Two Biker Thieves Pinned Under Toyota, 1 in Bloody Shape While Other Dies in Guanajuato, Mexico

Bloody Bike Thief Pinned Under Toyota

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In Spanish and Portuguese, Bomberos means firefighter

Located in Celaya, Guanajuato Mexico on New Year’s Eve, a Toyota driver strikes down 2 thieves on motorbike from behind, pinning both under vehicle.

One thief, José Alfredo N, 29, screams in agony “take it off me!” Exactly what “it” is, should be obvious. While in rough shape, he is asked “do you have any guns?”

The second assailant, Juan Manuel N, 35, makes no attempt at screaming or living, and dies at the scene. José, who appears in the video, survives fractures in both legs, arms, as well as various injuries.

There are two versions of the incident:

“two assailants tried to steal the vehicle, but the owner resisted and he ran over them.” or “the armed robbers, stole money from several people in a local nearby, while fleeing the scene, crashed with a vehicle whose drivers identity is unknown.”

The solo shoe phenomenon makes its special appearance in this justice induced road accident.

Props to Best Gore member @ethianlemus for the aftermath video:

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    1. Guanajuato.-A driver ran over two alleged criminals, who seconds before had been enforced with a firearm to strip him of his vehicle. The balance of that fact is a dead man and another seriously injured after being pressed between the car and the asphalt.

      The events occurred on December 28 in the streets of Celaya, when the victim was surprised when driving a compact car, and two subjects who were transported by motorcycle reached him and threatened to shoot him by not stopping and handing over the car keys.

      During those moments of tension, the alleged thieves never waited for the driver to oppose their requests and proceeded to ram them at great speed causing a major accident.

      The witnesses point out that one of the assailants was left between the vehicle’s grille and the asphalt, and was able to survive the impact; while the second man was projected as ten meters and died immediately.

      Subsequently, the thief who was left alive was beaten by several people who forced several policemen to intervene to avoid being lynched, and reports of serious injuries to his body and fractures. At the moment he is admitted to the General Hospital of Celaya.

      The driver was at the disposal of the local authorities to determine responsibilities on this fact.

      The alleged assailants were identified as Juan Manuel ‘N’ 35 and José Alfredo ‘N’ of 29 years, the first was reported as deceased.

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