Canadian Female Driver Backs into Motorcyclist, Then Backs Up Some More to Run Over His Bike

Canadian Female Driver Backs into Motorcyclist, Then Backs Up Some More to Run Over His Bike

Canadian Female Driver Backs into Motorcyclist, Then Backs Up Some More to Run Over His Bike

When it comes to the subject of female drivers, we see the evidence of their stellar driving skills at Best Gore all the time. But among female drivers, the Canadian ones seem to brighter than a diamond.

This video is from Edmonton, Alberta, where Best Gore founder Mark Marek is held hostage by the Canadian regime. It truly shows why Canadian female drivers deserve the reputation they get.

The female driver had tried to stop at the red light, but thanks to her unrivaled braking skills, ended up in the intersection. So she put the vehicle in reverse and without checking if it was save to go, started to back up. There was a motorcyclist behind her who somehow managed to quickly lay down his bike jump off it, but as soon as she hit him, the female driver paused, and backed up some more to run over his bike.

No half measures: “Oh, I just hit something. Better gun it!

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        1. I believe that’s true, antropomorphia. He did the soup eatin’ stomp on the spitter. He’d start active volcanism tossing that car away. And with that mask on, it would be a tale told for ages.

    1. Here in Canada (as with many places) it’s getting harder and harder to meet women, especially if you don’t like the bar scene. This biker’s quick thinking probably got him a date with the female driver which ended the night with him slamming her from behind…the way nature intended.

    1. –Stupid Cunt… but with a capital “K”. the K is only reserved for fucking idiots.
      BTW, it appears the guy in the passenger seat is embarrassed to even know her. He wants to get out, but doesn’t want to be the driver’s next victim. hahaha

    1. Did you notice what the shadow of his arms were doing? He was holding them up like WTF??? LOL she probably drank too much of that red bull from the truck driving by in the screen shot – or was going into withdrawals . 🙂

  1. Hey everyone, first post here. Been on here for a while. Thought I should mention, I live in Edmonton right now and I have no doubt that this happened in this city. There must be something in the water, I’ve seen so many women involved in the most ridiculous accidents that could have been avoided with the slightest bit of common sense. Poor biker. Attaining the speed limit is sometimes hard in this city…

    1. Welcome to the discussion @Squishy007 ? I’ve noticed ‘pockets’ of drivers like this in every state I’ve traveled both female and male I’m beginning to suspect they mostly migrate toward cities or just magnetized toward each other and its the normal drivers just got the bad luck of trying to dodge them.

  2. If you don’t reach your insurance deductible at first impact, just keep truckin until you do enough damage so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. I know what that’s like.

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…, omg., this just doesn’t get old.., watching it again & again & again.., pooor dude sees the bitch comming and throws his bike down and his hands up.., classic.

  4. I think he actually reacted pretty quickly. if he had stayed on the bike she could have run him over. Also why i don’t ride a motorbike. I’ve been rear ended 3 times in my car by stupid drivers who stepped on the gas instead of brakes, and if i was on a bike i could be dead or seriously injured.

  5. Just as stellar as any asshole guy who can’t drive worth a shit. Shitty drivers are abundant in both sexes. Why not some monumental fuck up from males to even up the sexism? I have been invited to work as a CHP several times because of how I drive. I particularly like running fucktard males who can’t drive worth a shit off the road.

    1. I agree. I got hit by a male driver, the dumb prick didn’t even notice until I got up and chucked a rock at his rear window. I’ve never been in a traffic accident myself, but the only ones I’ve seen have only involved guys.

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