Car Pile-up Results in Eight Dead and 22 Injured on BR-277 in Curitiba, Brazil

Car Pile-up Results in Eight Dead and 22 Injured on BR-277 in Curitiba, Brazil

Car Pile-up Results in Eight Dead and 22 Injured on BR-277 in Curitiba, Brazil

On the night of Sunday, August 2, 2020 a serious accident resulted in eight people dead and 22 injured. The deadly incident occurred on the coastal road BR-277, in São José dos Pinhais, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Brazil.

The smoke from a fire at km 77 of the highway, near the intersection with Avenida Rui Barbosa is believed to have started the accident. With impaired visibility due to the smoke, drivers of three vehicles collided and formed the first pileup. Then a truck was unable to brake and ran over the occupants of the crashed cars. The cars and motorcycles that followed the truck also failed to brake and added to the pileup of overall 16 vehicles.

Props to Best Gore members @amazonguy and @restinagony for the video. Unfortunately, sideways filming messed up the video:

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  1. In Brazil gymnasiums aren’t used to perform gymnastics, instead dangerous drivers are used and there’s no chance for error if you can’t jump, squat or run to avoid it, hahaha

          1. In fairness to Pharns, Brazilian leather shoes are quite pricey and of exceptional quality. I’m a retiree, so I mostly walk about in tennis shoes. However, if I’d be invited to a top class funeral, I know a few shops that carry the top brands.

      1. As many videos I’ve seen actually I don’t see or hear that very often. Just the mothers hysterics usually over a child in an accident . It’s a nice tough of reality, makes the video a little more satisfying

    1. Suck it up buttercup you live in Brazil, it’s not like you haven’t seen a few dead bodies on the side of the road. His tears must be that their wallets, pursues, watches, rings and cellphones have already been stolen off of their corpses, better check the injured ones.

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      1. Yes i did actually, the guy could’ve atleast cried and kept the camera straight at the same time, come on woman can easily multi task, they can cook and clean at the same time. I would’ve spent atleast 30 seconds to a minute on each body depending on the damage.

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  4. I learnt when having driving lessons to always drive so slow that I can stop within the visible part of the road. If smoke or fog is decreasing visibility, slow the fuck down. And after the crash, don’t stand around like an idiot.

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        1. Seriously though it wouldn’t surprise me if a few messed themselves. I once wrecked on a dirtbike and by the time i regained my senses i was in the process of involuntarily pushing a firm turd into my skinny pants, a lot of people have literally shit themselves in terror.

        2. If its solid and firm shitting yourself actually doesn’t feel bad but if its diarrhea it’s horrible. Personally i think it would be kind of funny to die with a log of shit in my tights or pants, it would freak out the people who have to deal with my corpse. The worst part of taking a turd in my skinny pants was the embarrassment, the actual sensation wasn’t bad at all.

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