California Sisters Livestream Crash on Instagram, One Dies with Skull Split Open

California Sisters Livestream Crash on Instagram, One Dies with Skull Split Open

This video seemed like too much of a fugazi so I didn’t post it yesterday, but it would seem that it’s real.

The incident happened off Henry Miller Road north of Los Banos in California on Friday, July 21, 2017. At about 6:45pm, two teenage sisters and another girl in a white Buick Century crashed while streaming the ride live on Instagram. The crash caused the younger sister to die with her skull split open, so her older sis used it to boost her ego for surrogates on teh interweb, and kept streaming the images of the girl’s death live.

The dead girl has been identified as 14 year old Jacqueline Sanchez of Stockton. According to Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke, Jacqueline Sanchez wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was ejected when the car rolled over.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the 18 year old driver over corrected a turn, which caused the vehicle to swerve across both lanes, crashing through a wire fence and overturning into a field south of the road.

Props to everyone who sent the video. Too many to mention:

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          1. We almost hit a car that suddenly stopped in front of us because the asian dude had to text someone? On the highway last year on the 4th going to see the fireworks with out 5yr old in the car…i can’t stand stupid people..i don’t even drive and i spot them every fucking day..

          2. I drive every day on what they claim is the busiest highway in North America. The 401 highway spanning Toronto. Eighteen lanes to be exact and I have yet to film an accident……. If and when I come across one with my Samsung. Lucky would be my day if I had no decency to film a fellow human on their death bed.

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  1. What the fuck is she doing fucking around on instagram, holding the phone and filming while she is driving???

    When are these punks going to learn that using your phone while you are driving kills?

    She needs to be charged…murder, I would say.

    Dumb bitch.

  2. Ha, when anthropologists look back on the 2010’s I hope they come across this video as it sums those years up pretty well. We’ve seen videos of people acting in all sorts of strange ways out of shock from these situations but this is a new one.

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  4. Lots of people saying this is fake because of her reaction; I didn’t know there was a standard single reaction one would have if they saw their lifeless sister laying there, with you being to blame.

    So reckless and uneccessary. Most of us live and learn but I guess some aren’t so lucky.

  5. I wanna beat the shit out of her. Make her understand what emotion is. She obviously doesn’t know. People can be really fucked up nowadays.
    I hate my fucking narcissistic generation.
    And who the hell uploaded this? DU Screen Recorder? Couldn’t get the original file? Noise that destroys ears? Not even the full video? Why??

  6. Following the crash, the driver was detained by law enforcement and led into an ambulance after being agitated and combative, screaming that her sister was dead as officers tried to calm her down.
    CHP did not indicate Saturday whether any of the occupants had been arrested.
    Smith said several people contacted the CHP Saturday about a graphic video circulating through social media that appears to show the driver filming video before, during and after the crash.
    Smith said CHP, as of Saturday night, hadn’t determined whether the video is authentic and connected to the crash. But officers were in the process of obtaining and examining the video as part of the ongoing investigation.

  7. Great news indeed!! Another group of self centered moronic individuals, streaming their ignorance for humanity to witness. Make sure all of you have your smartphones on next time, because I seriously doubt that you’ll learn your lesson from this accident. Just send me a tweet, so I can notify you when I’m safely off the road.

    Good riddance, and keep these accidents coming Best Gore. I have as much respect for these asswipes as a drunk driver. These are quickly becoming my favorite!!

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