Child Gets Crushed by Oncoming Vehicle After Falling Off Toy Scooter

Child Gets Crushed by Oncoming Vehicle After Falling Off Toy Scooter

CCTV video from China shows a child falling off his toy scooter and being crushed by an oncoming vehicle. It seems that the child bumped into his mother’s ankle, causing the tot to lose his balance and fall.

And of course the driver ran over the child with both wheels. It just wouldn’t be China if the driver hit the breaks after going over a hump that wasn’t there.

The video is short, but from what it shows, the sidewalk seems to be in good enough repair to pull a toddler on a toy scooter along on it. The woman also seems too busy engaging in conversation with a person walking on the sidewalk to pay due attention to the kid she’s wheeling down a busy road.

That’s some serious parenting fail on behalf of the woman, but it’s even more ridiculous that she instantly turns to the driver and appears to lay blame the driver. People like that don’t learn a thing from a tragedy.

Props to Best Gore member @refure2renig for the video:

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165 thoughts on “Child Gets Crushed by Oncoming Vehicle After Falling Off Toy Scooter”

        1. Definitely a ‘YES’ as any parent should know better than NOT to walk in the same direction as traffic. C’mon now. Not only that, it is only common sense, especially in such congested traffic.

          1. Technically it is against the Law in USA to walk on the left side of the road so she was walking the right direction but should of had child in front of her

          2. @james62206 what the fuck are you talking about? Its not against the law to walk on the left side of the road, that’s what you are supposed to do. Where did you pull this law out of? And if it was, that is China not USA.

          3. YA but she was walking the child IN THE ROAD, not on the side of the road. That was inevitable. Never put your faith in the ability of others to not run you over. ALways be aware of your surroundings. Never walk between a building and a car with the engine running. ALways look both ways even after the light turns green. Never take anything for granted and you may just make it to see gray hair.

        2. Yes western parents and western civilisation is smarter in general. They put more of a value on life and put in place rules to stop this sort of shit from happening. Asian people are more interested in saving face than saving lives.

          1. @ Frank

            Though it sounds logical to an average pro-western thinker, There are numerous flaws to this logic, few of which are:

            1.) Western Civilisation has created more wars and claimed more lives in the world than anything else has in the history of humanity. Look at the 2 world wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, a few to mention. Look at the NRA making big money from a western tool created to take away lives, look at nukes and their capacity to wipe out a sizable portion of humanity. Thus claiming it puts “value on life” is not a very smart presentation.

            2. ) Asians (particularly Chinese) have more pro-life rules and harsher punishments for breaking those rules, than the west. That’s precisely why the west keeps criticising China for not giving their people more freedom to be stupid and kill each other like westerners do.

            Asians are generally the smartest people in the world. Look at their macro policies and foreign policies.. They don’t spend money on wars and try to force others to be like them. Meanwhile their IQ is higher than westerners’

          2. @gropella Feminism caused this death?
            I owe someone an apology. Sorry, Deth, they really do think like that. Since you’re a drama queen half the time, I assumed you were exaggerating.

        3. Not smarter, but not that dumb, well there was the case of that guy jokingly putting his girlfriends kid in a washing machine that apparently was ready to start as soon as the door was closed. The kid survived and the mother got an exclusive. Good ole US of A+ retards.

    1. I live in China and see this stupid shit all the time. Really makes me angry that they take such reckless chances in traffic. Its as if they have no awareness of vehicles whatsoever. I just don’t understand how such smart people can be so stupid at times.

      1. Compare that to our own stupidity that your child in a toy scooter could easily catch a stray bullet even while you did everything right as a parent. Or some feminist babysitter could suffocate him (if it was a boy).

        You live in China, you’ve experienced how safe it is there, generally. Yet we’re the ones who criticise china, Try to force them to have the freedom to be stupid like us. e.g: own guns and shoot each other on the street like we do, embrace lesbianism/feminism/matriarchy like we do, etc.

        One stupidity should not replace another. At least the Chinese smartness outweigh their foolishness. I cannot say the same for us

        1. We do? “We shoot each other in the street”? Who is “we”?
          Got a turd in your pocket? Only druggy gang bangers shoot each other and I say good riddence. Yeah, they hit innocent bystanders. In areas where sane people aren’t allowed to have guns.

          1. We do, and we even go to elementary schools to shoot kids dead
            (Look up Adam Lanza, and many more)
            Some times we also carelessly leave our guns at home where our children can reach, use it to kill each other (look up incidences here in the states)

            I still wonder what convinces us we don’t have a greater level of shit than others

          2. If Adam Lanza is who you identify with – – your “we”, then Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Collect $200 Welfare Money.
            Most of the children listed as killed in gun statistics are young gangbangers, not innocent children. You have bought the kool aide for the sheeple.
            Now who else wants to attack the sheep in the gun free zones?

