Car Loses Control, Kills Motorcyclist and Hits Tree

Car Loses Control, Kills Motorcyclist and Hits Tree

Caught on CCTV in Porto Velho, capital city of the state of Rondônia, Brazil. Driver lost control of his vehicle and violently hit a motorcyclist , killing him on the spot before slamming into a tree, likewise killing it on the spot. To add insult to injury, both the driver and his passenger survived and got off the vehicle just fine.

The video later shows the shirtless driver – 26 year old Anderson Cerveira Lopes strolling casually away from the accident scene, fleeing it inconspicuously like he had nothing to do with it. However the vehicle being registered under his name and there being the surveillance footage of him, he had nowhere to hide and was traced down and apprehended by police shortly after. He however refused to take the breathalyser test but police charged him with vehicular manslaughter.

Motorcyclist whom he killed was identified as Antônio Paulo do Nascimento:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Car Loses Control, Kills Motorcyclist and Hits Tree”

    1. I don’t have sound here.. sorry I can’t translate.

      But I’ll tell you, people from “Rondonia” have an ugly accent..
      Actually people that lives above Sao Paulo have weird accents. It sounds stupid even to me. And basically all the videos are from the North/Northeast of Brazil (that’s where they have that brown tanned face, flip flops and they love to kill each other for any reason)

    2. She literally said:

      “Two people lost their lives on traffic accidents: Security cams from a store registered the run over. Today, around 6 AM, the bicyclist (not a motorcyclist) Antônio Paulo do Nascimento died after being hit by a vehicle in hight speed at the Calama Avenue, at the Liberdade (Liberty) District. Witness told the Police the driver was on a street race against a bike when he lost the control over the car. The driver was on visible drunkenness state, refused to go on a breathalyzer test and attempted to flee with help from his relatives. The driver, Anderson Cerveira Lopes, was taken to the Police Station and indicted (dennounced/accused) for qualified “doloso” homicide. He was arrested and taken to Pandinha (Prison’s name).

      Note: “Doloso” means “with dolo”. I couldn’t find a proper translation for “dolo”, but would be something like intentional, with deceit. In this case, despite not looking for the result, he will be charged of “intentional” homicide because the results of his dangerous counduct could be antecipated but he ignored it.

  1. Hmmm…I’d conclude that the driver’s foot slipped off the brake pedal onto the accelerator due to excessive consumption of beans. Or the oily sludge from his greasy head momentarily obstructed his view. Either way,another case of hoof it away on your Flip-Flops before some ‘street justice’ is applied…

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