Car Driver Fatally Hits Bicyclist in Philippines and Flees Scene

I Can Definitely See a Pointer

Car Driver Fatally Hits Bicyclist in Philippines and Flees Scene

According to the backinfo I got, the pictures show the aftermath of a fatal hit and run in Pamplona, Camarines Sur, the Philippines.

An SUV type vehicle reportedly hit the bike rider early in the morning and fled the scene. The biker apparently suffered severe cranial trauma and died on the spot.

Props to Best Gore member @papabitch for the pics:

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      1. chinese are easily spotted. and they don’t fight that well. they huddle together. remember that the japanese are superior, and how they fared when they tried to expand their empire.

        1. Not sure about that. Chinese capitalists pretty much own the southern hemisphere now, even some Police stations in Australia were raising the Chinese flag recently. Its no different in Canada I heard. Right on America’s door step.

          1. I remember a time when the French & Spanish had the same ideas. Didn’t turn out quite the way they planned as it happens

            Big leap for the majority of their population that lives on $5 a week

  2. Pathetic that a majority of BG members have absolutely ZERO apathy for human life.
    This young man has needlessly lost his life, sadly for the entertainment of a few that have no respect for themselves or others….
    The shocker isn’t the dead body on the pavement it’s the ruthlessness and shallow minded comments in these posts.

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    1. the land of the subjects of King philip? the spanish king? hahaha

      you miserly, cowardly colonials haven’t learned from Myanmar, right? They changed their name from the Burma that the UK called that colony.

      when will these grinning, genuflecting flip servants do the same?

        1. Myanmar is sure doing a lot better than the ‘little philips”. They have a proud national identity now. They aren’t servants of their former colonial masters, with his religion shoved down your throats, and you are proud to ape his language. And you learn his slang and eat his burgers and drink his rum and pimp your sisters for him. And, when he gets tired of you and hands you over to the Chinese mestizos who keep you in abject poverty and spread your families all over the world in order to keep your families and the country afloat, because it has no resources other than servitude. And you show disdain for each other with your crab mentality, and you will ALWAYS be poor and subservient and second class and ashamed of your own existence. That’s my point

          1. “Myanmar is sure doing a lot better than the “little philips””. Lol ok, there is a genocide happening there though, it’s another shithole. And I speak Filipino and I’m irreligious. You happy? Pretty sure you came from a colonised country as well.

          2. A lot has a lot to do with duration of occupation as well. Myanmar was not under Brit rule for too long. Scotland ,Wales ,Cornwall ,Ireland only been formally under British for a few centuries but culturally a lot longer so very few now speak their mother tongues . Philippines the same ,four hundred years .

            However ,balls has a lot to do with it as well. No Balkan,East euro or mideasterner speaks the Turk’s tongue . It died out within a generation or less of Mahometans being kicked out ; twenty years or so if spoken at all. Most never spoke it.

        2. you worthless piece of tahi asu. i hate the utter hypocrisy of you servile pinoy curs

          You criticize Myanmar, a country you know NOTHING about, for killing some of its Muslim Rohinyga, and you have the gall to ignore what YOU OWN people did to Marawi??

          You think the so-called “Christian ” Pinoys are innocent when they have exterminated entire Moro tribes in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago? aND THEY ARE DOING THIS AS WE SPEAK do you see how you are>HYPOCRITE?

  3. Philippines hates to go through spells of dormancy and remains unescaped mostly when incidents like these are brought to light . Although he got killed like a dog but when the road one knows to be not safe for pedestrians or the cyclists ; why even try risking life .

    Weren’t there more safer places where he could have chosen to unwind to be a cycling enthusiast and not gotten killed by someone who has scant regard for a human life .

      1. Ha ! Kalashnikov will have to wait a while it’s the KARMA that never fails in doing the right justice .
        That speedster’s dead corpse is gonna land up hereon the pages of BG sooner than later.
        He’s either gonna be meeting the same fate or ever worse . He has his number dialed already.

  4. Every time I see some foolish person riding their bike on a busy road I cringe, because this is what I imagine happening. It is better to just walk. Bicycles are a ridiculous contraption that are dangerous. Literally every single person I have ever known who has been a daily or hardcore bike rider has been seriously injured from doing this, multiple times in some cases. It’s not even good exercise either, walking is far superior, especially for the bones in the legs and the spine. Bicycling makes you hunch backed and weakens your neck. Walking keeps your bones hard, while bicycling and swimming soften your bones, it’s a proven fact. Swimmers and bicyclists have the lowest bone density of all athletes. Oh and bicycles are one of the most stolen properties in any city, another reason not to bother with them. Just walk or run.

    1. not everybody lives in a fucking ghetto. Bikes are GREAT but you ARE exposed. in the inner city you need a small tank for transport. No respect for law there, so carry a gun for justice

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