Child Runs Across Road Ahead of Family, Gets Hit by Motorcycle

Child Runs Across Road Ahead of Family, Gets Hit by Motorcycle

In my opinion, the most at fault was the motorcyclist. He was riding too fast and failed to stop at a pedestrian crosswalk when other vehicles did. Mother could have kept her kids more under control too, especially since they were crossing a road with live traffic, but I appreciate that that’s not necessarily easy with little kids.

Props however to the motorcyclist for not fleeing and to the rescue vehicles for getting there literally within seconds. Like holy shit – I hear of Brazilian medics arriving at the scene within minutes all the time, but to actually see it in unedited video – damn. The video also shows really well how fast the Brazilian Death Cheer Team assembles when someone has a brush with death. Bloody impressive.

The accident happened in Ariquemes, state of Rondônia, Brazil. It is my understanding that the child survived. She pulled a couple impressive spins there. I’d give her 8.2 but she messed up on landing so only 6.5 in total.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Child Runs Across Road Ahead of Family, Gets Hit by Motorcycle”

        1. haha, same morbid curiosity that brought all of us here.

          Really though, I would like to think they wanted to do something to help, but didn’t know what. Seeing something like this in real life would be horrifying; nothing like seeing a video. I would hope that no one was “entertained,” but that might be a bit naive…

    1. First of all, he said as far as he knew the child survived so i dont understand your comment. second, is all your comments irony or are you mentally fucked? just want to know cause you seem to be happy watcing dead/almost dead children

        1. So it’s ok to poke fun at the death of teens/adults but not kids? Morbid logic there. I’d think adults would be more attached to their bodies so they wouldn’t want to die more right?

          1. Um, yes. As adults we make conscious and informed choices and can be held responsible for their outcome. Children have not yet developed that ability and are, by most, considered innocent and NOT fair game. To most of us, that is.

          2. I think Justiney has a point whether some agree with her or not. As someone who wishes they had been killed as a child, if not ever created, I can see the double standard being applied to her. Jokes are only fine for anyone over 18? Where then is the outrage for unborn babies who are killed during medically induced labor then…you know when the doc pierces the skull with scissors to vacuum the brain out?

          3. @midnite special,
            the point is @gun snakbarist and @justiney weren’t making jokes. If they were making bad taste jokes would be one thing but they are just gloating over a child being run over. At best they are just worthless comments that contribute nothing.

          4. Some of you hypocrites need to take a good look in the mirror. Now there’s an age when it’s ok to point fun at someone’s death? What’s that, 15, 18?
            I regret making a joke about it so sorry if I’ve offended anybody. But I’m still trying to wrap my head around that logic.

          5. I agree with Justiney.
            Too many fucking people in the world, they die. Babies die, kids die, adults die. People die. Yeah I enjoyed very much watching her spin. I even giggled. Don’t care if she lived or not, and my kids are doing fine yeah I’d be torn up about one of them being hit or dying, but it happens to kids every day, some of them die. You choosing to feel sorry isn’t going to stop it from happening, me choosing to giggle and enjoy the video isn’t going to stop it either. Nothing is going to stop it. Might as well try to get a giggle. Go ahead and hate this comment and think of me as evil, but you going “Poor kid, how could you evil bastards poke fun?!?” Isn’t going to save any lives. That’s your choice to feel that way and if you’re going to get all huffy about comments that make light of a child death, why are you on this site? On a lighter note, that 6.5 was a bit low I would of given her a 7.

          6. i have a feeling im opening myself up too hate here but oh well fuck it, i actually agree with, i mean i get no satisfaction from watching a child die what so ever yet i do feel that an adult has far more to lose, when your under the age of say 15 you haven’t got so much too lose if that makes sense? i hope so either way it’s sad of course but well in the grand scheme of things there only missing out on growing up, im not sure if im entirely the right person too make this point so apologies if it seems somewhat disjointed or if i chose my words poorly but i think it was clear enough.

