China – Child Run Over Twice by a Truck, No One Helps

China - Child Run Over Twice by a Truck, No One Helps

This video from Foshan city, Guandong province, China is one of the sickest we’ve had on Best Gore to date. It’s a CCTV recording of a child named Yue Yue (some reports refer to her as Yue Yuen) not paying much attention walking down a road. A van of sorts shows up and without slowing down or dodging, bumps right into the child and runs him/her over. With the child under the van, the driver sort of pauses as though wondering what the hell was that unexpected bump about, but then proceed to run over the child with his rear wheel. Several people pass by the child afterwards, completely and entirely ignoring the little guy writhing in pain at their feet. Like piece of garbage thrown out by a filthy citizen.

With child still on the road, clearly badly crushed and in pain, a truck shows up and runs the kid over with both front and rear wheels – crushing it again, like it was an empty milk box on the road. People, motorcycles and various other vehicles continue to pass by the dying child, yet nobody as much as turns their head in horror, let alone actually tries to help.

Later on, a garbage collecting woman by the name of Chen Xianmei notices the child on the road, flips the limp body over, gets help from another woman – young looking with a miniskirt – and together they pull the child to the side, with the young woman picking the body up to carry it away. I wonder if that young woman was the child’s mother… Perhaps someone who speaks Chinese can help us translate whether the child survived?

Chinese people can’t drive worth shit – that’s a well known fact, but this is a bit too much. It’s a 7 minutes long video – fast forward to 1:20 for action. Thanks @Assassinisher for the video:


The not yet 3 year old girl, aside from multiple fractures, suffered from severe brain injury that left her in a vegetative state and was pronounced brain dead. The surgeons were giving her little chances of pulling through, stating that even if she were to survive, she’d have no autonomous breathing, so she could only live with round the clock breathing support attached.

Her head was slammed to the ground after she was hit by the first car, fracturing her cranial cavity and crushing brain stems, damaging the areas of brain which control her respiratory and circulatory functions.

Girl’s mother Qu said that she was with her daughter in the store but left to use the washroom, leaving the girl alone in the store. Little Yue Yue wandered around the store and curious – walked outside. After finishing her bathroom duties, Yue Yue’s mother started to look for her daughter throughout the store, but it wasn’t until she heard the garbage lady scream that she realized Yue Yue made it out and something bad happened to her.

One Chinese website – Shanghaiist – made a claim that the girl had died from severe brain injuries. This claim was later disputed and confirmed false. Both drivers have been detained and are in police custody. The van driver admitted he knew he ran over a child after his front wheels bumped, but was afraid he would get in trouble if he stopped, so he continued, running the little one over again with his rear wheels before darting off. The witnesses allege that he was on a cell phone when he hit the girl.

Two year old toddler remains in coma. 58-year-old Chen Xianmei, the garbage collector who was the first person to help Yue Yue after she was ignored by 18 passers by was given $1,570 as a reward by the Foshan city authorities.

Update October 21, 2011

Sad news just came from China. It was confirmed that 2 year old Yue Yue died at the General Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Command of multiple organ failure at 12:32 am on Friday October 21, 2011. RIP little one.

While passing of this innocent little soul is a horrible tragedy, her legacy is going to stay with us forever. Here’s hoping that the people of China (and the rest of the world) realize that saving someone’s life is a heroic and noble act and should take priority over selfish fear of possible legal trouble. Perhaps this will also prompt the Chinese government to pass the Good Samaritan law which would clear people who attempt to save life of any wrongdoing. Nothing can bring little Yue Yue back now, but if it makes people realize that by saving a stranger’s life today, another stranger could save the life of their own child tomorrow, then Yue Yue’s death was not in vain. May your soul Rest in Peace, Yue Yue!

CCTV video of the incident that took the world by the storm is below:

Gallery of a few pictures of Yue Yue, the Chinese girl who was run over twice and no one cared to help her is below:

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131 thoughts on “China – Child Run Over Twice by a Truck, No One Helps”

      1. Uh oh, ALL the Asians?

        Don’t be ignorant dude, just say CHINA. It’s their SOCIAL problem, not ethnic thing.

