Car Hits Couple with Child

Car Hits Couple with Child

CCTV on 02/18/2019 captures a couple walking down a sidewalk with child holding onto both set of hands in middle of them.

An out of control vehicle hurls itself over the parent and child. The parent closest to the right is spared any serious injuries or death. Unless, you can call mental anguish of losing spouse and child on same day, serious? Not serious enough for the surviving parent to check on the child, but instead check on the well being of the vehicle’s driver.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. i guess its normal reaction in some kind.
      i mean, child is here , lying on floor… soo maybe he think the child was just “hit and pushed away” by the car.
      while the wife is obviously “stuck” under the car sooo…. yeah.. the wife have heavy more chance to be in worse state than the child.

      but well.. i dont know.. i would have checked them both, no idea in wich order.

      1. This is pretty much verbatim to what I was thinking. Dude must have been in some kind of shock., and was likely acting on at least partial autopilot. Obviously the driver is the least important in the given situation, but just like hollyEat said, he probably seen the boy was not trapped, and first priority became the kids mother. I’m not sure I wouldn’t behave in the exact same manner under the circumstances.

    2. I would have done the same and made sure the vehicle and the driver couldn’t leave before checking the kid and the other person. They’ll still be there a few seconds later. The same cannot be said about the driver. If the driver drove away, it would have angered me to oblivion.

    3. I don’t know how any of us can judge him, he was just walking normally with his family until this shit happens. We all would act different & not even comprehend what is going on during a moment like this, we can’t blame him for how he responded because of the severity of the situation.

    1. Seriously though, trying to pull the driver out of the car by their head, even when you know they’re still buckled in, should definitely be justified by the courts after something like this.
      Well that’s exactly what I’d do and then just claim I was trying to get the driver out of the car because I thought it was gonna blow up or something.

  1. look like russia.
    i dont have any fucking idea why i think about that.. but a possible muslim couple (present in russia too tho..) and all the others peoples wearing winter stuff.

    also fact that the guy in red look like trying to keep the driver in the car and block him to go out.

    fuck i dont know.. i say russia XD

        1. beat a passerby, pay a fine of 500 rubles (7 dollars) and go home.
          You can be convicted if someone dies or loses an eye.
          for everything else there is a mastercard.

          in 2018 we had a regional judge. without a license (without education). she collaborated with crime. the whole country found out about it. but she was not condemned. she was just demoted

          Corrupt officials instead of the court are credited to another region (or industry).

          but if you do not have money and connections, you will sit on a bottle of law.

          Of course, not everything is so bad.
          but this is the world of our emperor 40.000.

          † † † † † † † †

          probably my english is very terrible.

          1. The positive thing you have in Russia besides cute girls, not being sarcastic, are the fucking mandatory dashcams. I don’t know why it isn’t mandatory over the rest of the world.Would solve so many “doubts” that police have during those crashes.

          2. Greetings from St.Petersburg, comrade.

            I confirm this is all true. You can be a corrupt official, and if you busted, you are removed from your position with a golden fucking parachute, and get to keep your mansion, yacht, limo, personal jet, and another mansion. Basically you have enough money for the rest of your life after it’s been proven that you stole millions, and you might even find the job on some lower positions, just to steal some more.

            How can anyone expect this country to crawl out of it’s ass, I have no idea. The fact that Putin leave it at that just proves that he’s either incompetent, or corrupt to the bone.

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  2. Maybe he was asking the driver if he would mind parking somewhere besides on top of his wife, because she had promised to fix him a baloney sammich and glass of dr. pepper when they got home, and he was hungry and thirsty.

  3. Knowing the driver survived the accident while in the safety of his car, i would have checked on him first too… just moments before ripping him out the drivers side window and beating him to death with my giant cock

  4. This was a hit.

    There is fore-knowledge that this hit was gonna happen.

    Perhaps Dad was expecting trouble and ran to the “hit” car to make sure the guy didn’t get out. He wasn’t checking the driver was okay. He was seeing who it was and trying to get at them (unsuccessfully).

    Murder this was. Dad knew it immediately.

          1. @alois

            … Thank you good sir, I don’t believe that I am deserved of such a lofty title as “saint”, but I try to be a decent person.. Another reason, is because I’m here makin fun of peoples misfortunes,but I thank you nevertheless… I wouldn’t say that @dan-a-conda and @casualobserver are social deviants.. they’re more sexual deviants if anything… Ha..?

