Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil

Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil

Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil

This apparently happened in Brazil, but I have no idea what exactly is going on.

The carnage shown in the video involves at least two crashed cars, a bus and a motorcycle, and a few apparently dead people scattered about. There’s a lot of commotion involving the passersby, but none of it makes much sense to me. I’m hoping our Portuguese language speakers can help us understand what’s the story behind all this.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil”

          1. @leatherface1,
            So is that bus driver accustomed to all his fair payers being ass up and bleeding from their heads? Almost like the driver was saying “hold tight folks because Jorge had a few drinks a little earlier than usual” ? Hey Latino Ralph Cramdon I don’t think this guy is watching his step while getting onboard? Because he’s now riding that great bus in the sky amigo!

    1. I know, an airplane would be the icing on the cake. What makes me laugh, among other things, is the way the drivers just drive straight through the scene.
      If that driver clipped that car on it’s side with a person inside who is still alive, well that would just about finish it for them. Maybe that’s why it’s so much carnage, those clever brazilians just keep adding to it like fukkin lemmings. Those people are morons.

          1. @xsookiex It’s not supposed to be a roller coaster. If only people didn’t play those mind games. Or should i say power games which is really what they are.
            This video is real carnage though. carnage rips your clothes off and leaves you lying on a slab ass up. Where’s the frikkin dignity? That’s supposed to be a private moment.

      1. Oh, I’ve been caught with my pants down! In fact, that’s the reason you and your twin bro, Spinkter, have been seeing a therapist together. Crying about me fuckin’ your obese mother with a lawnmower again.

    1. @brokeback Oh crikey that was a good one, i nearly died myself but you made a good point, who’s to say these are all one incident. They could be multiple and then there’s the looting afterwards followed by the ltnching. braziw just keeps delivering like an amazon courier on steroids.

          1. i am tempted to share some tranny porn on the forums… but i cant figure out what category to put em in….

          1. We might have to ask our Brazilian contingency but i hear they have a saying there “If you buy insurance you’re gonna need it” But then i wouldn’t take advice from a Brazilian on any subject.
            Brazil being the country where they most need insurance.

  1. Brazilian here.
    In the video there is a lot of confusion, but from what I heard there may have been some criminal act and the thugs on the run caused this confusion.
    I’ve heard people talking “tiros” (shooting) and “bandidos” (criminals).

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