Chaotic Aftermath of Road Carnage Caused by Failed Brakes in Ghana

Chaotic Aftermath of Road Carnage Caused by Failed Brakes in Ghana

Chaotic Aftermath of Road Carnage Caused by Failed Brakes in Ghana

According to the backinfo I got, while the people were selling on the streets, a truck’s brake failed and it rammed into everyone. The incident happened in Ghana, a country in Africa.

The video captures the chaotic aftermath of the chaotic road carnage with multiple people either killed or injured. That one woman had her leg split open lengthwise.

I sort of feel sorry for the driver who gets an old piece of shit vehicle to drive and its brakes fail while he’s behind the wheel. I mean imagine the horror when you step on the pedal and it does fuck all.

Props to Best Gore member @proclandestine for the video:

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