CCTV Video of Dog Causing a Motorcycle to Crash in Indonesia

CCTV Video of Dog Causing a Motorcycle to Crash in Indonesia

A CCTV video which I believe is from Indonesia shows a dog running across the road, and right in the path of a passing motorcycle. The collision between the canine and the bike caused the bike the crash, but the poor pooch was hurt too. He seems to run away without obvious limp, so hopefully he was OK.

The pair on the motorcycle probably ended up with nasty road rash, but other than that, nothing too major.

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  1. The dog running right before the crash can’t really mean much. Most animals don’t really ‘notice’ the damage until later. It’s just their instinct of danger kicking in, which in most cases is to not stop running.

  2. Ahhhggg… this happened to me once when i was sprinting with my bike downhill… And my aunt’s dog came from nowhere in front of my bike and i flew about 6 meters, doing a barrel roll… πŸ˜† The damn dog was alright, but it still whined, ehehe. Damn mut…

          1. Haha.. you are cheating on your boss.. they are paying you and yet all you does is stare, watch and chat here in BestGore.. a very good employee indeed.. lmao

          2. @cheekyme.
            I wouldn’t go that far , we’re all answerable to someone ! . Bosses also do make cuppas , but they usually make them too weak or too milky or too strong, I like mine just in the groove ! πŸ˜€

  3. Indonesians are like 90% Muslim I don’t see why he would even avoid the mutt. It’s not big enough to knock him down. Swerving or emergency braking to avoid animals is ridiculous.

      1. Music is the essence of life my friend. Do you think horror films would have half as much impact if you turned the volume down?? A visual and audio combination is what makes the experience so sorry but it is a big deal. And the music to this video is completely the wrong choice

  4. Hope the dogs ok.
    We had a pup get killed by a fkin teenager in his truck speeding down our street. Little ass swerved to hit her. Never wanted to have my .38 closer by in all my life. Cops said it was just kids being kids.
    She was a awesome pup to.

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