Car with Supporters of Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Attacked Near Akulinino

Car with Supporters of Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Attacked Near Akulinino

A truly strange occurrence, even for Russia, was caught on dashcam outside of town of Akulinino, near Moscow. A car drives up to a road blocked by a bunch of other vehicles, including a bus, and stops. Shortly after, it gets attacked by people on the outside for no apparent reason. The attack happens off camera, but that only adds to the suspense. The moment the car’s windscreen is smashed, the driver reverses to get out of there.

The whole video made no sense at all, but I’ve done some digging and learned that in the car were supporters of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Russians are apparently concerned that if these anti Russian politicians are given too much space, Russia will follow in the direction of Ukraine whereby the country is taken over by the CIA who installs a puppet government and then it’s back to the genocide of Slavic Christians like it was during the bloody reign of Jewish Bolsheviks.

Makes you wonder if crisis in the Ukraine could have been averted if foreign agencies sponsored usurpers were dealt with like they deserved to be, instead of being given time and space to undermine the country until the dissolution was complete and the violent overtake inevitable.

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        1. Stalin killed off most of the original, Jewish Politburo during the Show Trials, including Trotsky.

          Later, during his final years, when he became uber paranoid, he began proper and official Jewish cleansings. He specifically targeted Jewish doctors.

    1. With every passing day of my life I seem to know less and less about politics.

      …just type in “U.S. involvement in every god damn country on the planet,” and google should redirect you to…


      …there’s your politics

  1. Fucking Bolsheviks. I always found it dodgy how a country could kill it’s own people for no real reason but thanks to this site and teaching me about the Jewish connection behind it all, it just becomes clear. The reason they killed so many Russians is because they were not Russian themselves, so one does not lose sleep over it.

    Putin is a nationalist, and they hate him for it because Nationalism is the one thing a Jew can’t bypass.

      1. @POZ: That right there is a very good point. It seems they got a bit too ambitious with that move and had blown their cover.

        @Ulfberht: Putin’s Russian Orthodox. I’m sure if Putin was a Jew there wouldn’t be this stand-off about Ukraine right about now. Also, Putin is probably a believer of the holocaust as the Russians suffered heavily during the war anyway, so I doubt they’re going to be in the mood to try and prove their enemies at that time were actually good?

        1. @Future Leader…I don’t think he’s a jew, but he is most definitely a Shabbos goy. And I don’t believe there’s a single world leader who doesn’t know the truth about the holohoax. Unfortunately, the only one with the balls to tell the truth is Ahmadinejad.

      2. @ZOP funny how in the movie Borat he makes fun if that when they decide to drive to cali instead of fly and says;”just in case jews repeat the attacks of 9/11″ we laughed our asses off but now we simply look at each other in disbeleif wnv me and my friends watch it

    1. Putin is an ex-NKVD/KGB jew puppet who wears a kippah and kisses the Wailing Wall with all the other zio-nonces. That’s when he’s not too busy commemorating the holohoax and blaming Germany for WW2.

        1. What they are after is a rerun of the highly profitable Cold War that cost us trillions and kept us in fear of nuclear conflict for five decades. The farcical war on ‘terror’ has run it’s course, and now they need a less ethereal
          enemy to scare you with. The whole things a kosher-stamped soap opera. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

      1. I forgot about that place. South Florida, the REAL Florida, that all of you outsiders see on post cards and dream about visiting on vacation is a far cry from the redneck / white trash / nigger area I live in…

  2. I don’t know Russian but i’ll like to take a stab at translating this i think he saids….

          1. Bit dearer in Portugal then , about 90 quid I think. Green Flag is 30 quid a year, not sure if it covers windscreens though. Driving is getting beyond a joke with the excise and juice and what not. And then, still, on a Brit reg document, it states ” The current Keeper ” of the vehicle, which, when all is said and done, really means the government holds sway when it comes
            to the nitty gritty.
            Crafty bastards.

  3. it looks like they were heading towards the other car that had pulled up just before this one too…craziness….I guess when they want to spi wash your windshield in Russia you basically let them 😕

    it would be cool if someone here could translate what buddy is yelling…

    1. Funny thing is, they found a more efficient form of slavery which increases productivity and helps them save face by “freeing” black people – Capitalism. Now everyone in Jew-controlled countries is a slave. You all work to make ends meet and barely getting enough pay to get out of the working class stage.

      Clever fuckers always coming out with something new, eh?

      1. @Future_Leader,

        You forgot about the new form of capitalism/slavery, the voluntary and apprenticeship sector.

        It starts with the corporations sending all the jobs abroad to third world sweat shops and then when they have made enough people unemployed they force them to work thirty odd hours a week for their social security payments. It’s a legal way of paying wages far, far below the minimum wage laws.

        The other slavery scam is that of the modern apprenticeship.

        Traditionally an apprenticeship was done in a skilled trade and involved on the job training and lasted for a year or two max before you became a professional tradesman on good wages, nowadays they have few real jobs but plenty of apprenticeships in litter-picking, shelf-stacking and every other non skilled job. Again, it’s a legal way of paying wages far, far below the minimum wage laws.

        The above is all encouraged and supported by governments.

        1. @Empty: Ahh shit, I forgot about that. I remember when I was on Job Seekers Allowance, they try putting you on so much shit! They tried putting me on so many full-time jobs but with fuck all pay, and whenever I questioned it, they said “Because you’re still learning”, and also because I “have to do it” otherwise I get sanctioned and don’t get my weakly pay.

          I told him it was slave labour. I weren’t going to settle for anything less than minimum wage at least. Thanks for reminding me of this bullshit. There’s not a single honest thing Western governments do, mate.

          I appreciate your very informed replies. It’s good to be on a site where others can see through the bullshit too.

  4. After backing up to flee, I thought the driver was going to return at the group of guys and hit them with his vehicle, like our recent video of the person that reverse slammed into the violent bikers. Vehicle bowling for Soviets! The one in the flip flops would have been an easy spare, I mean smear! Sometimes in a potential panic situation, people forget their car, truck or van can be a very useful weapon, especially against seemingly unarmed and riotous thugs. In that event, this would have been a dashcam video worth seeing! 😉

  5. So, the guys in the car were the Zionist ass fucks??
    If I’m getting that right, they were smart to high tail it outta there, cuz I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for a jet to be quickly scrambled if they decided to try and run Victor and his buddies there over.

  6. It sure looked like those guys weren’t finished with them yet. Did you notice how all of them got back into their vehicles rather quickly?

    …and with the sound of at least one of their tires going flat well..

    Blame it on the driver who called that guy in the shorts…

    “Mama’s bowel-movement baby.”

    They should of just hobbled out of there with their mouths shut. At least, they would of ended up in one piece!!

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