Businesswoman Crosses Road Talking on Cell Phone, Taxi Driver Continues Driving in Pará, Brazil

Businesswoman Crosses Road Talking on Cell Phone, Taxi Driver Continues Driving in Pará, Brazil

A woman died after being hit by a cabbie in Parauapebas, southeast of Pará, Brazil. The accident happened on Sunday afternoon (16) and was registered by a security camera.

Businesswoman Lia Mendes, 42 years old, was at the central site of the track. The moment she tried to cross was hit by the vehicle. The victim came to be rescue and forwarded to an emergency care unit of the city, but ended up dying. The taxi driver fled the scene of the accident without providing help.

The driver of the vehicle was identified and is considered a fugitive.

Props to Best Gore member @xxxmike for the video:

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          1. There’s been three road accidents locally this year, where the victims have died. However, our local corporate media has never uncovered HOW or WHY they died. They’ll cover the obvious bullshit such as, “The family has been devastated,” or “They were such an outstanding student.”

            …but no reason behind the accident

            I followed the stories on local television and in our local newspaper. Still, they never uncovered the reason on how these victims died. Finally, I sent an e-mail out to the general manager of our local television station, on this latest one a few days ago. I Still haven’t received an e-mail yet.

            My guess, it’s our ole friend the smartphone. Our corporate presstitutes would never uncover the dangers of staring into a smartphone while driving. If they did, Microsoft, Apple and others, would start pulling their ads on their products. Remember, they already have their presence on the internet to begin with, and cable television nowadays, needs all the revenue they can get. Sure, they’ll run a 15 second ad every now and then, on the dangers of texting an driving. However, that’s a very short time frame, when most people aren’t watching that particular channel, or not watching cable television to begin with. But it shouldn’t be of no surprise. Accountability from our corporate media, has been their last concern all along. It’s all about profits.

            Microsoft/Apple to corporate media…

            Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya!

            …I find this alarmingly sad

            Btw: I drive for a living. I see smartphone abuse while driving ALL THE TIME. It’s a full blown epidemic in my opinion.

          2. @pickmynose123

            I blame the cars… and the lack of public transport. People kill each other on the road long before phones arrived… and will keep doing so… despite all warnings.

          3. Disagree with you my friend…

            Cars don’t kill people, it’s drivers do. Unless there’s a mechanical issue, driver’s mistakes are by far, the number one reason why there’s fatalities on the road. Whether it’s a dui, a lack of driver safely or DISTRACTIONS, it’s driver error, that causes most fatalities.

            This is a fact.

          4. @pickmynose123

            You are bringing the “guns don’t kill people” argument… Every car needs a driver, meaning they are part of the equation. ‘Car’ are not safe (because of people;) ) 🙁

          5. @MasterPlan

            You’re exactly correct Masterplan, I am. This is why I worded my response in this fashion…

            Cars, just like guns, don’t kill people. However, it’s the operator who does. If a gun is operated in a responsible fashion, it can be used as a benefit to the operator and the community at large. If used irresponsibly, people can get hurt or even killed. The same with vehicles. In both cases, the operator is responsible for making the right decisions, in making it safe for the operator, as well as the other vehicles/motorists, they share with on the road.

            As stated before, driver error is the number one reason for traffic fatalities. Whether it’s speed, driving under the influence or distractions.

            Back in the 70’s, a distracted driver was playing with their radio, lighting up a cigarette, eating, talking to someone in the back seat etc. Now, imagine someone traveling down the road at 60 mph, talking and texting on a smartphone.

            Did the vehicle kill the driver, pedestrian or their passengers, or did the driver? The vehicle would have been the culprit, only if the vehicle was unsafe to drive to begin with. But unfortunately, this is only a small portion of the fatalities on the road today. Even snow, rain or icy conditions, are the responsibility of the driver.