  5. Obviously a drunk driver attempting a shortcut during a traffic jam. Aquinas – while commenting on Aristotle – says that a drunkard incurs no blame from a s t r i c t l y ethical point of view, because alcohol has completely paralysed his rationality and judgement, i.e., his state of inebriation has rendered him an irrational animal or a vegetable and thus made him sink b e l o w the human species, but he goes on to add that the drunkard’s culpability is actually doubled, i.e., he is to be punished both for getting drunk and for his misdeed. This is why all glue-sniffers and drunkards on bestgore should be stripped naked, tied to a tree, and flogged until they repent; they should be punished both for sniffing that glue and writing those idiotic comments in their state of vegetative euphoria.

      1. @freeridesforgasmoney

        “It’s a prophecy and all prophecies have come to pass….”

        You are wrong: all prophecies do not come to pass. God told Jonah to announce the destruction of Nineveh, yet he didn’t destroy it. According to Aquinas, there are conditional prophecies, which may or may not come to pass, and there are absolute prophecies, but we do not know which prophecy is the one or the other. As you can see, you are too stupid to understand theology.

        1. Sorry kiddo but it’s you who are the ignorant one, the prophecy is already in the works as the Jew bastard has been summarily dispelled from every nation they’ve ever stepped foot in, the curse is already upon them- Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds and you are the perfect frontman for the job …….. CHECKMATE

        2. Awwwwwww- boo boo Bolshevik asshat has no argument and an inadequate defense LMAO , you JOOO cunts are a real HOOT, I suggest you try and pick up a book and educate yourself kiddo, google isn’t a valid source for learning HA HA HA HA …… no matter, the JOOO Cucks days are numbered on this earth, it’s just too bad Hitler failed in his rightful mission to exterminate you parasites.

  6. It’s weird how I feel when I see this kind of shit. The ‘good part’ of me says “Damn that’s very tragic. Poor family.”

    Then the other side of me says “Here I am busting my ass trying to get ahead JUST A LITTLE BIT in this world, and there’s all these fucking sheep around me breeding like cockroaches, being racist towards White people and forcing ‘diversity’ down our throats while making it hard to get a job.. so fuck it if some people get hit by a car. I hope Mexico is completely destroyed and all chinks and Indians taking over America and Muslims get killed too. Fuck their lives just like mine is getting fucked daily. One more dead fucker makes things easier on me.”

    I guess that’s my ‘bad side’ that says that.

  7. I wonder who was in the back seat, how red shirt managed to open the rear driver’s side door, and also why red shirt tried to keep them there/couldn’t close it? Did the driver climb to the back, hoping to escape and change the narrative? The dash cam audio would be nice…

    (The dash cam video, meanwhile, would be rad… for different reasons.)

  8. I’m new here so I hope not to offend the narrator of this video, I can’t tell if the narrator is joking or just plain stupid, the surviving parent was not interested in the well being of the driver, the first reaction in humans is the 5 stages of grief and loss, depending on the individual the order may vary. This man is in “revenge mode” and experiencing the “denial stage”, if interested just look up 5 stages of grief and loss and you’ll be able to put the pieces together.

  9. I am a little confused as to why someone is filming randomly out a window, I mean what is expected? Are they counting black hoodies and documenting it to win the jackpot or something??

  10. I lost 4 very close family members due to idiotic drivers. It was the worst day of my life and it still haunts me 9 years later to where I can’t function correctly.
    The reason people get killed on the road is because of not taking their time to get places and driving like a dickhead.
    Slow down and drive defensively and you will help save a life instead of destroying those of others.

  11. in all honesty if this were me…. I’d have done the same thing….. try to get to the driver first before anything else….. but not to check on him/her, if I had basically just witnessed what was certainly the death of my wife and son the only thing on my mind would be an uncontrollable rage to gouge out that fucker’s eyes and ripping his or her jugular open with my teeth…. only after doing this and my rage coming down would I be able to think clearly enough to check on my family’s remains

  12. Looks to me from the guys body language his first thought was his wife which turned to trying to break the drivers window followed by turning to check on his injured kid! It is very sad when you see an entire family destroyed in a single moment of stupidity.

  13. Does anyone else find it odd that what is supposedly a CCTV camera turns to follow the victims and zooms in on them?
    Aren’t those automatic and focused on one spot? The voice from behind the camera is disconcerting also. But who and how could this have been staged if it isn’t CCTV?

  14. That is a fucked up position no father or husband should have to be in. My heart really goes out to this man. I dont know how I would have handled it, if the driver was sober and it was just a freak accident, I would have been crushed but probably wouldnt hurt the driver. If the driver was drunk on the other hand, I would have killed the driver on the spot, I am 100% sure of that. I carry concealed as well, there would be no thought of doubt in my mind, if that driver was drunk, I would pull out my .40 cal and empty the entire clip in his/her head, then plea insanity after seeing my wife and kid killed in front of my eyes by a drunk driver, I dont believe any jury in America would find me guilty. I guess my reaction would depend on if the driver is sober or not.

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