Carnage on the Road as Two Tour Buses and Truck Crash in Dominican Republic

Carnage on the Road as Two Tour Buses and Truck Crash in Dominican Republic

26 people died and 19 were injured after two tour buses and a truck collided on the road between Hig眉ey and La Romana in Dominican Republic on August 15, 2008. Among the dead were tourists from Italy, some Haitians and a bunch of Dominicans. Total carnage on the road with whole lotta deaths.

The pickup truck driver was reportedly drunk (technically not illegal in the Dominican Republic), fell asleep and caused the crash.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. It looks like any other meat market, a few of them corpses are in very bad shape therefore a definite possibility to haggle the price down a bit.

    I expect the local Kebab shops will be well stocked for a while.

  2. I want to see the vehicles. Something tells me a “Tour bus” in the DR is an El Camino stuffed with 50 mexicans. There’ve been a few bad double decker bus (England) crashes and grey hound bus(America) crashes, but nothing reported that’s smashed the faces of 26 people….

  3. Thankfully all of the victims appear to be shitskin locals. I can’t imagine being a tourist there or any other Third World arm pit and dying, or worse, being severely injured and having to go to one of their unsanitary hospitals with doctors and nurses trained to a level less than a veterinarian.

    I’ve been to Mexico and Dominican and will never go back. I’ll stick to Florida beaches…every bit as beautiful without the Third World atmosphere and the looming specter of a horrid death in some fucking dive dirty country.

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