            I drive for a living. As a result, I see way too many people jeopordizing their lives, as well as the lives of others, by texting and driving. I see people walking out of a Wal-mart, without looking up once, to see where they’re walking. I’m now more of a defensive driver than ever, because I anticipate these people not looking up at me. (before ultimately, walking right out in front of me)

            The problem with smartphone abuse, (the ones who admit, that they can’t put it down for a couple hours before getting edgy) is that it’s widely accepted. Most people own smartphones today. Surely, I’m not anti-smartphone or anti-internet. However, when one carries an internet connection with you via smartphone, you’re going to have problems with it’s use. With social media larger than ever, people are texting and tweeting more than ever before. And when they leave their notification set to on, the owner of the phone will constantly be distracted.

            …unfortunately behind the wheel, or walking out in heavy traffic.

            I would say, that it’s going to take a monumental move by our legislators, to change the way people use their smartphones. But you know as well as I do, this ain’t gonna happen, until enough people are murdered out on the road.

            …just like the drastic changes to the drunk driving laws, starting in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

            We have a reactive government/ media, not a pro active one. If they were pro active, both, as well as the manufacturers of smartphones, would do a much better job in educating the public, on the use/abuse of smartphones.

            …but it’s always been the profits and not the people, that give you a reactive government and media to begin with.

            In closing, it’s an educated and empowered public, that will make the right decision on what’s safe for them, as well as others. There’s a good chance that an intoxicated driver will eventually get caught. I see the reactions from people on this forum, in relation to intoxicated people getting killed or injuring others. (and justifiably so) But it takes this kind of awareness from smartphone users as well. Because when one is driving, or walking in heavy traffic staring at a smartphone well…

            They are impaired!

            (and this too, is a fact!)

            Please remember, it’s all about an educated public. And educated public, is a responsible/empowered public. Capable of making the right decisions.

          6. @pickmynose123

            Wonderfully written, but you fail to acknowledge my point. The roads you see in Merica or EU are a great trademark of these societies… most other places roads do kill people, in fact plenty of them.The number of victims who lost their lives on road accident are incredibly bigger than violent crimes.

            I heard of a city in Brazil that wanted to outlaw bike helmets to prevent crime but that is the exception. Everywhere… drinking, seat-belt enforcement, yellow jacket, extinguishers, first aid kit, you try to enforce positive gears and attitude and people protest. I honestly think smartphones are only the tip of the iceberg and changing the radio, smoking, bjs , are as big hazards that no one profits but keeps happening… Cars are intrinsically dangerous… bikes even more. Bikes cars and phones are here to stay… Our discussion should rest on who to blame when the auto-system fails and accidents keep happening… but a lot less for sure.
            I always try to bring nice videos… Here is one that always make me cry 😉


            I don’t watch much tv, so I don’t know how often they are aired, but there are some very good commercials out there. A dose of gore for the average Joe 😀

            I think would be nice to start o forum on these premises… I’m sure there are good ones with smartphones too… I will dig it up 🙂

          7. Selling smartphones are aired quite often, but not the dangers of using them…

            I think you’ve failed to miss my point Masterplan. Driver error and not roads, kill more motorists than anything else. Distracted driving is the main culprit to driver error. Distracted walking, by staring into a smartphone, can remove one from the planet quickly as well. All of this can be categorized under not following the rules of the road. Again, this is a fact.

            I don’t own a television or a smartphone. However, I am in the presence of a television fairly often. I’m familiar with the ads that are run. They do not spend nearly as much time warning the public on the use of texting while driving, as much as big pharma, trying to sell their latest drugs to the public. And why? Because there’s big money to be made from drugs. However, there’s no money to be made, in trying to protect the public from smartphone abuse. Our corporate media, much like our government here in the states, does not work, nor do they care for you. It’s simply profits and not people, that they are concerned with. This too, is a fact.

            Change is going to come from the people. Only people can, and will decide what’s best for them. Being proactive, saves more lives than being reactive. When people are reactive, it’s usually because it’s too late, or the problem has escalated out of control.

