Child Smeared on the Road by Truck in China

Child Smeared on the Road by Truck in China

Photos from somewhere in China (or Taiwan?) show a very young child that was crushed by a truck and smeared on the road. Why was the child crushed on a section of the road that doesn’t seem to pass through residential area is a mystery. It looks like a freeway in the middle of nowhere. Where were the parents?

I don’t have any background information about these photos but it’s a pretty brutal mangle:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Child Smeared on the Road by Truck in China”

  1. Its an odd one, the child should not have been out on a main road by itself. I say by itself because there does not seem to be a crying parent anywhere in the photos and the truck obviously braked hard when the child ran out in front, if there had been a parent present I expect that there would be two bodies or non at all.

  2. Never driven a big ass truck before but from what I have been told by a friendly truck driver is that those things are very slow to stop. Sad is the fact the kid was probably hit while the car was braking dragging him along ripping him apart more and making it more agonizing then just being hit full speed. Hope it was quick for the poor fellow but seeing how the head was not smashed I don’t think it was.

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