Can Not Place Finger What Car Wreck Survivor Loses

Can Not Place Finger What Car Wreck Survivor Loses

Can Not Place Finger What Car Wreck Survivor Loses

Red before the Blue edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @sendmemes, who has a friend of his lose something neither one of us can place our finger onto what exactly:

Friend of mine was in a car wreck Thursday July 11th, in north Texas. Flipped 2 times. 9 people involved. 3 people were ejected including a 4 year old. 2 teens ended up with broken legs. Everyone did survive.
He however lost something. I just cant put my finger on it.

Thanks for being a pal and sharing your friend’s unknown missing body part with us, Pais.

22 thoughts on “Can Not Place Finger What Car Wreck Survivor Loses”

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  2. What did he lose…what did he lose? Hmm. The ability to fill out a job application? Yeah, no that’s not it. The ability to hold a grape soda upright? The booger that he had drying on the end of his finger? No more double fisting chicken wings? I give up.

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