        People in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore are all or mostly Chinese, but you can’t even imagine this kind of horrible thing in these countries.

        PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA is the problem.
        I’m just scared as they’r getting more and more power to be massively influential in the world these days.

        1. That’s exactly why something like this can happen in China.Their government is so “crazy”,the citizens are so afraid that they almost act like robots in public spaces.
          THAT is the problem.Chinese ppl are very good ppl with good values….and I could go on and on…
          But I dont get that video!They love their kids so much.Sad,sad story.

          1. Love their kids so much? You r totally fucking retarded – they abort the girls because they fuck so much in the most perverted ways the world & their lovely snuff sex fetishes include baby killing you fucking stuge. Just another 3rd world fucked up nation of fucked up ppl – What whore would leave a baby like that? Yeah & she was really tore UP – picked him up like a rag. Sounds like a good plan considering every bone in his little body was crushed. CHARGE THAT FUCKING CHINK BITCH WHORE – oh excuse me – no charges> Ahh shucks – he didn’t matter – they’ll fuck out another one. God Bless you little angel – mommy only WANTED you to die because u took up too much room. My dear God.

      2. hey John, what’s wrong with White people? ya’ll killed and committed genocide against Native Americans… ya’ll have no compassion? Why did you kill a native American with your small pox?

        I’m giving you example of ignorance and you are showing exactly that. Just as whites don’t represent every whites, Asians don’t represent every Asians. I hope you got that through your thick skull of yours.

    1. i know right? i would have been there in seconds by that little kids side trying to help. people are so heartless. i saw a person hit by a car and ran to her and was there by her side to comfort her. would never just not do anything. wtf lol

  1. It really amazes me that the ENTIRE WORLD say that we Americans are cruel, cold, heartless, and care for no one but ourselves. This should be taken to networks in our and other countries to show the truth of the idiocy that other cultures perceive to be socially acceptable is far more dangerous than any of us think.

    1. Sort of why i’m happy our role as a superpower is coming to an end.
      Fuck the other countries when they realize that we were the most generous and caring country this world has ever seen. Sure we’ve done some underhanded shit but the good America has done outweighs the bad.

      1. And yet america still does underhanded shit. America does more bad than good. Period. Look at all the other countries and look at how America is doing. It is STILL fucked up beyond belief, the debt problem will never go away, and military is still fucking up other lands and yet they can’t even fixed the problems in their own fucking country. LOL. Seriously. And what about the corrupt shitpile of a fucking government we have, hmmm? No wonder America is doing so fucking poorly. πŸ™‚

    2. In fact, other East Asians, i mean Japanese, Koreans and even Taiwanese (ethinically Chinese) all say something like this.

      “If China takes over the world hegemony from United States, it can lead to the end of the world.”

  2. That was just totally amazing how NO ONE cared. And then I guess the lady was the mother bringing a bag of laundry back, and really casual like, grabs him up and lets him flop forward ! Has anyone heard of SPINAL INJURY ?

    1. The “garbage lady” and the mom did not know the poor little girl just got crushed
      by 2 trucks a few sec earlier!!!
      Also the little girl was living right there,a couple meter from where the accident happened.(or should I say tragedy).

  3. I really feel that people like not to get involved. They are afraid. Of what I don’t know. They will know soon enough Karma is a Bitch. We as humans are all a family. But it seems that no one wants to get involved. I am 1st generation American and I always try to help. I’ve been trained as an EMT so I could help. On the other hand my Parents will not get involved with anything. They are afraid. They feel that it is not their concern. That is the older generation. I can’t go past an accident and not stop. I believe what you do you do to give back to humanity. The people that ignored the child will have to live with their cavalier attitude. I pray that this poor child will recover without to much of a disability. And may all the ones that just walked by never sleep right again.

  4. hi~ im chinese~ let me translate!

    okay so the news said that there are 19 people pass by the child but no one helped that kid, then after couple minutes, a garbage lady finally gave a hand , and yes the lady with the miniskirt is the child’s mom. after that clip , it said that they already caught the driver in the second truck , but the driver inn the first truck cannot be find because the number plate had a big reflection. the kid in still in coma~

    Okay ,here is why this happened this way. In china, people rather hit someone and wish them can be dead instantly , because once that person was dead, you only pay some damage awards to his/her family.
    but if you unfortunately hit someone and you helped him send to the hospital , their family usually will bite on you wouldn’t let you go until you pay all the hospital money and work damage and everything!

