CCTV Video Shows View of Semi Truck Crushing Motorcyclist’s Legs

CCTV Video Shows View of Semi Truck Crushing Motorcyclists Legs

I believe this happened in Thailand.

It’s a CCTV video which shows in graphic detail what we often see the aftermath of on Best Gore, but scarcely how it happened. The bird’s eye view ensures the severity of the incident is in no way diminished.

In the video, a motorcyclist, presumably female, appears to realize in the last second that she’s not gonna make it safely into the gap between the white car parked on the side of the road, and the passing semi truck. She carries a dog on the scooter’s footrest, which I’m sure didn’t help in maintaining balance once she started losing it.

She falls off her scooter and on the road. The semi completely crushes one of her legs, but also gets the other leg’s foot. She basically done fucked real hard core, and the bird’s eye view of the camera does a phenomenal job in showing just how badly it all went down.

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      1. Not to butt in but….you should talk to whoever you want! I would reply to his comments on occasion but I do have a hard time understanding what’s being said. Don’t spend another second of your day being irritated about it. Breath in the good shit breathe out the bullshit:)

    1. @GoryCory
      I would say the same for that lucky fella to have just survived by a hairbreadth ………The female rider was no more than a novice to have taken that Dog on such a busy lane and riding on foolishly without an eye for the traffic whizzing past and constantly on the flow both ways .

      Fuck it hurts seeing her in a state of deep agony and pain but I think she has lost both her legs and she will have to take to wheel chair all her life .
      I am glad that the pooch went unscathed .

  1. I drive truck myself & alot of dumb fucken people out there that deserve to be hit because they don’t respect it but she still had plenty of room to safely stop w/o being hit, purely the inferior women driving skills showing through. See the shoe that stops in front of trailer axle when stops, no doubt with the foot still inside. Oh well, shit happens then you wipe.

    1. @Nextie I’m so glad the dog didn’t pay for her driving mistake, now she’s actually more worthless than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest : ( I truly feel bad for her though and wouldn’t wish this on my, or most of my worst enemies.

        1. Actually when I look at the video more, it almost looks as if she was trying to signal the driver with her right arm just as she was entering the screen and that could be why she lost control. I hope it wasn’t the dog that caused it because then she’ll probably be mean to him/her.

  2. There is no recovery from such an injury….
    The femoral artery is reduced to close to nothin
    In less than 3 min she’s gone.
    Next life make sure you stay away from your scooter when with your dog….

  3. …I ride with my dogs everyday- while I talk on the cell phone my helmet is locked neatly to the rear seat, wearing shortest shorts, bikini top & flip flops clutching my groceries in the other hand-whilst lane splitting lanes that aren’t really lanes
    Boo-ya no!

  4. Unfortunately it looks she was trying to pass the truck on the left side and was surprised by the parked car. Damn. Such a silly mistake cost her her legs. It happened so quickly. I would NEVER be riding a scooter so close to such a large truck….it’s as if she felt invincible because she had her helmet on. To her credit, the helmet did seem to do its job well.

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