Chinese Female Driver Rams Crowd of People Standing on Bridge, Kills Nine

Chinese Female Driver Rams Crowd of People Standing on Bridge, Kills Nine

It’s bad enough if you DWA. But if you also DWF at the same time, a surefire disaster lurks around the corner.

A 24 year old Chinese female driver from Chongqing killed 9 people, and injured 23 after she panicked, because she allegedly heard a car horn. She rammed a group of spectators standing on an overpass to watch aircraft at Shenzhen Baoan International Airport land and take off. Granted, it was unsafe of the people to stand on that bridge in the first place, but that doesn’t lessen the female driver’s responsibility for their deaths.

Among the victims were grandparents and their grandchildren whom they took there to watch the show of planes from up close. Some of the victims were knocked over the edge of the overpass and fell to their deaths on the road below.

The driver’s boyfriend, who was with her in the car and was himself seriously injured in the crash, told Shenzhen police that she had panicked when she heard cars sounding horns behind her. I guess that sounds less incriminating than “She was texting on her cell phone“.

Here’s the video of her plowing those people:

And the video of two people landing on the ground after being knocked over the highway ramp:

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    1. Replay: See they are dropping out of the sky. I guess the stark is getting tired of stoping in China so they do “fly bys”. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a Chinaman/woman/child/goat.

  1. Either ‘Wrong Place/Wrong Time’ or Simply just unfortunate
    Damn!!!! It kinda freaks me out because I actually almost got ran over today, Luckily I moved before the truck rammed but damn… Thats crazy.. Just like a Rewinded Dominose Effect

    1. China has the death penalty for non-lethal crimes like embezzlement. I’m sure she will be executed (with various organs harvested) for killing nine people. There is no way could justify driving out of lane and striking several people.
      As racist as this may sound, Asian are bad drivers. They are prone to panic attacks and anxiety. I have seen hundreds of instances where an Asian female drives 50km/h in the passing lane where where most drive at 120km/h.

      1. Kinda wish that death penalty for white collar crimes would catch on here. If that would happen then you bet I’d be 100% behind the death penalty. Public executions for politicians, I’d watch. Put them on “Let’s Make a Deal”, will it be door #1 hanging; door #2 firing squad or door # 3 beheaded by ISIS?.

  2. I understand the stereotype of black people loving fried chicken, cuz they really do.
    I understand the stereotype of rednecks being rude cuz they are.
    I understand the stereotype of Russians and vodka cuz that’s what they drink instead of water.
    I understand the stereotype of Jews having big noses cuz they do.
    I understand the stereotype of an angry Pole cuz they are going ballistic 24/7.
    But the stereotype of DWA…….ummm
    I live in asia and I can say that asians are the best driver on the planet….ummmmm wierd…
    but the videos on BG seems to say otherwise…
    Ah well for safety’s sake I ain’t taking no hike from an asian woman less I end myself up on BG!! 🙂

  3. She didn’t get spooked, she got excited about the perfect line up and wanted to rack up 10,000 points lol I’d like to drive around on Black Friday and take out all the idiots standing in lines overnight to be 1st in line for reduced prices on shitty made products!

  4. She muslim by any chance? The chinese look at losses like this differently than western countries. Remember, this is a communist state where the group matters, not the individual… 9 out of 2 billion? Nada….

    What’s that song from the 80’s? ‘It’s raining men ‘


  5. Lazy bitch! If the hardest part of her day is driving home without killing 9 people with her car and cannot do it, then she’s definitely over worked.
    Maybe with a new car and a new boyfriend she can get that down to 8 next week.

  6. Chinese bowling! Youre doing it right! She scored 9 with 2 off the grid? We have a natural born champion in our hands… 😆

    And this is why i wouldnt trust my car to anyone that have their eyes half opened… 😆

  7. Innocent ching chongs cruelly butchered, but Standing by the edge of a 4 lane highway (and not even looking at the oncoming traffic)??
    Not exactly easy to sympathise here.
    In true Meerkat style they should have organized a lookout to just spot the traffic and give an early warning.

  8. A Vietnamese woman who owned a restaurant was killed in a car accident last week. She escaped Vietnam in 1972 and worked 40 years in her restaurant only to find sudden death on a highway. She was a nice lady too.

  9. The real values of women’s rights are murder, crime and exterminating men. China needs to create a policy to eliminate Feminists who are ruining the economy the world depends. That problem started from the A.C.E. as “The Great Satan Of The West”. Finish them for business to be safe.

  10. You just can’t imagine it happening in real life, like I know it is real life, but it just seems surreal. Like it was a scene from a bad Chinese movie from the 1970’s.

    Death just totally spins me out, like you go to watch a plane show and end up getting mowed down by a silly girl, with 8 other people only to then fall hundreds of feet to your death below. Little did they know that the Grim Reaper was on his way to pay them a visit that day.

    Or id they know? Did eac one of them get a funny feeling that morning. A feeling a doom & gloom, or perhaps a feeling of extreme excitement and carefree impulses that did warn them of the impending carnage, if only they knew how to recognize that sign.

    Just awful for the girl too. I mean not many people outside the fucking middle east set out in the morning withbthe intention of killing nine people. How does she comprehend her life now? Surely she is in jail, but not forever as there was no premeditation. But you have to take responsibility som time I suppose. She will most likely commit suicide or turn into a complete basket case and dish it was her that died that day.

    I wonder if she had any opium in her system? Heroin is getting more popular in China and when you can only have one kid, there’s more money to spend on drugs isn’t there? So go shoot some gear and feel the pure bliss that follows. Maybe she will become a heroin addict to deal with the agony in her mind, or maybe she is already one and nodded off which is why she drove into nine people in the first place………

    Very sad story for all involved and I feel sorry for all involved, even the driver. What an awful thing to have to live with for the rest of your life……..maybe it’s a good thing they took my license off me, and learn to live on the power of the peddle. I like riding everywhere, but know when I get my license back I will quick jump back in my car like all the other fleshy viruses on this big green and blue rock, we call home.

    Rip all involved……

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