            Experts warn, that smartphone addiction is a major concern in society today. Similar to drug addiction. It releases a chemical call dopamine in the brain. It gives the smartphone user a high, similar to drug use, when one receives a notification from their smartphone. Research is widely available on the internet regarding this.

            In closing…

            I’m old enough to remember, when people use to actually talk to one another. They weren’t afraid to spend quality time with each other, away from the distractions of the old landline phones, radio, television or anything else that would distract them. Even though television can be a distraction, a television is considered a one way source of communication. Unlike social media. Suicides are up among teens, because of the negative influence they get from owning a smartphone and engaging in social media. We just don’t open up to each other on a personal level, like we use to, only a few short years ago. (primarily, before the internet went mobile) Sure, there’s good from the internet. But it comes down to personal awareness, and setting limits to it’s use, to avoid future complications with their daily lives. Drinking alcohol is fine, but failure to setting limits to it’s consumption, can complicate one’s interactivity in life. Unfortunately and it’s my opinion, that nothing will get accomplished from our corporate media, in regards to the abuse of smartphones. At best, they’ll simply report the accidents caused by them. But as stated before, this is a reactive position, and not a proactive one.

            …nuff said, (but I could go on)

            So we’ll agree to disagree, and that’s fine. But the chances of a pedestrian or motorist surviving is greatly increased, when they turn their smartphone “off.” (and spend more time, “undistracted.”)

            Good day!

            …and thank you for your contribution(s) here!

          8. Nice video btw…

            However, the Embrace Life video not once, uncovered someone texting while driving. I agree, it is a touching video. However, regardless of the road conditions, a distracted driver, only makes matters worse.

            …and distracted driving again, is the # 1 cause of accidents today.

            However, I did enjoy the short video with the two people sitting at a table. Why this video somehow, cannot be linked to the dangers of distracted driving well…

            I know the answer. It’s because the big corporations want you to continue to use their products. Only the people can raise the awareness of promoting safety and responsibility of a product. Not the corporations.

            Seat belts for example, was introduced by Ralph Nader decades ago. Naturally back then , there were no smartphones. But his concern believe it or not, was not primarily focused on distracted drivers. It was focused on the manufacturers building unsafe cars. However, Ralph Nader today, is also concerned about smartphone abuse, and what’s it’s doing to society and safety.

            Btw: I hope that short video is played quite often on your local television. Surely, it’s not aired on mine. 🙁

            And as stated before, I’m still trying to find out more about the three traffic fatalities that happened in my local area. And as your six minute video points out, they’ll show the accident, without digging in, to why the accidents happened to begin with.

            You challenge the symptoms, by finding out the problems that caused the symptoms to begin with. EVERYONE benefits when this happens. But it’s people coming together and actually talking to one another. That’s how we get shit done. It’s critical thinking. Not corporate thinking. Corporate thinking is a distraction in itself, because it’s main purpose is making you a consumer, and not a critical thinker. They marginalize a population by economic structure, much like our fascist government does.

            Critical thinking…

            The end result?

            A much more civilized society! 🙂

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      Especially being male, and having a weapon made of steel. Doesn’t matter if the woman was staring into her phone to begin with. After all, the largest majority of the population today owns a smartphone. It’s capability to distract a person is endless!

    1. Agree. And for that reason, the driver may have assumed that she would wait for him to pass by. We were always taught defensive driving in driver’s ed. But when I took it, there were no smartphones.

      When I drive today, I always expect the worse to happen, when I see someone with their smartphone, pinned to their steering wheel.

      It’s only a matter of time, when the worse to happen, will bear it’s ugly head!

  2. What a fucking IDIOT!! If he just stopped to help then he wouldnt be in trouble at all….that is, unless he was tanked off tequila. In that case…vehicular homicide, bitch!
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  5. dans les images que l’ont vois l’accident est imputable à la piétonne,mais je comprend pas pourquoi le taxi est parti sans s’arrêté en faisan ça il à tous faux et va du coup etre tenu pour responsable de l’accident.

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