Bus Overcorrects and Squashes Pooped Passengers Like Bugs

Bus Overcorrects and Squashes Pooped Passengers Like Bugs

Bus Overcorrects and Squashes Pooped Passengers Like Bugs

In front of a tunnel in what looks like China, a speeding bus driver overcorrects and completely loses control, flippig the vehicle on the side after hitting the guard rail.

During an overturn bounce, the side panel falls off, allowing a number of passengers to fall out, and subsequently get squashed as the bus comes down on them with all its weight.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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  1. On the very first part at the point the bus bears down on the passengers, I presume the policeman watching the CCTV makes a noise similar to ‘whoaaa’.
    I believe it is at this exact time the pig creams his jeans.

  2. Tragic Bus

    Every day I get in the queue. Too much tragic bus!
    Flip off the bus and turn into goo. Too much tragic bus!
    I’m so nervous it hurts my brain. Too much tragic bus!
    My blood’s flowin’ down the sewer drain! Too much tragic bus!

    We don’t mean to cause a fuss. Too much tragic Bus!
    But there goes Aunt Mae’s pancreas! Too much tragic bus!
    I don’t want to raise your fears. Too much tragic bus!
    But who’s gonna clean up all of the smears? Too much tragic bus! No.

    I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it…

  3. Sliding into the dms like…

    Just need the cha cha slide, playing in the background would make for quite a comical video…
    ‘slide to the left, slide to the right, splat splat, splat splat….’
    …’how low can you go.. ‘

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