracks. If ever you stumble on some pictures or maybe a documentary, you’ll see little children running along the tracks, oftentimes naked and barefoot. It’s as if these people and their parents want the kids to get run over.

    1. I’m watching this repeatedly trying to see if a person was ejected. The rear window, it looks like something small, not sure if a body or bag, but the dirt immediately covers everything. Also, at the rear, opposite side of bus, something comes around and then the van “hops”…all we need is thermal imaging!

  1. Love these dash cams out of Russia. Russia should start a national campaign to warn people of the dangers of emerging from dark and unsuspecting corners and crevices. It seems to be a national sport there, or at the very least a genetic prediliction.

          1. @Next
            Did you found a new home already? If, then I?d like to send you a nonflamable Panda for a house-warming.
            Hope you can take this joke, if not I apologise… πŸ™‚

  2. The truck was on temporary licence plates and overloaded. The driver didn’t have a Russian drivers licence. By the way the guy you see get up from rubble behind the bus is the truck driver ) he flew out of the truck through the bus and ended up almost run over by a jeep

  3. It didn’t look like that bad an accident to me yet that many people died. Maybe they all got buried in the dirt he dumped? Was the bus over-filled w people, all on one side of the bus?

  4. JEEZE! I hope Ms. Frizzle was alright! I heard she was a slut. Lets the students run D on her! Shake my damn head! My bus driver was huge and old, always in a moo moo and sweat pants! Oh and driving gloves!

  5. Ol’ Sparky:
    that first guy was a real piece of work. fuck him, he should have died in a lot of pain. so does anyone who can kill children.
    interesting read, thank you very much, Mama. personally, I am for the death penalty. especially in cases of child killers/rapists. I mean, seriously, what loss is it?
    I know there is always the possibility of a wrongful conviction. but in 2013 I think in cases of murder and rape it is very hard to be wrongfully sentenced. forensic pathology, ballistics and DNA have just about made sure that the right person is charged. well, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but if you’re going to kill people you shouldn’t have an issue with being killed yourself.

    1. The thing that I feel uncomfortable about is the family. Derek Bentley was hung in England 1953, he was 18 but had the mental age of 11. He and an accomplice were on top of a fact of factory roof trying to break in when a police man caught them. The accomplice was 16 and had a gun. The policeman asked him to hand it over and Bentley told him to let him have it. The accomplice started shooting and killed the officer. Because the other boy was 16 and couldn’t be hanged they sentence Bentley to death saying that he had incited the shooting by saying ‘let him have it’. He was hung a month after sentencing. I saw a picture of his mother going to visit him before he was hung. It was heartbreaking, to be a mother and know your son is going to be hung in a few hours, knowing the exact time his neck would be broken. It’s the families that ultimately suffer, they have a life sentence, the children, parents etc have to live with that.

      1. you raise a good point. but what about the families of the victims? but nothing can be just black and white. a mentally retarded or otherwise psychotic individual would naturally have to be dealt with in a different way. what they did in Derek Bentley’s case was wrong.
        but in cases of INTENT to rape or murder death penalty should be enforced.

        1. but the victim is already dead, killing the perpetrator isn’t going to bring the dead person back it’s just going to heartache for another family. What must it be like for a child to visit their parent on the day of their execution? They are innocent but something so terrible is going to befall them.

          1. The more harsh the punishment, the more likely someone will be to think twice about an action. Preventing the crime from happening is key.
            And in today’s society of “me, me, me”, it’s going to take a lot of time and harshness to change that method of thinking where one is more important or deserving Than others towards something where every life is seen as valuable by everyone. And at this point fear is the best motivator.

  6. Death Dogs:
    I’ve never been interested in Pits. I just don’t find them to be that attractive of a dog. they look like what they are; a genetic clusterfuck of a mutt and I don’t trust them.
    now, the dogs I like are also known for their aggressiveness but they are proper breeds. but still, it all comes down to the breeder and the owner. those two things are more important than the kind of dog you get.

