Bus Runs Over 11 Year Old Boy, Squashing His Head

Bus Runs Over 11 Year Old Boy, Squashing His Head

This boy was identified as 11 year old Alan. He was riding a bicycle and got hit by a bus carrying workers from a nearby plant. The bus driver attempted to stop, but it was too late and wheels of his vehicle run over boy’s head. The accident occurred in the municipality of Candeias do Jamari, some 20 km from Porto Velho, Brazil. Residents who witnessed the accident said that the bus driver was plowing down the road recklessly, as though the road belonged to him and everybody should stay aside because his vehicle was larger.

The victim – 11 year old Alan was a nephew of a school director from a nearby school who lamented the loss of his relative and asked the drivers to respect the bicyclists and drive consciously. Gallery of photos of 11 year old boy whose head was squashed by a bus in Brazil is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Bus Runs Over 11 Year Old Boy, Squashing His Head”

  1. would it be wrong to show my 11 yr old son these pics so he knows to always be careful on his bike and wear a helmet etc, he does wear a helmet because it’s the law and you cannot stop bad drivers but these pics may stop him from riding altogether!?(nah,nothing would!) p.s. I have NOT shown him

      1. true, it’s like those ‘gory'(bah, what do they know!) images on cigarette packages made to try prevent people from smoking,do they work either? prob. not people just get on with theyre lives

  2. I guess this give new meaning to the term “Thrown under the bus.” I wonder if his parents ever bothered with telling him to look both ways before crossing, or to make sure you’re always wearing clean under wear (not that it really matters at this point)??

  3. looks to me like a wide enough street to avoid an accident like this although driver should have slowed down and gave the boy a wide anough berth when he was passing. Be that as it may it also looks like boy wasnt near the gutter (almost in the middle of the road) when he got squashed. The only explanation was that he could have been riding near the gutter away from the road traffic but probably glanced back hearing the oncoming bus… and sometime a momentary back glance is enough to throw you off your line and swerve towards the side of your glance, on this case his left side.

  4. Kimi: “Awe, thats sad, poor kid.”
    Moku: -points at screen- “But that expression on his face is priceless” muhahahaha.
    Kimi: Did you just laugh at a squashed kid? You wouldnt be laughing if your dick looked like the swollen ballsack guy on the other page! haha squashed kid would be laughing at you!

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