Child in Romania Suddenly Takes Off Across Road, Gets Hit by Car

Child in Romania Suddenly Takes Off Across Road, Gets Hit by Car

Child in Romania Suddenly Takes Off Across Road, Gets Hit by Car

A terrible accident happened on the evening of Sunday February 9, 2020 at the pedestrian crossing on Grigore Alexandru Ghica street in Suceava, Romania. At around 8:10pm, a child aged 2 years and 3 months, who was with a group of adults, suddenly took off and ran across the road. The child stepped in front of a speeding VW Turan and got hit it.

According to the local reports, the child suffered severe cranial polytrauma, hemorrhagic shock, leg fracture and other injuries. 52 year old O. V. from Brodina commune, who was driving the car, tested negative for alcohol.

The child died the following day while in the hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @wezzy for the videos and the aftermath pic. Here’s a CCTV of the accident:

Another angle video of the same accident:

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    1. HELL, when I was 8 and standing on the sidewalk and a 16yo girl drove up on the sidewalk and got me.

      Collapsed lungs, road rash along one arm on the chest.
      Handel bar punctured my bicep, the whites of my eyes were blood red.

      1. Where are you from? Great Britain?
        Gypsy represent 5-11% of the Romanian population. But you see,edgy people like you like to belive everything your politicians say. Saying Romania is full of gypsy is like saying all South Africa is white.

        1. The biggest issue for the Romanian people is that of optics, what the general public see and hear on a daily basis.

          I’ll use Great Britain as an example. In London whenever a thief gets caught 8 times out of 10 he/she will be a Romanian national because Britain has a large number of Romanian gypsies working full time in London to steal from the populace.

          The general public then upon seeing this pattern pop up again and again and again starts to dislike Romanian nationals in general because the thieves don’t identify themselves as gypsies upon capture, just Romanian and most human beings tend not to go out of their way to create distinctions. They see patterns and they broad-brush and form stereotypes because it is part of our innate nature and often aids in the lowering of risk to ourselves.

    1. He was a 2 year old, you’re acting like he knew and understood the dangers of roads at that age. The kid wasn’t even old enough to start nursery yet, let alone learn about road safety. Let the poor kid rest in peace man.

  1. I can make fun of the Dasilvas and the Flip flops but this one really hit hard couldn’t watch it twice.
    I have a 2 year old son and this was tragic… No matter how vigilant or strict parent become the younger ones are unpredictable.

    1. Generally the adults were at fault. ALWAYS hold the hands of children. Young children lack what we adults call intelligence and common sense, they do unpredictable things. They need to be smacked and told off for their own good.

    1. To be fair, Romania used to be infested with gypsies but not so much anymore. They all left to plague Western European countries instead as soon as Romania was allowed to have freedom of movement within the EU.

      London is fucking full of them. Berlin too, the last time I was there.

      I expect that crime in Romania has never been lower in fact as I doubt they have any criminals left.

      1. I don’t know about Gypsy travels; however, this city of Suceava is situated near the borders of Ukraine and Moldova, and I believe the Romani population is maybe 1% at most.

        A Romani boy would have straddled along the curb with barrister business cards clutched in hand for ready reference. This kid got murdered into said curb, a Romanian kid the same age as my youngest grandson.

        This wasn’t a so-called ethnic cleansing, this was a tragic end of the life of a healthy, impetuous and semi-retarded Romanian youth.

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          3. @hopingfornemesis
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  3. children really do dumb things for seemingly no reason. My 2 year-old threw her doll on the road and then tried to run after it. Luckily I always hold the back of her collar when we go for walks so she went no where. Asking “why would you do that?” over and over is what having a child really is like. 9/10 do not recommend.

  4. Small kids always fucking run like that!!

    You have to train them NEVER to run like that.

    I’ve had small kids run into the road by my sons junior school. FUCK. Then the mother looks at ME like I’m at fault. Fucking idiots.

    Luckily… I haven’t hit anyone and pray I never do. How can you cope with that shit?

    I just blame the parent. TRAIN your kids. I did. I trained THREE sons.

    If they ran ONCE I’d shout and smack and they WOULD NEVER RUN AGAIN. Id make SURE then NEVER FORGOT that lesson.


  5. As horrible as it is that child died he wasn’t a bright child. Every child by that age understands you don’t just let it across roads especially at night! I knew that many here know that but this kid didn’t. And now he can’t reproduce thus doing his bit to end more idiots being born. Anyways the driver will have this on his conscience despite doing nothing wrong. And the parents need a slap too

    1. Im pretty sure very child at the age of doesnt know not to run onto roads and even if they did can easily get excited and inevitably run onto a road such as if someone was pretedning to chase them. All there are going to more of this because of electric cars which can be virtually silent.

      I am pretty sure you do not remember much about when you were 2 years old

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