Car Kills Policeman Directing Traffic at Zarghoon Road in Quetta, Pakistan

Car Kills Policeman Directing Traffic at Zarghoon Road in Quetta, Pakistan

Pakistani policeman reportedly named Ahmed Khan Achakzai was struck and killed by a vehicle while directing traffic at Zarghoon Road in Quetta, Pakistan.

The CCTV footage shows the car barrel down the road and without slowing down, ram the policeman from behind and pin him to a vehicle with the right of way. It would appear that the cluster got pushed into the post housing the camera.

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95 thoughts on “Car Kills Policeman Directing Traffic at Zarghoon Road in Quetta, Pakistan”

      1. Well I live here in Bogota and somehow i agree that we are sub-developing countries traffic it is a mess I can tell, improving 20 years ago was worst than now but we don’t see here cops directing traffic, but at least we aren´t Muzzie lol.

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    1. Haha!
      The drivers text read, “Heeyaay girl. My husband just started a new job this morning directing traffic. I’m so proud of him. Tonight, I’m gonna let him stick it in my (CRASH)… never mind.”

        1. Let’s look at this

          Farok the taxi driver is the best driver in the world. He just spot on killed this terrorist disguising himself as a traffic cop named Sadiq. Now he is dead.

          Farok the taxi driver is the worst driver in the world and i would lean towards this. He just killed this innocent dude. Now he is dead.

          Mission accomplished allah fuckbar
          sad what a way to go

          1. why do I feel youd be irate, constantly correcting people “it’s Johnny with a dot! ” Rambo. a dot motherfuckers a dot.
            Johnny DOT Rambo

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        1. @dan-a-conda
          A little research will help you change your outlook.
          Although, it has only been 70 years since the Partition, there are a lot of differences between the two of us.
          But, you were right about the physical appearance. It’s difficult for westeners to tell apart an Indian and Pakistani.

          1. @Bobby and @WorldPeace.
            That’s why I wrote, very clearly, “no discernible PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES.”
            A little Hooked on Phonics might change your outlook @WorldPeace.
            There should be an IQ minimum requirement for commenting members here. 70 is legally retarded. Let’s start there and weed out people like you.

          2. @dan-a-conda I wasn’t clear enough in my earlier reply.
            “But only because of an arbitrary line that devides people” That’s where I disagree with you.

            India and Pakistan are two different countries but not only because of a random line running between the two of them. I wish you quoted those lines too.

            Also, Good thing that you mentioned phonics. As I’m actually always trying to improve my English (you taught me 3 new words today, thanks) and that’s one of the reasons why I come to BG.

            That IQ test should be a real thing. Although, IMO minimum requirement should be 90.
            It’ll help this site prosper.

    1. “Car Kills Policeman Directing Traffic at Zarghoon Road in Quetta, Pakistan”

      Police have apprehended the killer car and is now being booked on murder charges…

      I wonder where I can buy a murderous car.

  1. This guy was either targeted or driver wasn’t paying attention what so fucking ever. That was a hard hit with no apparent breaking involved… none the less, then hammered into another vehicle. Hope for the guys sake it was a quick, instant death.

    1. Obviously the worst kind of death, is the death that is very sudden and unexpected, as opposed to the one that you could foresee, say as a cancer victim, where you can at least prepare, and think back on the good times, and where you can ponder life, the universe and everything. At least you know what is happening, where you are going, and you can foresee the end.

      This poor policeman was going about his own business laaaa de daaaa, and then BAM!
      Dead as a doornail. Existence, as he knew it, suddenly switched off, just like you switch off the lights in your bedroom. That is the most meaningless existence therefore.

      His entire existence, memories, strivings, hopes, fears, achievements all wiped out without any reflection whatsoever, so he never had a chance to think about who he was and what he was about, during his short time on this crappy planet.

      Welcome to Best Gore, where the above shit happens to 99.9% featured on this site.

      One is, but a blip, a tiny little fart, in the ocean of life they call “existence”.

  2. What the hell is wrong with these drivers? What do you have to do to get a licsence over there??!! Obviously not a whole hell of a lot. Seriously…..
    First of all, I’ve never seen someone trying to direct traffic – Lord knows they need something. Secondly…. And abeit after the sad fact….maybe the traffic directly officer should be dressed in some kind of bright fluorescent jacket, smock…..something??! What happens to these people who just barrel over a person in the road? Do they spend the rest of their lives in prison? Or a slap on the hand?

  3. Have they started importing women asian drivers to Fuckistan? That’s actually worse than having muslims in a muslim country.
    Once they scraped the cop from the back of that car, traffic began to flow smoothly. That was rather serendipity.

  4. iam only worried about how ALLAH will provide so many virgins to all of them. in 1947 two countries were born INDIA and reached MARS and the other is still trying to enter INDIA.
    fucking jihadis. allahu snackbar everyone.

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