        2. @gropella Another stupid remark from same silly poster. Babies are only killed if they’re boys? Where dear? The U.S.? Then, love, you should adore and move to China. They quite enjoy killing the baby girls.

    1. I thought Chinese people and Orientals in general are the smartest people, i.e. in terms of IQ.
      Well looking at this vids, I guess having a top-notch IQ is no substitute for good ol’ common sense.

      Not a good idea to have a child trailing behind you whilst walking in the direction of traffic.

  1. Dumb bitch. I know China doesn’t have the same road/pedestrian etiquette as the U.S., but common sense would say not to walk so far from the curb. The driver deserves blame too because they should’ve given more room to the dumb chinese bitch. I’m extra cautious when driving around children for this very reason.

      1. Since I’m shit at explaining things, here is some shit I copied and pasted from an actually BG post, I think you ought to read it..

        “Please do keep in mind that Best Gore serves over 3 Million unique readers each month (and growing) and with audience this large, there is big demand for a variety of content. It would be impossible to 100% please each of the 3 Million of you 100% of the time. That is why I make as many posts each say as time permits. Content you enjoy the most should never be more than a few clicks away. If you find yourself to be too macho for this or any other post, just move onto the next one.”

        1. That lady seem to be particularly proud to drag
          That kid along……I bet the sidewalk would have been a better idea………Murphy’s law all over again……!!!!
          Take a proud idiot ……a defective product toy…..
          An infant……. another idiot……..a lil stone on the road ……a 2 ton car…….And ………..BAMMM!!??!!??!!!!!!!!
          PS: life is good.!!!

    1. @ Dag Nabbit , Is it racist to cross the street when a group of young black males are walking towards you, looking right at you? Is it racist to notice what your attackers look like? Did I pull my gun and shoot as they grabbed me just because, you know, I’m racist?

    1. You don’t speak for me.
      With that bullshit that comes out of your mouth, “whip them”
      Take that cornball shit somewhere else, it’s just as corney as “urge to jizz”.
      You speak for yourself, when you say unintelligent drivel. It’s people like you that fuckin irk the shit out of me, you want to be an asshat in the comment section, go to Worldstar, and have at it. But you definitely don’t speak for me or my people.

      1. It’s just a faggot troll, ignore it. Well said though. The “urge to jizz” thing, on the other hand is a little different. It may have become an inside joke here and is a bit corny, but there is real meaning to it. How many men (and women too i suppose) have made dumbass decisions just because they are thinking about their will to fuck than thinking logically? This fucking guy though, is just another attention whore. Hopefully he gets whipped off of this site. πŸ™‚

    1. Ya mr Dirk…….Works with the monkey and the jungle thing tho…..
      But the Chinese are far too smart to eat banana and
      Foutou only………As a matter of fact…… They’ll​ eat us alive
      In the long run…..Unless…. Unless
      The Russians and Americans become allied……
      That’s another fucking Jew idea I bet…!!!!
      May be happening…..
      Dogs eat dogs……All that shit s’gonna end up in tragedy
      Anyways…..Matter of time.

      1. Whys it always got to go to politics? It’s a policy in my brain to have children on the sidewalk side of me and policy to slow way down when driving past kids.poor lady went to having a laugh to the worst tragedy in her life in seconds…rip little one.

    2. Yeah mr dirk, those wise sayings are used primarily to refer to black people who are closer to monkeys and who have various challenges living among educated and civilized white humans.

      Chinese while clumsy and robotic at times, are far way smarter and civilized and evolved than those far less evolved and inferior monkeys whom we referred to as black people.

      Sigh!! There… I love to xpress me on those chimpanzees. Makes me feel much, much better Every time. We should invent “chimpy day” a day to celebrate our opinions based on observations on black people all over the world. “Chimp!!”
      Why didn’t we shipped them back to Africa after we used them as slaves? Whyyyy???

  2. I think at times that since a toddler baby girl are worthless to them than boys… I have a feeling that they intentionally/deliberately to be carelessness on females girls at same time collect insurance!

  3. News headline: Chinese woman called “Na ting in head” walking baby on road in downtown Beijing when car came from nowhere and killed baby named “berry berry flat”…driver commented ” I think that sum ting was wong wen bump jump up from inside of road”…

  4. Reminds me of the video of that woman who tripped and suddenly became decapitated by the bus she just got off. Also the video of the guy who tripped backwards, breaking his son’s neck. Some sad endings :/

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