    That is why in these days people in china seem heartless, because those helpers will get framed of hitting the person and that patient’s family will bite the helper and ask for money.

      1. Well, police will have to first finish their tea to get there and help, which means that Yueyue would have die waiting anyways. And the ambulance will have to fight it way through traffic to get there, which will have the same outcome.

  5. Done search on his and it’s a 2 year old girl called Yue Yuem. The first woman a trash scavenger (known as ayi) and second woman is Yue’s mother. This occurred at the Guangfo Hardware Market in Huangqi of Foshan. Details from
    On another website ‘The little girl was declared “brain dead” by the hospital on Sunday afternoon and could die at any time, according to a doctor surnamed Peng.’ πŸ™ from
    This happened about 100 meters away from her home at 5:26pm Chinese time

  6. Poor baby.
    I do though wonder where his/her parents were I’m not blaming them fully. I’m pretty sure if they had kept an eye on the kid this wouldn’t have had happened though.
    Still fucking sick how it that long for someone to help the poor thing.

      1. N0,2-year-old Yue Yue has been crushed two cars, her lying on the ground seven minutes after the 18 passers-by without a rescue. 58-year-old Scavengers old Chen Xian Mei through only when she was propped up, then taken to hospital. At present, Yue Yue is still a small hospital.

  7. These cases are very common in China.
    It is quite interesting to hear from my friend why those Chinese do not help, due to the presence of scams, where a girl would usually lie down in the middle of the road acting injured and if you were to approach the “victim”, a horde of mobs suddenly surround you, blaming you for hurting the victim…
    But in such a scenario, I dont think anyone can fake gore to such realism

  8. this doesn’t surprise me i have seen a lot of accident videos of pedestrians or bikes/scooters from china and nobody helps until the police or ambulance gets there they prefer to keep working than help the victim if i was there walking down i’d have carried the lil girl to an hospital or ambulance she could have survived the first run over BUT TWO?!?! seriously R.I.P. whatever was her name…

    1. strange how people don’t read what others put because if you had read what i posted hours ago you would know her name… tiger has told you her name so i don’t need to type it but read my comment for the full details to this which is including links. at last reports the baby girl is brain dead

  9. It is very cruel and sad, but you have to understand the situation there.

    It is very common in China for the victims’ families to frame anyone who stops by and helps, as the person that actually caused the accident. It is also common for victims’ families to then make exorbitant claims for ‘injuries’ or ‘damages’ that the alleged offender did not cause, just for their own selfish monetary gains.

    In addition to that, it is also common for syndicates, or even parents themselves, to make use of their children to feign injury or unconsciousness, and then rob anyone that stops to render help, or show concern.

    There are parents over there that don’t actually truly love their kids, and will go to any lengths for monetary gains, including casting aside the welfare of their children.

    This girl was clearly in need of help, but the people there have become so afraid of being framed for something they did not do, or getting into unnecessary trouble, that the instinct to help a fellow human being has been eroded away.

    We can’t really blame the individuals. The real problem lies with the country’s obsession with economic growth as a whole. All developed countries were once like that.

    1. Yes it’s their social problem, not racial one.
      But i don’t agree with your last statement
      “All developed countries were once like that.”

      Seriously no.
      Americans were like that in 1960’s ?
      Europeans were like that in 1970’s ?
      Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, or any developed countries in Asia didn’t experience this. They rather say “When we were less rich back then, people were much more warm-hearted and caring to other people”

      All you stated about the problems in recent mainland China are true, and that is kinda “original” problem of theirs. No one believes anyone. It’s becoming a huge monster society.

  10. Chinese people are, in my experience, very practical. Whenever a situation presents itself, they ask themselves a simple question: “how will getting involved benefit me?”

    If the answer is “it won’t,” they won’t get involved.

