Child Run Over by Idiot on SUV

Child Run Over by Idiot on SUV

Caught on dashcam by a car with the most irritatingly loud wipers in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. While both lanes in the same direction stopped at pedestrian crossing to allow pedestrians across, a few small-dicked douchebags chose to pass respectful drivers by driving on the oncoming lanes. Pedestrians, including a child started to cross and after entering the lanes with traffic from the right, the child got hit by an SUV that came from the left.

Idiot on that big ass SUV probably bought it with money from trafficking of drugs to all the junkies from the former Soviet Republic. He’s too fucking macho to keep to his lanes behind the cars in order in which they approached the crossing.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Child Run Over by Idiot on SUV”

  1. My friend and I just got T-boned yesterday at an intersection. We were in a 4 door 2002 VW Jetta, the assclown who hit us was in a 2 door Honda Civic.
    The light was red for him and 3 people already went through the light before us. This asshole somehow thought he had a green light and knocked us about 20 feet sideways. Absolutely no injuries thanks to the size of the car that hit us, if it were a truck or SUV who knows…
    We were gonna beat the piss out of the idiot, we yelled at him quite a bit, but we had weed in the car so we just settled it normally. He admitted to the cop that he ran a red light.
    What really pissed us off though was how the driver behind us honked his horn like he was in a fucking hurry to get past the accident he just witnessed. That fucker’s also lucky he didn’t recieve an ass-whoopin.
    The whole experience just pisses me off. Especially how no other drivers here in upstate NY stopped to check if anyone was hurt. It was as if they were all chinese and in a rush to get somewhere.

    1. I had weed in the car when my accident happened and even though the police found it I guess they had pity on me and figured I suffered enough. Even when I went to the state police to sign over the car to the junk people the cops gave me back everything they listed under possessions other then the “green leafy substance”. The cop said “sorry we don’t return illegal substances” … Cool with me.

      I was a passenger in my car when it happened on I 95 at 2 AM and apparently multiple people stopped, including a SWAT officer going to work. I don’t remember anything except waking five days later. The driver and cause of the crash didn’t even get a DUI with a BAC of .31 cause the lead investigator died (in a DUI crash, ironically) and they lost paperwork. Although this all happened in Philly so it’s not surprising.

  2. Idiots!

    Be on high alert if ever going through Avon, Ohio! Absolutly no regard for traffic signals or right of way! I was in an accident about 4 years ago when some twazzook tried to make a u-turn and slammed into me. Have barely been able to work since. And I have seen at least 10 other accidents in that same area since.

    Some people are just too much in their own world.

  3. i still do not understand why i am expected to stop and stand around and gawk at people who have been involved in an accident. i have no medical training and i dont have a cell phone, i am of no use to that person plus the fact that i just dont give a shit about people i dont know. there’s a lot of supposed nihilists and misanthropes on this site yet every single one cries about being “humane”. walk the fucking walk…

    1. I’m sure the rules state that there’s a x3 multiplier that comes into effect for taking down a moving target. So that’s like 300 points. Plus I think you get 150 for every broken bone. Alternatively, a direct kill is 1000 x victims age.

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