CCTV Footage of Motorcyclist Rear-Ending Trailer

CCTV Footage of Motorcyclist Rear-Ending Trailer

We often see videos and/or photos of motorcyclists looking all kinds of fucked up after rear-ending trailers. If it made you wonder how in the heck does one rear-end a trailer on a motorcycle, here’s how.

The CCTV footage shows a motorcyclist doing just that, although this one wore a helmet, and that probably saved his life. Had he not wore his helmet, that would be like getting smacked square in the face with a steel plate.

Due to the angle of the camera, we only see the impact and not what lead to it, but even from that little bit you can tell that the motorcyclist was simply following too closely behind the truck, and wasn’t paying due attention to apply brakes promptly. Both are recipes for an unexpected smack in the face.

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        1. Get that clip to play again ……and ya are gonna know its not because of the cyclist who had the truck brought to an abrupt halt ..its something else which camera eye hasn’t clearly caught but was right in the way of the truck .could have been someone trying to cross hurriedly across or something by the side of the road the driver thought he might hit not but stop and avoid he did but screechingly to a dead halt ….that’s when the tailing fuck head slammed right on to the tailboard thinking he was another little mini truck

          1. @Re-Pete – you could be right brother. It may well have been the cycle rider who caused this accident. The thing @Blucon is, you can not say for sure what happened here. You may be right in that something else caused it, but once the bike moves out of the cameras view you can’t say ‘ the cyclist had moved away from the truck, along distance in the front to safety’ because you cant actually see the cycle did 100% no question, move along way ahead of the truck to safety. There is no evidence to discredit this next scenario at all : – the very moment the cycle is out of camera view, the cyclist, well he had a massive heart attack and the bike just lost its momentum and fell to
            the side and got creamed by the trucks front tyres…………

          2. @Dutchy
            We can speculate and go on debating endlessly but I don’t think on Asian roads what I am surmising here is anything and nothing that cannot be further from the truth . Its all for us to see on this site . The accident rate just never stops to soar.
            Ya think the bloke bicycling further up suffered a massive seizure and collapsed right in the middle but there is nothing to substantiate what prompted the Driver jamming on to his brakes . not to a clue to concertize your version .
            If its a CCTV footage it isn’t telling of the whole drama that took place whereas as for all CCTV video grabs ya get everything as the very eyes of a human go witnessing a mishap. Even the write up isn’t forthcoming cause the details are simply based on the clip the ones we too are looking for are seen completely amiss .
            Anyway we three have our versions based on the mishap and that just allows us to share a candy each .I think we have won it man.

  1. When i ride my Harley, believe me, every one of my 6 senses are on overdrive especially whats in front of me. Always hope for the best but expect the worst but there is NOTHING & i mean NOTHING (besides your family and your health) that can compare to the joys of motorcycle riding. I know this sounds cliche, especially coming from a woman but you do actually FEEL like one with nature. Its infuckincredible!!! I highly recommend it!

    1. @mamason, I couldn’t agree more but unless you’ve actually experienced it people just don’t understand. I got my first Street bike when I was 15 and I was hooked on riding ever since. Unfortunately I had to give it up after breaking my spine since even a minor spill could leave me paralyzed. I’d give anything to be riding again.

  2. How the hell can ya be so close to a Monster and doing almost the same speed as the one in front of ya which is every bit a killer .

    Son of Bitch never knew what it is to keep a safe distance .I guess he was competing and feeling over the moon catching up exactly with the same speed that of the truck moving in front and was caught napping when the truck came to a sudden halt .

    I would say a few yards of tailing these kinda monsters is fine but risky anyway but not any closer than the few yards .
    He got brilliantly smacked on real hard the joy of free wheeling like a fool ended with a loud thud .
    Hope helmet came to his rescue but still the impact was severe ,he’s gonna be in pain for sometime ;but he survived a close shave with the death.
    Lucky Bastard

    1. @blucon Good points. What the hell is it with that music? I’d rather hear chanting rag heads. The rider appeared to be looking down for a split second too long and his helmeted melon tried to occupy the same space as the back of that trailer. We used to ride without helmets way before there were helmet laws in CA. Man, I’m lucky I didn’t become an organ donor.

      1. @BornToRun
        Yes ya are right for split seconds he was looking down to see if any of his change fell off his pocket or his dick swooshed out on to the road but he was plainly distracted tailing right behind the killer on wheels .

        I hope you are well versed with the dangers bro and not forgetting to wear your head gear on when on the road zipping around making babes swoon over ya .
        Be safe is all I wanna wish for ya .