  7. Death Dogs:
    I don’t care for pitbulls. I just don’t find them to be an attractive dog. they look like what they are; a genetic clusterfuck of a mutt.
    I like Rotts and Dobies. I know, I know, they are known for their aggressiveness as well. but they are proper breeds and have largely had the aggressiveness bred out of them. of course the kind of dog you get doesn’t matter nearly as much as the breeder and the owner who trains it.

  8. Buses and commercial trucks are engineered to fight each other like this. So are passenger vehicles, they are manufactured tools of genocide by the global elite!

    Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the CDC: ?The truth is that SUV?s are far more dangerous than PIT BULLS, and they?re still on the road.”

      1. Rottweilers have a special place in my heart. We never trained it or treated it in a way different than caring for any docile breed but it was very protective. One of my neighbors when I was a kid jumped over the fence once into our yard and got bit on the abdomen area. Nothing fatal but he was taught a lesson not to trespass and play in our yard (It was a large lot as we used to livein the desert.)

      2. An ex of mine had two rotties, on, the male was on of the most stupid dogs I ever met, dangerous bastard as well, I never trusted it. People trusted the female as she was much friendlier, she was dead sneaky though and was actually more aggressive than the male but on the sly.

  9. Snakes are cool. There’s not many dangerous ones around where I live. Mostly garter, milk and king snakes. Though there are corals and timber rattlers if you go a little up state to do some hunting or camping.
    Personally I think the cottonmouth is cool. I like nature but that one is too far south for me to worry about. I just think its a cool snake.

    1. My father had a large collection of snakes, some that he caught himself. He also had a python that got out of his tank and my dad never found him!
      After he died we sold the house and I know that the snake would have been long gone and dead by then but I just can’t help but entertain the idea that the new owners got a slithery surprise in bed one night.

    2. The only snakes we have here are grass snakes and adders. I tell you what freaks me out, thank god I’ve never seen one, slow worms, legless lizards, god I would freak, talk about disgusting. Apparently they are really common in peoples gardens.

      1. Just looked them up. They look a lot like snakes, hard to tell the difference just with a cursory look. Pretty cool. But then again, I just love animals, there’s not one that really bothers me…at least none I can think of at the moment.
        So, you keep a garden? That’s cool. Watch out!

      2. Just saw one yesterday in the aloe plant area of my yard, a legless lizard. Looks a lot like a snake, but for the chunky abdominal area, and obvious taper, where legs “should” be. Creepy fast bastards they are. Not the first time something vile has run a mock in the aloe plant.

    1. I am not a religious person. I classify myself as agnostic. Being raised by an atheist and a relaxed Catholic shaped my beliefs. I don’t agree with every single thing the Bible and its followers preach but I guess it is just nice to know that there “maybe” a place of happiness after death. I guess maybe its just a defense mechanism. I cannot imagine living life and experiencing so much suffering and discomfort then just shutting down and rotting away to become food for insects, but if that’s how it is, I’ll be dead and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  10. i’m speechless:
    well, what can I really say? all I can do is just echo the same sentiments as my enlightened brethren. throwing around a lot of coarse language, detailing what I would do to these “people” if given the chance.
    however, their culture is not our culture. they live in a completely different world from us Europeans though separated only by miles and picturesque landscapes (although the miles seem to get smaller and smaller each year, no?).
    now, i’m not defending the actions of these barbarians, but I am saying that it is not just a group of individuals, it is their entire society that preaches and congratulates this behavior. and changing a rigid, violent and deeply religious culture around would take a feat beyond any army or rioting. I don’t condemn the lion for its violence on the antelope but I will take great pains to avoid an encounter with one by never going to its native land to see them up close. I don’t condemn the snake for its venomous bite, but I will surely avoid it if I should happen to meet one.
    stay out of the middle east. Europeans, americans, Canadians, Australians stay out. you’ve got no business being there, so stay away.