  11. UPDATE: Foshan traffic police say they had arrested one driver yes someone posted this about one the drivers but that someone said the other driver still out there but news update is the other driver has handed himself into the police station

  12. A Child…… You can judge the total lack of empathy by that, letting a Child lay on the fucking concrete, rolled over, bleeding. I just want to beat up some of that goddamn assholes walking by doing shit :-[

  13. You know how you always seem to see roadkill on the street but never seem to see it happen before your eyes.

    From this perspective, I can see how the first driver accidentally ran over the kid. Not only is the kid 2 years old, she’s also a Chinese girl, which means you can subtract a few inches from her height already. Traffic conditions seem bad: it’s nighttime, and the road seems to be wet from rain or someone hosing off their shop. Also add the fact the little Chinese girl is wearing black and walking in the middle of the street, yes, I can see how this accident can occur. The two trucks that ran the little Chinese girl over probably didn’t see her.

    If you run over something you didn’t see, your first thoughts wouldn’t be that you ran over a little kid — you would hope not.

    Add the mindset of China and other cynicism that Sun and sharp_edge commented, the only difference was the CCTV camera on the street.

    Give China some time to develop. They’re going to be the new Superpower one day. Chinese people will die in the process. So it goes.

    1. If you can’t see what is going on on the road before you, you have no business driving a motor vehicle. A driver who can’t see is a danger to public safety. Period. Kind of like gun wielding American on the loose in the streets.

  14. My problem is with the stupid ass mother that goes to the toilet and leave her kid to wonder around the shop. Most probably, if Yueyue did not end up run over by a car, probably with the mother she had, she was going to end up kidnapped and sold.
    On a second note, it does not surprise me that ppl did not help the poor kid. Chinese ppl is afraid of being sued by the ppl they help (Yes, it happens here). This is causing a lot of controversy in China, where not long ago, an old guy fell while shopping groceries, broke his nose and bled for an hour until somebody run to the old guy house and told his daughter what happened to him. The guy end up dying on the hospital.
    So, the two drivers and the ppl that did not help the poor kid are a bunch of retarded ppl, but for me the stupid mother killed her daughter.

  15. Everyone in this video seems to be in some kind of dream state! wtf? And the one who picked her up off of the street, it looks like she did damage to the girl as well. It is not late enough in the evening to be too dark to see her. You can even see her little fingers reaching out. I can pick out every detail of this video, including the complete lack of compassion and common sense.

  16. I hope those heartless ignorant cunts rot in hell. I watch many bestgore videos and none have ever made me feel like this one did. Never have they made me cry. that poor child. Accidents happen but those heartless bastards are awful awful people. How would they feel if it was your child (I have a 2yr old daughter so maybe thats why this vid hurts me so bad). Maybe there poor baby may have survived had somebody helped immediately. I am truly disgusted with those people

  17. I watched this yesterday, saw it in my dream again, woke up in the morning, it was a dream, wait, it wasn’t!

    I still can’t believe this video. I just can’t.
    Look at the first guy passing by. He didn’t even give the shortest glance at the kid. He just walks past by the kid as if it’s a dog poop on the road. This fucker alone is just unbelievable, but 17 more fuckers!!!

    This has nothing to do with development or economy. This is purely about basic humanity. I don’t exactly know what the hell is going on in the mainland China, but for sure their society is becoming a huge monster day by day.

  18. It is strange to me, the almost robotic disaffection all the passers-by demonstrated; very similar to the previous Cheng Du bus burning. Third degree burned people are laying in the street, and it’s as if they are invisible. The other people just walk past them. I know that you can’t un-see such a horrible thing any time soon. The poor little thing. It was so heart breaking to watch her little hands reaching up. What the fuck is this horrible world coming to? Rest in peace, lil baby.

  19. What the hell is wrong with these people!? I never bothered signing to BestGore til I saw this video. I’m an ASIAN and I can’t believe how some people get this retarded! WTF! That’s a kid man! How could the f*cking driver not realize it was a kid!? Did you look at her arms? She was crying out for help! I cried watching this. Some people really don’t have conscience. My heart cries out for you baby girl. May you rest in peace.

