Car Accident in Thailand

Car Accident in Thailand

In Thailand an accident happened. Not sure why but considering this happens in Thailand, no further explanation is needed

Thailand’s roads are the most lethal in Southeast Asia

The World Health Organization estimated 22,941 people die each year in traffic-related incidents in Thailand, making its roads the deadliest in Southeast Asia.

That’s an average of 62 deaths every day — just slightly fewer than the average deaths over the New Year period of 66 per day.
The vast majority of those deaths — 73% — are riders of motorcycles, which have exploded in numbers over the past few decades to become the most popular form of transport for most households in the country.

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  1. Such a vulgar language… and it sounds the same if they are happy or pissed off about something. That’s why they are so successful with murders. A stranger approaches you and you think he’s talking nice… next thing you know he pulls out a gun and shoots you in the face.

  2. 20k car ✔
    Wife and kids ✔
    Milk bottle ✔
    Pilow ✔
    Seat belts and $120 bucks for baby car seats? What is that? Who need that? This is a new car! Fuck with it!
    Tears and screams after a fuckup?
    Take less than 60s to use the equipment.
    A lifetime to remember your stupidity.

  3. Frankly Its a big pain watching videos from Dieland ,where kids scare the shit out of anyone , with their ear shattering screams ; and that torturous dialect of so many loud mouths, in the crowd ,deafening your ear drums .
    This video had me cut it off half way to avoid headaches because the kid with his screams and those disgusting voices were too much to bear.

  4. maybe they’re giving away free drivers license in thailand..most of the drivers are reckless and stupid so they always end up getting killed on the road…
    so if you have a deathwish, ill suggest thailand is one of the best place to visit.

    1. Not far off the mark. Not sure if anybody here even has a driver’s licence the way everybody drives. Never a dull day,probably less than half of riders wear helmets or even proper shoes, and it’s not uncommon to see whole families on a bike with the mother holding a baby in her arms.
      I live on a mountain with lots of twisty roads…the lanes are optional. There are hardly any speed limit signs, in fact when you approach a town it usually just says slow down. From what speed you’re supposed to low down from and to is anybody’s guess. haha
      Having said all that, it beats living in a police nanny state with revenue raising cops and camera every 10 feet. A few stacks of corpses on the roads are small price to pay for freedom and population control.

  5. Car accidents have killed more people than any other transport form (except bikes). Car accidents are worst than diseases, because car accidents kill childs and grown ups without distinction. The saddest thing is the ammount of time that took for the paramedics to arrive to that shithole. Glad the kid survived, but the other young girl is 100% dead. .fully dead… worst sequel for the kids are not the body injuries, worst thing for the kid is remembering seeing her whole family dead. Nobody implemented smth to really avoid traffic accidents, all they did was inventing shitty stuff that won’t even save you from a big accident, like airbags and seatbelts (those are very dangerous if your car gets on fire, cause it will trap you in)

    1. you let people drive over 50 60 miles per hour and that’s what happens.
      I hate when illegal turd worlders come here, they always drive like assholes, they have no self control unless they’re trying to get one over on you

  6. What a very sad situation to have to go through, for all, let alone having to watch and listen to such an unpleasant reality. Even though you know this has to happen every so often with in our world (i.e. Road Accidents), it still seems to be a bitter pill to swallow each time you see it!
    I do not know what caused this accident but Im very sure it was human error and/or some ones poor judgements! You see it all the time where you travel, Narcissistic Road Rage, not to mention those who shouldnt even be handed a license!
    Poor child, not asked to be thrown into a world full of kaos, having to endure such an adversity at such a young age! Makes you upset with all those who have no respect for their own lives let alone any one elses out there on the road, anywhere, all because one is racing to get to the next stop light, stop sign, or fatal car crash! Its very sad really we live in a world full of individuals who have absolutly no care at all the decisions they make or how it even effects others!
    My condolences go out to each victim who has suffered at the hamds of some one elses very poor judgement!
    Hopefully one day we can live in a society that can appreciate true empathy, altruism, and how to be consciously aware that we all have to share the road with others no matter how much some of us think we own the whole damn street!
    But then damn we’d be asking for a miracle wouldnt we?

  7. At least the guy filming was smart enough not to move the kid around too much until the paramedics arrived. If he seemed in serious danger I would understand but the child was obviously alright for the most part just a bit contorted. You can’t belt out those tones over and over unless you’re relatively unharmed

  8. As a person who has seen many traffic accidents. This is a crazy situation. It looks like the toddler died on impact and the one annoying child bitching about his pain survived. After the mother or guardian regains full consciousness, she soon realizes her situation. She most likely survives with her injuries, as with the child of course. Sad that the accident didn’t wipe them all out.

  9. Now this is torturing the hell out of my ears. I wouldn’t want to imagine sitting in this car with halfconsiousness and blurry vision, hearing severel dumbfucks screaming at the same time, but then again, these dumbfucks are most likely one’s family; so nothing too far off expected.

  10. Thailand roads are very deadly. In cities the Curbs of Sidewalks are 18 inches high so that car drivers DON’T make another lane out of the Sidewalks. Many cars are poorly maintained as new cars have a 100% tariff on them. Thousands of motorcycles as a primary mode of transportation by whole families (often the whole family rides one motorcycle at once). Then the number ONE killer in Thailand is the road system. Poorly planned. Signs sometimes confusing or nonexistent. I remember driving at night up country. One cone to show road work. If you missed that ONE CONE the road ended and your car would have fallen into a 30 foot ditch to nowhere. I caught it. Must have been a Farong Trap.

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