  11. sid and nancy:
    now there’s a 20th century romeo and Juliette if I ever saw one. it was them against the world. they seem more like characters in a movie than real people. sex, drugs and death. all the shit people want to see even if they say they don’t, they still have to look and see what its like.
    “I wonder what it’s like to be these people” or “this is how I would be if I had some fucking balls”.
    grab your crotch, spit in god’s face and flip the bird to the establishment. yeah man. “fuck you, i’m going to live and die how I say!”

  12. the magic brain:
    in my humble opinion, awareness/consciousness ends with the severing of the spinal column. The bundle of nerves at the top of the neck connects directly to the brain. this bundle of nerves can be referred to as the reptilian brain. the base of all primitive functions; its all the shit that is genetically hard-wired into each and every human being before birth. with the higher brain removed or blown out of the head, all the energy stored in electricity in the body and reptile brain/spinal column continue to fire. causing twitching and mouths and eyes opening, but all awareness is gone by that point. it’s just the energy leaving the body. idk, i’m no doctor.

    still aware?:
    i’m curious as to how this scientist kept the dog head “alive” for so long. what processes were used? what was it wired to? either way, its just residual electricity….ah! he was using electricity to shock the head into “action”. hmmmm….

    1. Hey Obli,
      tomorrow i’ll post another vid on the post with the dog, it’s quite a shocker, made me think again.
      As for sid and nancy i’m just struck by how unhappy they were. They were both incredibly emotionally challenged anyway, add to that enormous quantities of drugs. The only people who wanted to be around them were low life parasites, their lifes sank into absolute squalor , constantly talking about and attempting suicide. If I went down the pub and drank to much i’d feel miserable as hell the next day. Multiply that by a thousand, it makes me feel depressed just thinking about it.

  13. coptics abused:
    you see? this relates to my comment on apostasy. one religion is deemed the true religion and all others are constructions of the satan. this is what muslims believe about their religion, that is what christians believe about their religion, that is what jews believe about their religion. it doesn’t make any fucking sense that a supreme deity would create all peoples in “his image” anf then pick one group that he would give the real super secret instructions to and then go ahead and deceive all the rest of mankind by making up other religions just to have his one special group go around murdering those who were deceived into believing that what they followed their whole life was the right path.
    does that sound like something that is older than time itself? does that sound like something that has the knowledge and power of all reality at it’s fingertips?
    what would this thing need to be worshipped for anyway? what’s the fucking point. something like allah or god or yaweh would be so far removed from its creations, we would be so unable to even identify with it that we would be nothing but insects to it. why would there be paradise and punishments after death for its little experiments?
    and once again, if the bible and Koran is the infalliable fucking word of god, why are there so many different kinds of christianity and islam? that doesn’t make any fucking sense either. I guess you could argue because man is fallible and therefore interpretations and translations over the centuries have caused errors and controversies. bullshit. because it’s manmade.
    man was created in god’s image? no no no my friends, god was created in man’s image. back to the ancient greeks and romans who believed that “man is the measure if all things”. that is why god looks like a man, because we were and still are na?ve and arrogant enough to think that we are the center of the fucking universe. there is no god, there is no devil. there is only the energy of life that flows from one thing to anothers. you are your own god.

    1. Obli I’m officially confused now, I was under the impression it was an IED and the guy in the checked trousers wasn’t dead. I was led to believe there was some jiggery-pokery going on when you see in the second vid his brain is lying feet away. It doesn’t make any sense though, he clearly lifts both his arm and looks for a second he’s going to pull the t-shirt that’s covering his face off. How can that be if he doesn’t have a brain and why is there a trail of a few feet leading to his brain? It looks more like he was shot with a high powered rifle than an IED but your brain doesn’t get shot out of your head, hit the ground and then slide a few feet. Maybe you can work it out better than me Ob’s, I’m stumped.

