CCTV Video of Crash in Brazil That Left Pregnant Girl Dead

CCTV Video of Crash in Brazil That Left Pregnant Girl Dead

This CCTV video is of the crash that killed the pregnant girl on Avenida Inocêncio Serafico in Carapicuiba, Brazil. The aftermath of the crash is HERE.

It’s quite something that 8 people were stuffed in that small car, and that 4 of them wore seat belts.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Crash in Brazil That Left Pregnant Girl Dead”

    1. How is it that the accident occurred 20 feet from a police car? What are the odds?

      It’s almost as if the policemen thought, “Hey, let’s just pull over here and wait a bit for something to go wrong and….” BAM! The car hits the pole and throws all that shit. It kind of looked like the car threw up and all its shit went all over the road.

          1. That’s why I always tell everyone to double check and trust no one but one’s own gut. I can’t afford a proof reader. Hitting a wrong key because I’m trying to use the limited time I have on the internet to post as much content as possible is bound to happen.

          2. This happened in 28 nov. Some funny info:

            Five teams from the fire department (works as emergency in Brazil) were sent to rescue the victims and, on the move to attend the accident, one of the drivers lost control and overturned on Avenida Governador Mário Covas, in front of the Carapicuíba railroad terminal in the Center . The two officers of the vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

            EVEN MORE, three hours after this accident, two people riding on a motorcycle died after losing control of the motorcycle and hitting a wall.

            Hahaha, what a day in São Paulo

      1. it looks like he actually kind of caused it. He saw the speeding car in his rearview mirror and stopped on the empty wet road and the speeding car swerved to miss him because they were going to fast to stop on the wet road and lost control sliding into the wall and pole.

  1. Seat belts you fucking shitheads. I don’t feel sorry for these people.

    A: Driving so fast with a pregnant woman.
    B: Driving so fast in the rain with no seat belts.
    C: Scum of the earth Brazil. Nothing new here. I’m surprised this country still alive.

  2. To go at that speed, in wet conditions, with eight people in the car, seems like the sort of irresponsibility that is rife here in this country. I’d say only the Russians seem to me to take more risks, although, they seem to do it for lack of fear whereas Brazilians do it because they seem to think it will never happen to them, here people always say, ”don’t even talk about it” ”these are negative thoughts which make bad things happen” ”I don’t wanna see it”, the sort of ignorance that postulates that only because you’re not looking, it’s somehow not gonna happen.

  3. That’s crazy. So looks like not wearing a seat belt gave them a 50/50 chance of either dieing or surviving with brush burns etc….while, for what it looks like; the link to the second video included, being belted in caused all internal organs and etc to suffer from the immediate stop, killed them. Crazy backwardness I’d say.

  4. What Motorcycle are you guys seeing? Personally, cannot believe the dude that got barfed out of the car get’s thrown out, spins 3 times on the pavement, and then just sits up? I’ll tell you the physics of violence never ceases to amaze me. That guy was literally grabbed by the hand of a higher power and “tossed” from the car like a pair of dice on a felt craps table… worse than a skateboarder who took a hard fall. Its amazing when you think of the luck that guy had. He didn’t stop at 30-40 MPH dead but the universe allowed him to get thrown exactly the right speed from the car and from what it looks like, didn’t even break any bones or get road rash cuz it was wet. Lucky SOB!

  5. Eight people in a car only four seatbelts,you would think that the pregnant girl who’s now dead would have been strapped in man. Maybe she would have died anyway was it just her destiny,her time. So brutal fate can be,gone in an instant,just like that.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of shit online and in person at home and while overseas. I have to admit I let out an unintentional ooohhhwwoooww. That car just stops. I guess Top Gear was right. You couldn’t stop faster if you hit a tree.. err pole…

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