Chinese Driver Reverses Into Old Man, Then Runs Him Over

Chinese Driver Reverses Into Old Man, Then Runs Him Over

Here we go again. A Chinese driver doesn’t check thoroughly if the road is clear, runs into something, pauses for a bit to wonder what it could be, but decides to carry on to also run whatever got hit over.

In this case, the driver went in reverse. He ran into an old man with not so perfect mobility. After a short pause, he went over the man, then apparently floored it with the gear in neutral, judging by the amount of exhaust fumes. A female passenger then got out and walked around the vehicle like she knew what she was doing. The driver moved the vehicle some more, emitted some more fumes, and eventually the woman noticed there was a person under the car, so the driver jumped out and acted all shocked and shit.

What the fuck, seriously?

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51 thoughts on “Chinese Driver Reverses Into Old Man, Then Runs Him Over”

    1. Main reason is the government. Driver licensing is completely corrupt. No skills required, just bribe the right person. And the government doesn’t like to talk about bad shit. It’s all hidden. Things like this rarely even make the news. And the people that drive cars, are generally very wealthy (Even a cheap car) so they think they are better than those that have to walk. They really have no regard for pedestrians at all. Just honk at you to move the hell out of their way. I love a lot of things about China, but the shitty driving isn’t one of those things. Hope my VPN is working…

  1. Never heard for fake drive license? C’mon, this is China. U can even be a pilot with license without skill. Take a sit boy, let me tell u something. I come here in China with kayak about 30 years ago.. Life make me to do that.. I learn a lot meanwhile standing here and look up around how really sistem works.. And, my son, sistem dont works at all.

    1. You see, Chinese people are finally adjusting to having money and wealth after the Communist party let the slightest bit of capitalism in. Normally, poor chinese people would walk and ride motorbikes, but these are advanced Chinese. The are able to afford cars, and because of that these dicks believe they are the highest caste of modern day society. Therefore, they think they have the right of way in every situation. After all, the dirty plebians are meant to get out of nobility’s way. This is why cars move without looking, and dash out of side roads without looking both ways. Hell, Chinese automakers are starting to remove the turn signals all together to save on costs.

      1. But the driver looked rather concerned with the result of his maneuvers, suggesting he is not completely oblivious to human feelings. I tend to think they are simply too moronic and lazy to get out of the car and check when bumping into something.

  2. For all those execrable deniers, let notice that this amount of fume would have been enough to kill at least 2000 jews in a gass chamber in 15 minutes, even sooner if it had been a T34 exhaust.

  3. Here’s an old man who survived the Cultural Revolution and the Smog Age, walking in the correct direction along a one- way alley, and then Wham! A car’s rear end crushing his lungs and the exhaust system burning off his ass.

    And then the screaming of the engine and squealing of the tires in reverse-floored, with wave after wave of burning rubber and shooting stones.

    Finally, the squealing of tires in forward-floored and the release of the horrible weight.

    Why does this always happen to me?

  4. This need’s psychiatric study, seriously.
    Type of videos like this one will be used in future as research example presentation of how society is destroyed madly. Passersby zombies are the special issue.

    I wonder if empathy will completely disappear in the near future.

  5. Guys it’s its official. China produces the worlds stupidest drivers.
    I like how the driver just backs into the old man, and then backs into him even further after a bit of hesitation.
    And then finally unleashes smoke from the exhausts just to make sure.

    No wait. This wasn’t an accident. The driver is from Chinese Secret Service and he’s liquidating an Enemy of The State.

  6. So, I forget where I read this, but vehicular manslaughter laws in China are nowhere near what they are in the USA, and corruption is rampant. Apparently, if you injure or even kill somebody in a car accident you will not do serious jail time. However, if the victim lives but must receive round-the-clock care for life, the person at fault for their injuries must pay for all of it. I read about cases of drivers backing over children AGAIN after hitting them the first time because they don’t want to pay medical bills for the rest of that child’s life. I don’t think I need to explain how fucked up this is. After watching the video, I genuinely think that the idiot behind the wheel did not realize he’d just backed over a person. However, I have a feeling that backup cameras are not mandatory in China, in all 2017 vehicles under 10,000 pounds GVW, like they are in the United States…

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