      1. can’t sleep, huh? well, you’re right, its does not look like an IED, it looks like the result of high-powered gun fire.
        I didn’t really get the impression that it was propaganda because why lie about what weapon killed the men. plus, there’s no debris. looks like they were sniped as they road their bikes.
        the body is just reacting to sudden death. the nerves and electricity of the spinal column are continuing to fire for a time. he’s dead when he moves, but his body is still dealing with the shock.
        and In BestGore we’ve seen many times the brain be completely ejected from the skull. especially in the case of high-powered rifles and shotgun suicides. knowing the force and pressures needed to do that to a human skull it makes sense to me how it would fly or slide so far.

  14. Designer vaginas:
    All vaginas shapes and sizes are fine with me. Women needn’t be so worried. The only ones that seem weird are the ones of female body builders who use a lot of steroids. Their clits seriously turn into little penises and I find that disturbing.

    1. I watched a documentary on this topic not too long ago. I’m a documentary freak. And all these women were having surgeries to make their vajayjay’s more “attractive to men”.. I’m happy with my business down there, but it’s nice to see it doesn’t make a difference to some guys. Now, if only guys will accept other things about us. Just this morning I was told I needed to “lose some weight because my ass is starting to get big” by a male friend.

      1. ah, I got a bite! πŸ™‚
        in regards to your comment, hmmm…what else is it about you ladies that you would like us men to be more understanding/accepting of? i’ll tell you right off the bat that if a relationship is strictly based on the physical or because it has some kind of benefit(money,drugs, status), then you’re never gonna get shit as far as mental and emotional stimulation.
        in regards to your friend’s comment: due to lack of any before-and-after physical evidence I can’t really make any informed decision on the matter πŸ˜‰
        do you believe your ass has gotten bigger? I can’t see you all that well, but you look like a rather thin woman.
        to me you seem that kind of girl that enjoys a good mind-fucking to go along with the physical. you obviously have a functioning brain in your skull and you like to put it to use, hmmm?
        make up some poetry about the workings of your mind and share it with me…

        1. I’m gonna rant a little bit because I’ve had a bad night. Personally, i would like a guy that could give a shit less about appearance. I’m not a naive girl. I am well aware looks matter, but I’d like a guy that takes me as more than boobs and ass(that i keep modestly covered at all times). I have two degrees that I worked my ass off for. And instead of being seen as an intelligent, creative, compassionate, caring woman that I hope I somewhat am. I get told I’m a “hot piece of ass”(I was told this a few hours ago and it pissed me off.) And if guys think that’s a compliment to a woman, they’re very wrong. About my ass.. I’m just fine with it. I’ve gained 8lbs in two months. And if I’ve gained 50lbs in two weeks.. I don’t think a guy should open his mouth and tell me to “lose some weight”.

          I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into asking me to write poetry about the workings of my mind lol. When I write.. I really write.

          1. see, now you’ve gone and raised my curiosity….if you’re not comfortable sharing on here i’d be happy to give you my email, if you’d rather exchange personal things more privately.

          2. I’m so glad you mentioned writing because I had a shitty night last night and ended up staying up all night and wrote something. I get kind of uncomfortable just writing so I usually write songs and I did last night. Recorded it, but I got all shy about posting the link to it. What’s your email?

          3. @nexty. Sorry about all those things that are make life miserable right now. But I answered your question back on the other thread. Yes I have an account on the forum. Same alias as here. I think I can receive Pm. I’m not sure. πŸ™‚

          4. @Obli Okay thanks. I will.

            @Rude Thanks. I’ll be fine. Always am. πŸ˜‰ ..and Ok ..if I can figure out how to work that thing I’ll send you a message lol I wanted to ask your opinion on something.

          5. @nexty. Sure I’ll take a gander at it. It wasn’t hard to set up an account there, the question is will it work. O.O And also to make one small point. The body can not be without a mind. You have both which is just fine. πŸ˜› Too bad there isn’t a smiley that does the eyebrow thing. lol.

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