Chap Crossing Road Hit by Taxi Driver Not Paying Attention in Dublin, Ireland

Chap Crossing Road Hit by Taxi Driver Not Paying Attention in Dublin, Ireland

Chap Crossing Road Hit by Taxi Driver Not Paying Attention in Dublin, Ireland

In Dublin, Ireland, a young chap trying to cross the road got culturally enriched when he was hit by a taxi driver not paying attention. The dashcam footage from the taxi cab shows the driver accelerating forward with zero regard to who or what else is on the road. Best Gore member @trey99 explains:

This man in Dublin was hit by a taxi driver. Taxi driver was not paying attention and talking to his passengers. The guy he hit was trying to run across the road but the driver obviously kept increasing his speed unaware of the guy because he was taking to the girls.

In Dublin, Ireland we have a huge problem with taxi drivers. They take stupid risks and cause so many accidents because if you hit them, you have to pay for their wages and car because they will be off the road. It’s a common scam among taxi drivers. They are dangerous.

Not to mention the massive influx of foreigners who get fake driver’s and taxi licenses and because black people tend to look alike, they share the one taxi among 5-6 people, even though they are not qualified.

So when this happens or an accident, you won’t get a payout because the foreigner wasn’t insured. They are dangerous and personally I never get into a taxi if it’s a foreign person. Too dodgy. Not to mention the amount or rape that has risen among foreign drivers because they can’t be accused, because it was most likely another driver and or you are racist if you do accuse them. Final solution I say.

Anyway, rant over, enjoy the video. And yes, the driver was foreign, probably very interested in the girls in the car and was distracted by his filthy thoughts of rape.

Thanks a lot for the video and the insider input, @trey99:

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  1. “In Dublin, Ireland we have a huge problem with taxi drivers. They take stupid risks and cause so many accidents because if you hit them, you have to pay for their wages and car because they will be off the road.”

    A society causing its own destruction.

    1. Not the society. There is an outside element that implanted itself into societies and pretends to work in their best interests, but its true goal is gradual disintegration of societies in order to enslave and dominate. He smiles in your face while he slowly buries a blade into your heart. He’s marked with a mutilated dick and wears a yarmulke.

      1. The indigenous people of Ireland, the Irish, had a well above replacement birth rate of around 3.0 before their doors were swung wide open. I wonder what bullshit they spun to the Irish people, if at all.

      2. Yup probably a paki or banana peeling Niggerian ape. Every ones got to deal with this third world scum invading our lands, everyone but Israel the actual perpetrators they say “we have to protect our race, our people” if a white European said that it would be a “hoolacawst” you bastids. Fucking dirty kike rats

    2. Well, the pedestrian obviously seen what was coming. You can see him speed up to race the driver to the pedestrian crossing. Dumb fuck just thought the taxi would stop because he got in front of it first. Physics does not work that way, those lines are not invincibility shields. Pay attention.

    3. Just shows you what a 30 MPH impact will do in terms of shifting a human body. It was a mid section impact and the target was moving so the kinetic energy of say a two ton vehicle is pretty immense at 30MPH. Probably not fatal in this case unless you were unlucky and smashed your skull. Meanwhile a green light means the driver gets away with it or minor offence for taking his eyes off the road and onto the girls tits.

    4. i know how this pans out , the kid , the passengers , all the witnesses , the attending officers , the lady in the insurance office , and the man at the DVLA thats looking into his licence renewal are all racist

      1. green light doesn’t give you the right to hit people even though they’re crossing illegally period. judging by the amount of the distance
        the driver probably was looking into his phone or has his head turned back while the skank opend her legs to show pussy in exchange for a free ride in this case this motherfucker is at fault and going to be charged with reckless driving hope the injured man is doing well

          1. Oh my….better watch out, next thing someone will accuse you of something!?! We had record breaking heat this weekend! 63° on Saturday and fifty something yesterday. Back to the frozen tundra today though. I wanna cuddle. 😉

      1. If this had been in China, face-recognition cameras would have clocked who he was, given him a ticket for jaywalking, and taken the money from his bank account before he stopped sliding!

  2. taxi driver isn’t at fault. jackass giving his input may be truthful on foreigners illegally driving taxis but the light was green and the moronic pedestrian had an ample amount of time to think about stopping rather than slightly jogging but still walking to cross in front of an accelerating vehicle, granted the driver could slowed down or stopped but he had the right away. there’s a reason jay walking is a crime, here’s a solid testimony for it to be reinforced heavily.

    1. Green doesn’t mean go. It never has. It means go when it is safe to do so. Its in the book.

      That said. That road was far too bright with street lights for the driver not to have seen that Paddy at that speed. You just know the nigger was distracted by all those whitey womenz in the back of his car. “Muh Dik”.

      Had that banana boat driver had black women in the back of his car he would have driven properly and not been distracted because black men can’t stand their own women. They refuse to date them in fact. Dark skin sinks their boners for some reason despite the fact they are black as fuck themselves.

  3. I guess we all have had our not so smartest moments. I hope that if I die stupidly like this, and someone watches the video, they don’t think I lived my entire life like a retard just because I died like one. (Even though I am a retard).

  4. Stupid taxi driver. You’re in Ireland, the land whose rivers flow with whiskey. Look out for drunks they are part of the territory’s ecosystem. If he was a Ridley’s sea turtle everybody would have lost it.I was able the hit the pause button on the video way before the collision and I have fat thumbs

  5. You can tell by the ape like trot that the Irish firecrotch was drunk. He was begging for this life lesson, and I’m confident he won’t do it again. Straw and Haggis puree for the rest of this fucker’s life.