      1. Wow a lot of pussies be all butthurt over me and Justiney, grow some fucking balls you pussies and learn the fact that kids die everyday, there is nothing special about it. eventually will we die too. So why so fucking serious, laugh at death as you laugh at life.

        Fucking dickheads.

        I’m a pure Social Darwinist I don’t feel sorry for any fleshy virus getting their genes washed away, I hope your genes will also get deleted from existance skov and sagemoon, weak ass shits. The strongest survives, that is the nature law. Cmon Justiney, let’s make some strong ass babies! 😉

      2. Wow there is a lot of pussies being all butthurt over me and dear Justiney. Skov and Sagemoon go fuck yourselfs, I hope you fleshviruses will get runned over and posted on here for me to masturbate over your pictures all mangled and crushed. Learn the fact that kids everyday and that what is showed in this video is nothing new and happends everyday, kids die everyday.

        I’m a pure Social Darwinist, it is nature choice who to kill off and who gets to keep living so that they can pass their genes, just like any other animals that have survived all hardships and continue to fight for the existance. Grow some fucking balls you pussies.

        The fittest survives and the weak lose their right live if they don’t fight and struggle to become strong, there you have it pussies go chew on it and leave me and Justiney alone, you don’t deserve life to be so weak minded.

        Justiney, let’s make some strong ass babies. We are the toughest ones here 😉

  1. Motorcyclist was going way too fast. he sow the bitch and her inbred off springs from a kilometer away, he decided to speed up and be a little tampon on rubber and that is why now he owes the bitch a new semen/egg creation. He’s probably infertile from all the bike riding anyway.

  2. The most impressive thing about this clip besides the fact that the kid lived- is just how quick the cheer team assembled! Geez, there’s was barely anyone and then- BOOM! There they all were! Brazilians never disappoint when it comes to cheer teaming!! 🙂

  3. They just come out of the woodwork to stare. Interesting how so many people have nothing better to do. Also, the scene skips ahead to the ambulance arriving. Any idea how long it actually took? I bet that kid will look both ways from now on.

  4. The mother didn’t seem at all bothered, just casually walks over like her kid getting run over is an every day occurance. Maybe she’s Ben desensitised to all that stuff by visiting BG too often.

  5. a mother has to take care of her children. no matter what ! take her hands whenever you crossa damn street. watch out, think tripple, hold your child Close beside you. you cant be carefull enough.

    1. My kids are 10 and 11 and I still hold their hands when we cross streets. But in order for them to learn, I ask them to cross me across the road. At least if it is not safe I can stop them.

  6. That must have been horrible for her to see. At least the kid survived and hopefully everyone involved learned their lesson.
    Kid learned to watch when crossing.
    Mother learned to keep her children close to her and not to let them run wild.
    Motorcyclist run to not speed when there is a pedestrian crosswalk.

  7. When I lived in St. Kitts, in the Caribbean… a little girl darted from a bar. into the street. I saw a flash of red and turned to the left.

    Her cheek hit the rt front fender and age ran into the bar again.

    I pulled over and went to see.if she was.ok. Everyone there kept asking about “her”. No. Not the little girl … but about me. I was apparently whiter than any white girl they had seen.

    Just as I was leaving … that same little girl ran out into the street again! Poor parenting? Who knows. But when I left St. Kitts she was.OK!

  8. The biker wasn’t going any faster than anyone else but he was definitely at fault. He HAD to have seen either the family there or the cars stopped but he dodged to the left and tried to go around the family, not counting on the tyke who ran.

  9. i cant stand motorists who dont pay any attention at all and just do as they please on the road…this guy on the motor cycle is a fucking idiot. He’s very lucky that child survived. I bet he tried to speed up to cut off the people walking across the street…loser. “start seeing motorcycles” how about motorcycles start seeing others?

  10. Emergency response vehicles probably just drive around all day waiting for this kind of stuff to happen in Brazil. It probably happens so often that there’s no use in going back to their precinct or hospitals to wait for dispatch to call cause they know the moment they sit down they’re gonna get called right away….

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