    1. lmao ! Exactly even I took him to be a plastic figurine stuck for over a little while in riding mode
      and then the next moment saw the figuring kiss the ground in
      human not so plasticky mode not so riding but in a still mode

  3. It’s strange how the whole bike came off the ground. His front wheel must have made contact on the truck and kinda rode up it somehow. Contact by his head alone would not have lifted the bike…I’d like to see someone else give it a go.

  4. The day my twin brother and I turned 16, we drove for hours with my dad to the nearest town that had a traffic authority office so we could do the 10 question computer multiple choice test to get our licenses. My brother passed and I failed and had to come back the next month with the old man who was NOT happy, coz he wanted us to get drivers license as soon as we could so he could get out of taxi driving us hundreds of kilometers.

    But I remember the question in the test “What is the minimum amount of seconds
    you should drive behind the vehicle in front of you incase the conditions of the road
    change for that vehicle Ie a dog runs onto the road or the big fuck off truck in front
    slams on its breaks without warning? “. I always remember the answer is 3 seconds
    because my dad always said the same thing and he still does to this day if he is a
    passenger in a car that I am driving. Except after beginning my apprenticeship here on BG, I now drive 1 minute and 3 seconds behind the car in front of me !!………..

    1. @Dutchy
      I choose to delay and do it about a minute and 15 secs with my gas paddle with everything huge trundling further up that I see I always hate tailing. BTW ya said ya failed the first time but which attempt had you earn your license finally .?

      You are never gonna regret when you pay heed to your old man
      I am gonna say oldies are equivalent of the WIZARDS OF THE OLDEN GOLDEN TIMES as their logics are based on years of first hand experience which hardly seem to fail if ya go by their words.

  5. The truck stopped instantly, maybe someone was crossing the street and had to brake quickly, so the motorcyclist, who was probably day dreaming, didnt reacted in time. That happens alot, not just to motorcyclists. But whats with that music? 😆

  6. I’ll bet truck had one of those bumper stickers that says “If you don’t like my driving, KISS MY ASS!”

    That would explain this faceplant: strong disagreement with the truck driver’s etiquette on the road.

  7. Whatever happend, the Truckdriver pushed the brake through the ground. You can see the tires left tracks on the street.
    As stupid as it sounds, I guess it was only the traffic lights turned red. Truckdriver didn?t gave a shit about any speed limits, same did the Bikedriver. Plus the bike was so close behing the truck, he could see the red pimples on the truckdrivers hairy ass. Shit+Shit = Supershit.

    The helmet saved his life, otherwise his face would have been be transformed into a Pizza with teeth.

  8. He’s lucky that he wasn’t wearing flip flops, otherwise it would have been curtains for him.

    Flip flops are the leading cause of motorcycle fatalities in Thailand or wherever this shitty hole in the wall country is.

    This guy was saved. Are you going to get caught dead with flip flops on?

  9. Did this happen in a country where they don’t have cellphones yet, or is it one where where they still haven’t degraded themselves to filming victims of traffic accidents instead helping them (not that there was a whole lot of helping going on in the first place, but at least you could see most of them did kind of sympathize …)

  10. It’s what natural selection is all about……
    You are a great danger to people and yourself…..
    When making basic mistakes of that nature….ridind a bike.!!!!
    At that point you got to go …….rather than dispatching an innocent soul.

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  12. someone please translate wtf its writted at end …

    2 days ago i have see exact same accident here. the truck was stopped on an small road (road cross, so it stop normally) and an men on bike (yamaha something, big bike) coming behind, probably thinking about something take his mind, he thinking the truck wasnt stopped and bam !… hit the truck hardly. lucky difference here the truck have some bar under the trailer, so he not get stuck like i this video but just crash on the rear of the track, still an big crash i still hear again dat sound.. ( * big bike sound fast* ….. * giant “boum” like crazy* (i think the trailer was empty as the sound was very loud)

  13. Last January I ran into the back of an 18 – wheeler in my car. Sorry friends no blood or gory entrails to report… thankfully. How does one do that you may be wondering. Well, it was dark, truck was crawling up a hill without hazard lights on and my GPS flashed to tell me to turn to take the next exit… anyway, EMT gave me a head injury exam to make there was no brain tram. He asked what year it was… 2016. He asked me how many quarters in a dollar… 4. Then he asked me who the president of the United states is… An asshole. He looked at me and said you’re fine and walked away. True story.

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