CCTV – Unattended Boy Wedges Head Underneath Moving Tire in China

CCTV - Unattended Boy Wedges Head Underneath Moving Tire in China

Captured on CCTV in China, a little boy trips and falls under tire and head is reversed over. The driver of the car is allegedly the boy’s father.

Running to greet daddy’s arrival, son runs to the vehicle only to trip over what appears to be a speed bump. In no time, the boy becomes a proud speed bump for daddy. The unaware driver, let alone father reverses until son has been recycled.

A woman converses on the scene and scoops up body of limp boy. Hops into vehicle that speeds away in typical Chinese fashion.

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    1. Stupid little fella is better off dead. His lack of the most basic coordination skills and poor judgment of his surroundings makes him a perfect candidate for the Darwin Award, and the sooner he earns it, the better for the world.

      Let’s raise the glass for another worthy contestant removing his genes from the gene pool. A drop in the ocean, but nevertheless.

      1. he looks like a 3 yr old. what do you expect from a kid who just learn how to walk? i bet you. when you were 3 yr old you can’t even walk well. were just lucky we are still here in this earth because we have parents who guarded us unlike this kid.

        so stop with your darwinian award bs, can you even tell me what was his theory.let alone read his book?? it aint funny. you even dont sound cool. so stop with that phrase :—-)))))

        1. Click the puppy if you are not ready to watch people being torn to shreds and then see the comments. You could buy these chinks all hovercrafts if it would make you sleep better tonight. All I see is failed parenting at its finest. Just think with hovercrafts they will just bounce and float over each other. Billions of Asians and no population control!

          1. nahhh ive been here since i was in highschool. it been so long now that i remember. so dont give me the “dont like it? then dont click it”. we have our own opinions he xpressed his. i expressed mine. should be easy for you to understand? hm?

          1. did you know my profile picture is a tissue slide of ileum? not a colon but a small intestine. pretty close, still, shit goes there 😉

    2. Ah wait, there is something on my tire, better keep moving to check if i can run over it. Ooops that was my 69th kids… Its okay i can breed again.
      Fucking ching chong breed like cockroach

  1. Kudos to the driver , for he just about managed to reverse the car without nudging the side wall . As for the little chink ,who ran right in to the wheels to get run over, proves that the ; Chinese even at that age have a resolute death wish .

  2. What the living fuck did he think he was running over? Seriously, there was nothing there on the 999 other days he’d reversed into the garage. Maybe his thoughts ran along these lines: “…Hmm there seems to be a rather large soft squidglely thing under that front wheel that wasn’t there 2 seconds ago when I pulled up…if I reverse fast enough I KNOW that I can clear it!

    1. Years ago I went to a call for a woman pinned under a car. A lot of the times it’s not as bad as it sounds but this time, yep, there was a body under there. I went under the car to check her, no pulse, blood pooled, face unrecognizable. Lifted the car in no time with airbags and got her out. Got a pulse back but she died later.

      So we find out she was a resident in a group home and was heading out to the van, driven by a No Habla female, to go to the store with everybody. Poor thing probably all excited to get out for the afternoon and she’s behind the van as the No Habla with no clue backs up over her.

      So she feels the thump and bump and the vans won’t move. Now what does she do??? Yup, she gives it more gas repeatedly and the van jerks along dragging this poor woman underneath, rolling her over and over and dragging her face along the pavement. Bitch didn’t feel the resistance for the twenty feet the van moved and wonder what was wrong???

      1. Ah so…not only the Chinese that are capable of brain dead driving.
        Poor woman, that’s got to be a terrifying thing to experience for the few moments of consciousness before the angle of dark makes it all go away. When you say called out…you were a first responder Mr Head?

  3. Surprisingly I did not see any blood on the pavement? Maybe the child will survive, would be nice to have an update if one ever surfaces. Unfortunately though, it was the front tire with all the weight from the engine etc unlikely. To bad it wasn’t a VW

  4. … The kid is fukn toddled!.. I mean… Totaled!.. My issue however is with the fukn chink driver. .. Wtf is wrong with this muthafukr?… He could’ve also hit the lady with the bike and he could’ve backed up and took out that mother and child on the motorbike also… Worst driver ever..!

        1. I really feel for the driver, he’s worked a 16 hour work day at the firecracker factory and just wants to go inside and rest, now he has to drive to the hospitslal, and sit there for God knows how long.

  5. The entire purpose of speed bumps are to slow traffic to keep children safe. I knew it was only a matter of time for the moronic concept of speed bumps to literally kill a child. There’s no way he / she survived.

  6. Weeman(how Mark usually call little guys(:p) ) is so unlucky that, not only going in front of the car but he falling right in front of wheels.
    I doubt that he survives but who knows. Update on this little fella would be nice. I hope he survived..

  7. So dad gets two blocks away and remembers he forgot to close and lock his garage door. He turns around and goes back to do so. The son is beyond repair so it did not really matter to get his to the hospital. Boy that child was uncoordinated as well as the mother being so negligent by letting little junior out to run to his demise. I have one of the biggest hearts ever yet I didn’t have any feeling about this unfortunate incident, it was all the mother’s fault. Dad was just responsible for keeping concentrated on not banging the car going into the garage. Both father and mother needs to be spayed so no other spawn could be made between those two, since they don’t have that ‘one-child-per-couple’ rule in place in China anymore, because of mother’s stupidity. Even if that happened in the U.S.A., toddlers need to stay in the house until the car is parked and the parent comes into the door. A few moments of cuteness can wait. Watched video a few times and noticed bicycle lady intentionally swipes mom’s handbag.

  8. I don’t understand why anyone would back into their garage, or any parking spot for that matter. Is it just to make things easier for themselves in the future? But, isn’t backing out into the open street later still easier than reversing into a confined space now? I don’t pretend to know the answer. Either way, that kid’s not making it to work on time.

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