Child Gets Off Van, Van Drives Over Child

Child Gets Off Van, Van Drives Over Child

I got no backinfo at all about this video. It’s a CCTV footage showing a van used as a school bus dropping off a pair of children, then running over one of them as it tried to cross the road in front of the van.

Even though I don’t know where the video is from, there is no end to the videos of children being run over by ignorant drivers in China. I don’t know if this one is from China too, but it’s the first thing that came to mind as soon as I saw the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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155 thoughts on “Child Gets Off Van, Van Drives Over Child”

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    2. This site is lacking support I wonder if Marks needs to pass the torch to a member who can do a more active role, Mark has been great but with his life changing and farm stuff he may need pass the torch like he’s hinted

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  1. Careless driving costs lives, and this poor kid died needlessly, even though he was stupid to cross IN FRONT of the vehicle, he Had every right to expect the driver to see him instead of blindly plowing into the hapless little sod…

    1. @thebritishbulldog; Don’t worry, if the child had crossed behind the van the driver would have reversed.

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      1. That’s cause you’re a complete twat!!
        I feel sorry for the kid who was hurt and the one who witnessed, too.
        I think it could possibly be in the UK, but I may well be wrong. Mark would obviously have a much better instinct for these things as this is what he does. 🙂

        1. It is clearly not in the UK. I hope nobody else reads that or else they will realise what a complete idiot you are. It is clearly in some third world country. It’s not the kid I feel sorry for, it’s you who I feel sorry for… idiot.

    1. yep, pretty sure its in brazil
      the car plate format and color match, yellow strip on sides to school transportation
      and the van must be a renault model
      i see those everyday…

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  3. Smart driver indeed. His seat belt enabled him to remain in the vehicle after this horrific accident. And after successfully bringing the vehicle to a complete stop on this poor child’s head, he STILL to my amazement, remained totally calm, even while this crazy lunatic was jumping around holding his head outside, next to the van.

    I want him as my personal driver from now on!!

  4. I just think she is trapped and not dead, poor child either way. Thats easy 2.5tonne of metal with bodies on board as well but hopefully the ground clearence isnt so small that it pancakes the kid?

    Kinda makes me wanna take my tools everywhere too just incase shit happens

  5. I was always taught that it’s *rude* to walk in front of a car when you get out of it, since you’re preventing the driver from leaving. Always go behind the car. This wouldn’t have happened had they followed this little tidbit..

  6. One thing I could not stand seeing innocent children and animals getting abused, neglected and being killed regardless where in entire world! It’s the parents and adulthood can be as sadistic/demented no compassion plain as stupidity!

    1. I wanted to say the same, ever since I was a child I always got taught to pass a stopped car from behind because he’ll obviously keep on driving. On the other hand it’s a dumb child, she might have just forgotten it in that moment.

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