Car Door Stained by Blood of Pedestrian It Hit When It Got Hit

Car Door Stained by Blood of Pedestrian It Hit When It Got Hit

Car Door Stained by Blood of Pedestrian It Hit When It Got Hit

I don’t know which country this is from. The CCTV video shows a van taking a left turn, when it gets hit by another, rather fast moving car. That sends the van into a spin which slams two pedestrians.

One of the pedestrians apparently got his by the side of the van so hard, his blood instantly stained the van’s backseat door.

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Car Door Stained by Blood of Pedestrian It Hit When It Got Hit”

    1. Yeah had something in that bag..only thing that can be as red and sticks like blood is ketchup! Impact mid section fully clothes on no way a splatter that big can cause such to mark that much..if anything just a body dent as is!

        1. What about watching grass grow? I can waste away entire weekends seeing nature do it’s thing………the other pastime I enjoy rather than watching American football (not that it’s even available here) is video recording paint dry. The colours are incredible…….

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  2. Gold car was driving like a fucktard and the other driver wasn’t paying attention. Too bad there were other casualties. Would have been nice if it were just the two dimwits who paid the price for their stupidity. This is why I live in the states where it’s not too populated. I refuse to pay the price for the fuckery of billions of retards around me.

  3. got some GTA feeling back.

    loved to paint the car with blood in GTA.

    serously tho.. that some freaking weird shit. the guy was pretty close to the car… and he wasnt hit THAT hard due to that.
    noticed too, if you take a close look… the guy is wearing a plastic bag with a bottle in it.

    i think they are more chance that its actually wine, and not blood.
    the impact zone seems to be correct for that bottle in his back he holding.

    i bet its wine from that bottle who crash on the door. and not his actual blood.
    because they are no way a men would bleed like this after a hit that close to the door.

  4. that’s not the man’s blood. the man was carrying some sort of beverage in his hand in a plastic bag. might have shattered and splattered the backseat door car when it got hit

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  6. Is it blood? As fast as that happened I’m not sure it is. It looks like it, but that would mean that he popped like boil on impact. There tends to be a bit of a delay with blood splatter, and if someone does get splattered, it’s usually guts and shredded meat that show more. This is just a bucket of blood in a split instant and nothing else. Kind of weird.

    1. It is blood it all happened at such a high speed the force knocked the blood out of him, it looks to me like it took 4 guys out, when you slow the footage down you will see why there is so much blood, the guy was more or less vaporised by the impact.

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