Another Normal Day in India

Another Normal Day in India

Another Normal Day in India

The bystanders in this video are only distracted for a few moments as a car rear-ends some guy hauling dirt. The dirt is poured all over the road but no one seems to be phased very much, including the guy who was steering the trailer. I’m surprised he wasn’t thrown off into the road. The dirt scattered onto the street only adds to the chaos and clutter of India and their horrible roadways.

With little to no street laws and an over abundance of noise along with careless people, and heaps of litter, accidents are bound to happen on the regular. But it’s India so the world keeps moving.

Props to Best Gore member @ash8888 for the video:

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60 thoughts on “Another Normal Day in India”

  1. Trit trot trit trotBOOM!-skate-yeeehooowww!-angle of the dangle… thump. lol
    Saved by The Horse & its fancy foot work… the only one with intelligence on the puke, proud, pagan, poopskin, path.
    What did the horse think?

  2. Well the horse thought :

    Hey ! I Hindu nothing!

    Your not going to “Bangalore” me in my “Hyderabad” you dirty man….I’ll just flip this cart and you now you ran out of “Lucknow”

    Seriously though….this must be “horse hell”

    1. long time since i made an comment here but you and bullseye42 gave me some hope for humanity! unfortunately i think the donkey broke his/hers back leg from what i could see, atleast the one on the right side seems badly hurt :*(

      couldn’t agree anymore bullseye42, fuck humanity because there’s no humanity in humans! humans only care about themselves even though they are abusing the animals, treating them like shit, forcing them work and risking their lives. humans can pull their own shit and stop taking advantage of innocent and friendly animals who done nothing to deserve being held hostage as a slave for humans! its fucking sickening!

    1. Your comment cracked me up….I was at the Indy 500 the year Bobby Rahal won. I didn’t see much of the race; I remember I fell down quite a few times in the mud. The race had been rescheduled from the weekend before because of so much rain and the infield was still mucky.

      Have you ever been to the race? That would be wild if you were there in ’86!

        1. A good luck at best and he could be KOed, so if he were to have a more gruesome and lasting accident, he wouldn’t be conscious…. Lol, that’d be pretty fucked, shitty safety standards in third worlds eventually causing people to make retarded precautionary measures to imminent traffic death by using something creative to instantly KO themselves if an accident were to occur…. Idk why I thought of that, kinda seems funny to me- like they’re so sick of dying on the road slowly or painfully that they have to resort to an easier way out, lol.

  3. Just had a painful shitting experience whilst watching this as I am having a shit. Made me chuckle so hard

    To add to the misery sneezed twice too prolly caused by the laughter which resulted in hasty exit of urine that led to nasty burning sensation to cockasian’s cockheadhole

    Most epic filly leg spread of all time

  4. the only victim is the poor donkey 🙁

    hope he is okay tho.. his back legs took a serious slide on the road and seems damaged at the end 🙁

    fucking india drive just use horn.. what did he expected ? to see the donkey climbing the freaking house wall to let him pass ? -_-

  5. The swerve by the flighty neddy right after the slide was the best frame of the video . For a while it appeared its gonna go darting at the car ; seeing red and kick the shit out of driver’s butt . … but ,but this hinny turned out to be stately , way different than the other types of his breed..

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