Car Barrel Rolls, Sweeps Woman Off Feet in Pardesh, India

Car Barrel Rolls, Sweeps Woman Off Feet in Pardesh, India

My resources tell me this happened in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

An unfortunate pussy pass holder gets all access pass denied! An approaching, out-of-control white vehicle comes barrelling down side road not meant for traffic. It sweeps her off her feet after ramming her hard on her face. Seeing as she is a female, it is safe to say she has said something along the lines, “not on my face” before.

If you have super slow capabilities on your PC you will see the last split pea of a second, windshield giving way to the head of driver before pooping out the rest of his body.

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    1. She didn’t. Is in a long state of unconsciousness, not coma though. Most likely pretending so that she can be babied. And my resources tell me that her “pussy pass” has been found from the wreckage. Muzaffarnagar police has taken the document (pussy pass) in their custody and are trying to contact her family.

      In the pussy whipped countries, special document is issued to certain female individuals called pussy-passes. It works like an ID – has their mug-shots, pussy-shots, names, privileges, vital stats, measurements of pussies, and also the list of benefits every male has to offer them if the document holder demands them.

    2. No, she’s alive and well in another dimension. That car went fast enough to break the sound barrier, the lady got thrown even faster and was enough speed to open a portal to an alternate reality where India and Bra’ziw are 1st world and consider themselves superior while the filthy white countries with the exception of Communist Russia are poor Capitalist flip-flop wearing shitholes with slums. So no she’s in a better world now. Just not this dimension.

    3. @Shlomo Racemixerstein Interracialberg Keepwatchingpornowitz

      I’m not sure if she did indeed Diedid Brother but a foot closer, or farther that the vehicule, and she could have been lucky enough to have-it hop right over it, and coming out of it a little dusty but still standing up straight Coming out of it Completely Unscathed, lol. Now that would have been a definite Horse-Shoe Up her ass kinda-day for her for sure my man. 😉

          1. When I visited our logistics partner in Gurgaon, the engineers’ restroom had plenty of toilets. Well, a tin shack latrine. Valve jobs, with spoons. Thank Ganesh I didn’t have to prove out the system.

      1. … “His body gets pooped out..?! “.. Hahaa!.. Who else comes up with that shit?… No one, that’s who… Keep up the good work bro.. @seraphim-serenata..

        PS… I’m still workin on that “shit my pants” thing fer ya, but it’s very difficult.. I feel like you fukrs are watching me.. To tell the truth, I’m quite surprised at you SS.. I mean.. I expect that type of behavior from @honkeykong.. But YOU… Tsk, tsk…

        1. Ok Sphinx. I see how it is. Ya know, I wasn’t going to bring this up, because I didn’t want you getting all jealous and shit but now I just don’t care. I went down to my local Wal-Mart today, and guess who was there giving a free concert? Cupid! Yes, the Cupid that invented the Cupid shuffle! The Wal-Mart’s shuffle video went viral, and won them a free concert by Cupid! Yeah, that’s right, I got to see Cupid doing the Cupid shuffle LIVE! Eat your heart out Sphinx! EAT. YOUR. HEART. OUT!

    1. Nope! He’s at peace. He lived all his life in a living hell, so he’s forgiven hereafter. Plus, special treatment is given to him since he also took a pussy-passer along with him.

        1. I’m also wondering, what made this car started barrel rolling? My best possible observation is that he probably lost control, hit the side of his front tire on the divider and that made the car barrel rolling. Well, it was time for him and her to be smoked – “impressive issue of smoke”, like you said. 😉

      1. That’s right and it’s a part of their ethnic background. Vehicles flying perfectly into CCTV frame and smacking into a stroller is part of the DNA in those places. It’s actually chemically and physically linked to the people of those cultures.

        Your chances of being born in India and having a disastrous experience with train or flying truck are extreme and you have nothing but your DNA to thank for it.

          1. The atoms that make up the vehicles that fly through the air into the Indians is actually invisibly linked to the DNA in which it smacks into. It’s just a super collider.

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