Car with Dashcam Narrowly Avoids Two Crashes in One Day

Car with Dashcam Narrowly Avoids Two Crashes in One Day

At first the vigilant driver avoided a near certain collision with oncoming car that got into uncontrollable skid, but that sent it off the paved road and into a skid of its own. As a result, the car needed a tow to get it out of a slippery, snow covered ditch. Random truck driver offered a helping hand but just as they were out of the ditch, another car got into a skid on that same slippery road, narrowly missing the car with dashcam, only to rear end the good Samaritan’s truck. On that day, the dashcam car avoided getting involved in two separate crashes on the same road.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Driving through Montana back to California I got caught in a blizzard in Helena and couldnt control my car to save my life. I slowed to 20 in the highway until i could make out an off ramp only to slid into a snow puff. I managed to get out of the puff and into a parking lot where the next morning hotel staff helped get me out. Turned out i dont have anti lock breaks which is weird because i have a pretty new car. The guy from the hotel tried to show me how to drive my car in the snow and he was even having trouble controlling it. Combo of no snow tire+ no anti lock breaks makes for a scary ride on icy roads. :s

  1. after watching all these dash cam videos from russia here on bestgore, I’m no longer surprised to see car accidents involving these soviets, they plain drive too friggin fast for their own good and they seemingly don’t give a fuck if they ram their cheap ladas or not

  2. wow , they cant drive for shit … i’m driving everyday in the snow and its not THAT hard … driving in the snow is awesome , i always pull my hand break when i turn ! 😀 so much fun !

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