Bus Slides Off the Road and Rolls Over – 18 People Dead

Bus Slides Off the Road and Rolls Over - 18 People Dead

18 people died after a bus tried to avoid running over a motorcyclist, slid off the road and overturned. The incident happened on Sunday May 18, 2014 on the BR-020 highway in the state of Ceará, Brazil.

The Princesa dos Inhamuns bus with 45 people on board was coming from Boa Viagem. The bus driver, who only suffered minor injuries, reported to police that a biker was zig zagging in front of him and at one point sharply braked. In an attempt to avoid the collision, the driver lost control of the bus, which went off the road and overturned. Witnesses both from among surviving passengers on the bus and drivers who witnessed the accident from their own vehicles provided testimonies that confirmed the bus driver’s version. Forensic experts determined that the bus did not travel over the legal speed limit of 90 km/hour when it went off the highway.

16 passengers died at the scene – 8 of them were mangled so badly, they were unrecognizable. Two more died after transfer to hospital. 10 injured victims were transferred by ambulance to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Canindé, and othersto the San Francisco Hospital, also in Canindé. 4 surviving victims in very serious condition had to be helivaced to Fortaleza, the state capital of Ceará.

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian who lives in the state of Ceará where this happened for the pics and videos.

I have 4 videos. First video contains footage of rescue workers loading shredded remains into those infamous, reusable Brazilian plastic coffins:

Second video shows the view of the bus from the road and corpses scattered next to it:

Third video shows the many corpses in plastic bags:

Fourth video is the longest – 14 minutes. It’s mostly about the dozers preparing to flip the bus back on its wheels, which also uncovered the carnage hiding beneath:

Here’s also a gallery of a few photos. I got a whole bunch more photos, but I only picked what I thought were the best ones. The rest were mostly repeats of existing shots from slightly different angles or shots that didn’t capture anything particularly exciting:

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      1. It’s gunna be interesting to say the least . The stadium where England play their first game , is nowhere near finished , plus every tom dick n harry is currently on strike , plus the riots in Sau Paulo , and that’s just for starters ! .

  1. Never swerve to miss anything smaller than your vehicle on the roadway. I saw a woman swerve to avoid a fucking sqirrel and she went up on the sidewalk and hit 2 little kids.

  2. Here one minute, squished underneath a bus the next. There was a bus accident on the Arizona border yesterday with 4 killed. On the news here they just show an over turned bus. Only in other countries will they let people go up to the accident and take videos and pictures. And we get to see it on best gore!

      1. I got stuck in traffic on 80 in NJ (The Garden State Parkway) because there was a massive care wreck and saw some corpses, but only because the cops hadn’t gotten there yet and no one had gotten there to cover them up.

        I do think if they didn’t rush to cover them it might cause more wrecks at certain points because people rubber neck as it is. If traffic is stopped, I see no reason to rush to cover them up because I think it would be good for a lot of people to see so they stop driving while being stupid.

        I see enough people driving like morons while talking on their phones (they are just as bad as texters even though they don’t think so, but studies have been done that people using their phone while driving are more dangerous than those who test at 0.09 of alcohol in their system).

  3. I have come up with a radical new invention that will save lives in these bus crashes. This is cutting edge technology. You take a strong piece of material and strap the person into their seat. The strap locks in to a metal clasp so the person is securely fastened to the seat. This way, during a crash, a person is not thrown out of the bus and killed. I just need to come up with a name for this genius invention of mine. hmmmmmm

  4. According to the article he tried to avoid a running over a motorcyclist. Hmm.. let’s say he would of run over the motorcyclist, he would’ve saved 18 lives! The driver spared ONE life and killed 18 people. What would be the right thing to do?

    1. I suppose it’s instinct . I think someone mentioned earlier that it is ill advised to swerve for a squirrel for example , based on the logic that you could end up causing a worse accident by swerving .

      Difficult to control ones natural reflexes I would say .

          1. I know a guy who hit a sheep , not a human sheep , a real one with wool . Fucked his motor good and proper , cost would have been through the roof but for insurance . Heavy things them sheep .

  5. Great amount of footage with this one Ate. Well done!

    And wow there are none quite as gruesome and devastating as a bus or coach wreckage. Especially when they roll and dead bodies are hanging out the windows. Crazy!

  6. All these videos from Brazil , they make a mess and they are really very un organized. Clean up and recovery of people is a fucking circus. Does anyone over there do anything professionally. I understand not having proper tools for the job but get these looky loos out of the fucking way so the people who are making it all happen, witch seems to be anyone doesn’t die too, get the fuck out of the way , or would you like to just get in their and roll around on some flesh. Idiots. I’m not going to Brazil , even if I can have their great hair or a cheap transplant, and I can see why its so cheap. Body parts are everywhere.

  7. If they bus driver just hit the biker he could have saved many lives. But if he had hit the biker he probably would have had to go through an investigation and might have ended up in jail because of the moron biker. Then again he would have taken a menace off the road and would have been doing everyone else a favor because this biker will probably cause the death of others in the future.

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