Car Hits Woman, Leg 15 Days Later

Car Hits Woman, Leg 15 Days Later

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @warriorunicorn, who’s aunt had a car hit her:

Hello Best Gore! Ive been a lurker for something around 5 years and decided to make and account so i could show you my aunt leg.

15 days ago, she was coming to my house and a car hit her. she broke 2 ribs that pierced her lungs, scratched all her body and broke her femur in two places. After a 7 hours surgery and 10 days on the intensive treatment unit, she is gladly recovering now.

That’s how her leg look now. its not even close to be healed yet, but its way better.


It seems each new day brings your aunt closer to a full and speedy recovery!

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  1. I T-boned a utility pole on a wet night and fractured my right femur in 2 places and had a titanium rod inserted to keep it all together. The muscles of the thigh (quadriceps) are the biggest and strongest, they don’t like being kept straight this way…I may assure you that this hurt like a motherfucker.

      1. Very brutal, I have a scar from the staples identical to the one in this pic. I was wondering if there could be a BG segment where members send in their scar pic for bragging rights. I usually tell people it was a Great White shark attack. lol
        Went home after 3 days in the big house with 10mg morphine tabs. After a few nights of increasingly vivid dreams, I had the worst fucking nightmare. Needless to say, the remaining morph went down the toilet and I became very stoic instead.

        1. Funny how that stuff works Doc. Most are like you, but then there are the people who will suck your dick for a refill.
          I had a colleague who lost everything cuz he couldn’t stay off the Lortab pills, he prescribed them himself in his girlfriends name and got caught. Was put on probation by the board and got caught again.
          I’m like you, I had a wrist fracture set with K wires. Took codeine tabs for two days and tossed them. Couldn’t take a shit for a week.

          1. True that Dil, even without the nightmare, opiates don’t agree with me. I can even get a paradoxical headache from codeine, could never be a junkie. Constipation is a very common side-effect. Most people imagine a typical junkie to be some deadbeat in the gutter. The reality is far from that. Medical professionals, with high pressure jobs and relative ease of access, account for the highest rate of addiction in the workforce.

            The wrist can be very problematic, what type of fracture did you sustain?

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            Ah yes Endone is the Aussie brand name for oxycodone…oxycontin in the USA. It’s also one of the top 3 opiates involved in the so-called ‘opiate epidemic’ in the USA. The opiate is named Morphine for a very good reason, after Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams.

            I’ve required various strengths of opiates over the years post surgery, and aside from the nightmare and the odd paradoxical headache, have never had any problems with them.
            It is advisable to cease taking opiates as early as possible, however, contrary to popular opinion, most people who require opiates for pain relief in a hospital setting rarely become addicted.

        2. Surely not as strong as morphine, but my dentist gave me Hydrocordone for pain. My back tooth, which is getting pulled tomorrow morning, became infected.

          For 36 hours, I was swallowing cold water like a sponge, until the antibiotics kicked in. I never knew how much a tooth hurt, until it becomes infected. The pain radiated through my whole mouth.

          The enamel had a hairline crack, that extended below the gumline. Fuck, did it hurt!!!!!!!! 🙁

          1. Be careful Pigs ~ and fortunately you are. Infected teeth may seem like a painful annoyance (which they certainly are) yet they can also become lethal if not managed. The infection can lead to sepsis and being in close proximity to the noodle…can kill. Those hairline cracks in the enamel are so painful, believe it or not… due to our good old friend, osmosis and/or temperature variation.

            Sugar, acid and other solutes in saliva, cold or hot all change the pressure in the protoplasm of the cells that form the dentin, either through osmosis or temperature expansion or contraction. This sets off the nerve and if enough of the nerve is affected ~~~> pain!

          2. Morphine is the Gold Standard against which all other opiates and synthetics are measured. Fentanyl transdermal patch is the exception and its dose is measured in micrograms/hour (mcg/hr ~millionths of a gram per hour.)
            Also, special consideration is given to Methadone equivalence.

            To answer your question.
            2 mg IV Hydromorphone is equivalent to 10 mg IV Morphine…so is actually more potent.
            10 mg of Hydrocodone is considered to be equivalent to 10 mg of Morphine. Thus about the same.

            If you want the technical info:

    1. Not sure about scar post but there’s a few insertion posts to which you could contribute. Jars, Christmas ornaments, light bulbs, eggs and now titanium rods.

      1. Haha yes good idea Dan. The rod actually worked loose at the top connection point near the pelvis due to the screw working loose from walking. The walking was very uncomfortable even when everything was secured correctly Running wasn’t an option.
        After about 18 months, I had a bit of a battle to convince the surgeon to remove the rod for that reason. He relented and took it out. Once that all healed up, I was able to walk and run normally again.

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