  20. this is just appalling!!! im so angry i can barely see straight! how can people any people be so callous to a small child so uncaring and totally detached ! it just staggers me its beyond words if the people here in this video are representative of the people in this country then God help them and the rest of us because these callous bastards will soon own us all if they can treat their own like this how would they treat other race’s,its just sick,beyond sick.

  21. This is fucking disgusting that these pricks ran over that girl and not gave a shit !!! But what is seriously fucked up is those people who saw her on the ground in agony and didnt give a flying fuck !! Shame on you and rot in hell !! Poor little girl,.. so sad,..

  22. Awesome comments my fellow gore followers,.. Those pricks deserve to fucking be put to death painfully slow,.. There is no excuse for what happened to that little girl,.. and the fact she has died makes it even more disgusting !! I hope karma pays those mother fuckers big time,..

  23. It’s sad watching this video.In fact many people were treated like machines in china.Our government is corrupted,they spread corruption across the country and people become harsh and heartless under their regime.There isn’t any self healing mechanism in our government,when it gets corrupted,things become worse and worse every day.

  24. As bad of a screwed up country as people might think. We still “pay it forward” when it comes to saving lives. One good turn deserves another. I think that as a country we have more compaction than others ever will. We take in people from countries that would rather see us die and reside in the 9th ring of hell than help even one of us. So that has to count for something dont you think?

  25. I seen this video a few weeks ago on facebook and reading along now i was happy to hear that she was saved and living in the hospital but its so sad that she actually died after being in a coma for that time.
    I knew that the first driver pulled of because he didn’t want to get into trouble, the fact is if he didn’t run her over AGAIN and helped her that moment he would have been in less trouble, also the other car wouldn’t have hit her neither.
    I’m sure shit like this happens in other countries too so its not THE ASIANS, its irresponsibly mother fuckers who can’t drive’s fault that really need to be brought to justice.

  26. To everyone who is wondering the single thought, ‘WTF didn’t anyone help that child?!’ The truth is, even us Americans don’t think twice about helping someone because, in our minds, we believe someone else will help the person in danger. It is human nature to avoid getting into danger. It goes with the moral/ethical question, ‘If you see someone getting gang banged then murdered, people around just watching or walking away, doing nothing, what would you do?’ Most will say that they will help by calling police or something, but in truth, no one knows how they will react. The only person who actually moved the child actually did something. I am a mother of a soon to be one year old and my heart fully goes out to the mother of that child. I wish things were better. For the record, before I had my daughter, this never would have bothered me. But since raising my own beautiful tiny terror, the video and report made me cry. If there is a way to get a hold of the mother, I would send my condolences and sympathy.

  27. I wouldn’t send shit to that mother.
    She got what she deserved, no sympathy whatsoever.
    Her kid ran off for almost ten minutes in one of the busiest countries in the world, gets ran over twice, and yet she still doesn’t come looking for her.
    It was her dumb bitch fault, maybe she’ll have another kid and watch that one better.
    Jesus fucking christ, she’s probably better off without kids.

  28. I am stunned by the absolute depravity of the human race. There is absolutely no fucking excuse for the monsters that walked past that poor baby and did NOTHING! Never mind the sorry ass mother who left her 2 YEAR OLD CHILD unattended, or the mother-fucking idiot that ran her over, knew he ran her over, and kept on going. Those two should burn for those actions. The people that simply walked past that poor baby while she was literally reaching out for help and comfort…that poor poor baby….I am just stunned, disgusted, and blazing mad! I only wish I could locate every one of those heartless shit suckers and beat them to a bloody pulp and then leave THEM to suffer and bleed in the street!! She was a baby for God’s sake!!! Where is your fucking compassion?!?!? It was all on camera, so no one could claim the bystanders did it! There is no excuse for such depravity! I wouldn’t care what the financial burden may end up, I could never have just walked past that poor baby. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!

  29. Babies and young children should NEVER be left unattended, even if it’s just for a “second”. Look what happened to Madeline McCann when she was left alone. It’s just irresponsible parenting. Saying that however, I would never believe that any parent deserves to lose their child like in such terrible circumstances. If the chinese mother chooses to have another child, she will look back on Yue Yue’s death as a lesson and a reminder to protect and be there for her children at all costs. Rest in peace little one and sweet dreams.

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