  6. “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” damn those stupid sluts are at fault that this young man was injured and then they act all surprised…
    Wouldn’t surprise me if one of them sucked the driver off to get a free ride. And the fucktard driver was probably to occupied with looking at the other ones wobbly tits.

  7. Oh come on, the pedestrian was a stupid cunt and got splatted. He saw the car coming and timed his acceleration perfectly assuming the car would stop. Arrogant fuckwit, hope it hurts when you wake up pal.

    Just so that it suits most people’s agenda on here, he was probably eastern European….

  8. Was 200% the Taxi Drivers fault. Stupid fucking Hindu. Look at how he drives. Everyone fresh off the boat drives like that. You see it all the time. If it’s brown? Kill it. The British empire has been tainted so hard it isn’t even funny. It’s time for a cleansing. I wish we lived in the future where Hitler won.

    1. they are all peices of shit, they drive like that here in front of the schools because their lawn mower is getting cold, I fucking hate those brown creeps

      all of them are jealous peices of shit until they have a daughter, all of them

  9. It’s his own fault he got hit. Look both ways before crossing the street. My mother taught me that when I was four years old. He didn’t even look. Plus, he crossed the street when the car had the green light. He did it to himself. Still sucks though either way.

  10. For everyone saying the driver wasn’t at fault you are all wrong.. green doesn’t mean drive on no matter what! It means drive on if it’s save to do so.. also our law states that all pedestrians have right if way, so you are at fault if you hit a pedestrian.. not to mention he increased his speed coming up to more lights and wasn’t watching.. he is totally in the wrong.. maybe other countries have rules that say the driver is not at fault but here he is..

  11. Lmmfao!! I’m from Ireland… Those funny fuckers sound like they getting ready to cum (oh my gaud oh my god) haha…. Not surprised alot of Irish go around with the heads in there buttholes….. Get yere heads out of yere holes fuck witts!

  12. This woman has a choice to make… looser skirt or lower heels so she can walk like she isnt trying to hold something in her butt.

    First remark of the taxi driver “it’s ok” haha no man I don’t think so

  13. You’re right. I got a taxi to Bray from Dublin and this black fucker was flying through red lights and everything. They proposition women to give blowjobs instead of payment. Here’s a mad fact for you. There are more taxis in Dublin than New York.

  14. I saw this and didn’t blame the driver, who had a green light, didn’t appear to be speeding or being otherwise reckless, probably reached to get a sip of coffee or otherwise, as drivers will do, and therefore didn’t expect a very stupid person to just walk right in front of him and BAM.

  15. TO THE ASSHOLE @trey99 WITH THE RACIST ANTI BLACK RANT. the accent of the taxi driver was eastern European AKA WHITE, probably Ukrainian, so your pussy hurt I blame blacks for everything bloody ass rant is wrong… SECONDLY IF YOU WOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO THE DRIVER HAD ALL GREEN LIGHTS.. THE IDIOT CROSSING RAN THROUGH A RED LIGHT. WHICH EVEN FOREIGNERS KNOW IT MEANS STOP…

    THE STUPID ASS DRUNKY McTWOSHOES thought he could run a red light and outsmart traffic.
    last time I checked. I wait for my light to turn green before I cross. its a common thing amongst everyone … except to the fucking drunktard Irish
    NEXT time please look at the video and analyze it before going on a rant that has nothing to do what is being presented.. I love how this site has fought the government claiming its supposed to be an “educational” site and shouldn’t be censored and I agree this shouldn’t be censored. bUT i call bullshit on educational . its more of a site for white nationalists to gather masturbating at all the videos of dark skinned people getting murdered or crushed by vehicles..

    yeah educational for sure…

    1. I highly doubt that you are correct. His race doesn’t matter, but regardless, the driver wasn’t eastern European. I also highly doubt that are many white nationalists on this site. More like extremely insecure, reject incels types who can only feel good about themselves through this specific avenue.

  16. They should show this video in driving school because this comment section is all over the place on who’s to blame.

    I think the driver definitely deserves the most blame. If you look at the start of the video the guy crossing to road doesn’t run like a fool straight away, he clearly picks up the speed as he sees the car coming, giving his intention that he’s planning to cross and not stop, and any driver that far away but close enough to the pedestrian crossing should know it’s the safest bet to slow down in that situation, but the driver gave no fucks. Or as some people say, maybe he was distracted, but then he’s even more at fault because why would you pay the least attention to the road and incoming pedestrians when it matters the most? The fact that his response after the hit is “it’s okay” also gives the impression that he doesn’t care at all about what happens next. Reckless driver for sure. With that said, the pedestrian should have kept an eye on the car for his own preservation. It’s easy to think that just because you’ve crossed the road like that 100 times successfully there won’t come a day when you’re unfortunate to be in the fate of one lousy driver.

  17. This accident is a case of one retarded taxi driver (not looking where he was driving towards) knocking out a retarded pedestrian (not looking where he was walking towards). It’s hilarious how he just slides across the tarmac like he was on a water slide. Hope he is ok and made a full recovery afterwards.

    The vocabulary from the female passengers in the back is priceless “omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod….omigod omigod omigod”. Can people ever utter anything else, like “oh shit” or “fuuuuuuuck”? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate?

    Still, this is Ireland, a predominantly Christian country, so I forgive it.

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